File Title
1 Recently slaughtered elephants fuel illegal African ivory trade
2 Scraps of brightest exploding stars stretch over time
3 Bronze Age tsunamis driven by massive Santorini eruption
4 Why we have so few Neanderthal genes, even after interbreeding
5 NASA's space-based maps of carbon dioxide emissions
6 Plastic in the ocean smells delicious to seabirds
7 Weird and wonderful narwhals wield sonic 'spotlight'
8 Brain chip lets paralysed monkeys walk again
9 How immune cell 'anti-heroes' are kept in lockdown until needed
10 Chinese building site unearths new bird-like dinosaur
11 Birth year dictates which flu strains make you sick
12 Thank Neanderthal and Denisovan genes for health and skin colour
13 Is Mystery Behind Bermuda Triangle Finally Cracked?
14 NASA says ESA lander exploded on impact; Announcement just after destruction allegations a part of massive cover up?
15 Universe may self-destruct anytime, what we can do about it is--Nothing
16 UFOs have visited us since the beginning of time: Ex-NASA scientist
17 [VIDEOS] UFO seekers: NASA 'caught' whitewashing images of ET spacecraft near the sun
18 UFO Hunters claim finding alien ship on Moon: Is moon homeland to aliens?
19 Scientists expose Jesus Christ's burial, last resting place in Old City of Jerusalem
20 Aliens trying to contact us through pulsing stars?
21 Two-thirds of wild animals will vanish by 2020, largest mass extinction since dinosaurs
22 Jesus Christ's 'Burial Bed' exposed after centuries
23 Two UFOs whizzed by Moon in 'military formation,' are they part of space wars? [Video]
24 UFO researcher Max Spiers sacrificed by Satanist? His natural death is a hoax?
25 World War III update: Russia sends two warships with long-range missiles in Baltic Sea to counter NATO build-up
26 Your lights, computers and telephones may stop functioning due to solar storms
27 [VIDEOS] Aliens will take over Earth by September 2017; Obama warns Putin, confirms predictions by Bible, Nostradamus
28 NASA's 13th Zodiac sign Ophiuchus leaves astrologers upset; Are space agency's mathematical calculations false?
29 N/A
30 How to find out if you are an Alien-Human Hybrid or not
31 Back to Earth: NASA's Kate Rubin returned with 3 other astronauts after 115 days on board the ISS
32 NASA Scout: New 'Intruder Alert' system spots near-Earth asteroid
33 Scientists question 'Dark Energy' theory of expanding universe
34 Alien-human hybrids exist among us, even you could be one of them
35 Android 7.0 Nougat update for OnePlus One might be round the corner
36 The Frankenstein monster could have wiped out humankind: Scientists
37 Scientists seek to restore the Great Barrier Reef
38 Visiting Mars? Don't forget to take the invisible microbe to survive in an alien planet
39 Aliens sending cryptic messages through star light pulses: Astronomers
40 End of the world near? NASA says Earth has 15,000 risky asteroids, comets in neighborhood
41 UFO filmed over Hawaii mountains, is there an Alien base there? [Video]
42 UFO Sightings 2016: Drone records footage of mysterious spacecraft emerging from secret alien base [Video]
43 UFO news: Mysterious green ball seen hurtling towards Earth is a disguised alien ship, claims conspiracy theorists
44 [VIDEO] Mars the next big Nickel provider? NASA's Curiosity captures images of mysterious metal 'egg rock' on red planet
45 N/A
46 Drone captures UFO image in Hawaii
47 Rings of Saturn, Uranus and Neptune likely came from dwarf planet fragments
48 Your spinach leaves can detect bombs, say scientists
49 UFO sightings: NASA's Mars image seems to indicate a bear's fossil or statue
50 China unveils world's most powerful combat drone
51 Governments hide UFO data, claims conspiracy theorist Malcolm Robinson
52 NASA finds methane burps on Mars, probably from alien life?
53 SpaceX insists refueling Falcon 9 amid NASA warning
54 Aliens on Mars are much more technologically advanced, suggests evidence from NASA's Curiosity Rover
55 [VIDEO] NASA justifies 'doomsday' simulation; 300-800 ft. asteroid to hit Earth September 2020
56 Giant snowballs found on Siberian coast; threatens to bring long winter at U.S.
57 UFO seeker: 'Face' found on NASA's Mars image is 100% proof of alien life
58 Mysterious two-headed sharks are exploding in numbers, researchers remain clueless why
59 Next SpaceX Falcon 9 launch planned for December after complete explosion investigation
60 UFO sightings: Glowing Fleet filmed over Lake Michigan
61 Bizarre metal fragment found near 1947 Roswell UFO crash site
62 Alleged mothership of UFO spacecraft caught hiding over clouds in Italy
63 Ketofol an alternative deep sedative for emergency departments
64 Alzheimer's disease found to be a diabetic disorder of the brain
65 NYU research examines country and health system factors on RN and MD personnel production
66 PPPL physicists build diagnostic that measures plasma velocity in real time
67 Changing views of evolutionary factors at work on earliest mammals
68 Shedding light on the formation of nanodroplets in aqueous solutions of polar organics
69 Early exposure to excess hormone causes genital defects in females
70 Female chimpanzees employ babysitters to wean young faster
71 New study: Male chimpanzees can be players and good fathers
72 Quality of life in late life can be good
73 Trump's political success was a triumph of style over substance: UBC research
74 The messenger in Huntington's disease
75 Studying structure to understand function within 'material families'
76 Mobs are, sometimes, good
77 Television cooking shows overlook safe food handling practices
78 Entering the field of zeptosecond measurement
79 The process of DNA packaging in cell nucleus revealed
80 Analog series-based scaffolds: a new definition that may aid medicinal chemistry
81 A public database of macromolecular diffraction experiments
82 Massive 'lake' discovered under volcano that could unlock why and how volcanoes erupt
83 Scientists identify key evolutionary catalyst for antibiotic resistance
84 Medical professors question 'residency placement fever'
85 Attosecond physics: A zeptosecond stopwatch for the microcosm
86 Species of giant cockroaches employ different strategies in the mating game
87 Decoding the genome of the Japanese morning glory
88 Peat bog reveals more than 1,000 years of Tanzanian history
89 Big data shows people's collective behavior follows strong periodic patterns
90 Greenland fossils reveal global ecosystem recovery after mass extinction
91 Researcher finds key to drug resistant bowel cancer
92 HKU chemists develop world's first light-seeking synthetic Nanorobot
93 HKU Chemists achieve breakthrough in antibacterial drug research
94 Solved: One of the mysteries of globular clusters
95 MAGIC observes a gravitational lens at very high energies
96 Successful calculation of human and natural influence on cloud formation
97 First month after infection is key time to tackle drug-related HIV spread
98 Solving the puzzle of necroptosis
99 Marker for aggressive prostate cancer doubles up as a drug target
100 Fighting the water army of fake reviewers
101 Blood fats equal risk of pancreatitis
102 Humans proven to recognize partially obscured snakes more easily than other animals
103 Collapse of mitochondria-associated membrane in ALS
104 Spin liquid on a peak
105 Genetically engineering disease-fighting cells
106 Gestational age may impact academic performance
107 McMaster scientists discover autism gene slows down brain cell communication
108 Original dinosaur claw sheath proteins preserved for 75 million years
109 Genetic signaling pathway blocks formation of a cancer in the cerebellum
110 Cancer cells hijack DNA repair networks to stay alive, Pitt study shows