File Title
1 Brain scans show trans people feeling at odds with their body
2 Do Uber ratings let passengers discriminate against drivers?
3 Young ovaries rejuvenate older mice and extend their lifespan
4 TV shows could use ultrasound to send bonus extras to your phone
5 Flower hijacks the fragrance of attacked bees to imprison flies
6 Softening surfaces stops liquids from splashing when they hit
7 Dementia risk linked to air pollution and lack of vitamin D
8 The moon has hundreds more craters than we thought
9 DeepMind's AI has learned to navigate the Tube using memory
10 First birds made honking sounds more than 66 million years ago
11 How will you look after Botox? 3D scans could give you a preview
12 Quantum film sensor stops delivery drones crashing into things
13 Cheese-making led to gene-swapping orgy of bacterial bestiality
14 Frogfish turns itself white to blend in with bleached corals
15 First UK trial of driverless pods paves way for autonomous taxis
16 Spiders can hear you walking and talking from across the room
17 Quadriplegic man feels touch on robotic hand with brain implant
18 Our universe contains 10 times more galaxies than we thought
19 Drones will fly life-saving blood supplies to clinics in Rwanda
20 Does a tweet designed to trigger seizures count as assault?
21 These are the foods you should eat if you want less smelly farts
22 Worms seen farming plants to be eaten later for the first time
23 It's not just the Nobel committee: scientists love Bob Dylan too
24 Kratom ban rethink is a hint of sanity in failed US war on drugs
25 Uranus might have two dark moons we've never seen before
26 Proxima b's hyperactive star is more sun-like than thought
27 Strange signals from 234 stars could be ET--or human error
28 Home abortions are safe--we should let women do it themselves
29 Islands to lose fresh water as rising seas sink them from within
30 Older women have babies with fewer birth defects after IVF
31 Ban for gases that saved the ozone layer but now warm the planet
32 Eggs made from skin cells in lab could herald end of infertility
33 Whales' dung is the real reason we need to stop hunting them
34 Here's why putting tomatoes in the fridge makes them tasteless
35 Overweight mothers give birth to biologically older babies
36 Dr. House goes digital as IBM's Watson diagnoses rare diseases
37 Anti-inflammatory drugs can relieve symptoms of depression
38 UK government taken to court over failure to cut air pollution
39 Toddler stars' baby fat kicks out almost all their exoplanets
40 Space is full of gigantic holes that are bigger than we expected
41 Security agencies collected data unlawfully, UK court rules
42 'I had a mail-order abortion': The women forced to go it alone
43 Mystery beast in ice age cave art revealed as cow-bison hybrid
44 One in 20 European patients catch an infection while in hospital
45 Pluto may sport clouds of poisonous acid and flammable gases
46 Dental checks can't verify the age of child asylum seekers
47 Cameras monitor hospital patients' vital signs from afar
48 Drones will fly life-saving blood supplies to clinics in Rwanda
49 Quantum film sensor stops delivery drones crashing into things
50 California is covering mountains with sensors to fight drought
51 Is it right to kill millions of animals if it protects others?
52 Mystery cosmic objects light up in X-ray then go dim in an hour
53 Some of our Stone Age tools may just be crafty monkey throwaways
54 Is pain catching? First clues that it might spread to others
55 Why San Francisco's next quake could be much bigger than feared
56 Hundreds of deep-sea vents found spewing methane off US coast
57 Fears grow that ExoMars lander lost in final minute of descent
58 Tesla shows off fully autonomous car in new video demonstration
59 Our ancestors chose reeds over grain when quitting nomadic life
60 Dozens of ancient shipwrecks spotted deep beneath the Black Sea
61 Mice's love songs go wrong when 'language gene' is messed up
62 $100 million project to make intelligence-boosting brain implant
63 Police mass face recognition in the US will net innocent people
64 E-paper display runs on office lights and never needs charging
65 Hundreds of endangered wild snow leopards are killed each year
66 Iceland drills hottest hole to tap into energy of molten magma
67 Roaming fashion robots keep busy doing odd jobs on your clothes
68 Kuwait to change law forcing all citizens to provide DNA samples
69 Final US presidential clash fails on climate change once more
70 Shawl thing: Cashmere could soon come from gene-edited goats
71 Is it time to allow more than two parents on birth certificates?
72 Smart lab rats filmed using hooked tools to get chocolate cereal
73 Double star may light up the sky as rare red nova in six years
74 Mars orbiter spots new crater that may be ExoMars's lost lander
75 Addiction to prescription drugs is UK 'public health disaster'
76 Snowmobile plunge claims life of Antarctica researcher
77 Lying feels bad at first but our brains soon adapt to deceiving
78 Virtual reality: No one is actually buying 2016's hottest tech
79 How I got addicted to painkillers
80 NASA's Hubble telescope discovers planet with two suns
81 You too have a 'Sixth Sense,' find out how
82 Negative environmental and health consequences of LEDs
83 NASA launches 'Scout' to detect dangerous asteroids; Daily Minor Planet to educate people
84 iPad Mini 5 Update: Release Date, Price, Features & Everything You Need to Know
85 NASA releases website for possible impact of Asteroids on our planet
86 Helium system breach triggers SpaceX Falcon 9 explosion
87 UFO Sighting: Does NASA pic of Mars show 'Alien' flying saucer? [Video]
88 UFO Sighting: Police helicopter films black, hot, hovering object not visible to naked eye [Video]
89 Ironically, 'Trophy hunting' of lions can conserve, not wipe out the species
90 NASA explains need to enhance photos of Hubble telescope
91 Huge asteroid with force of '3 billion nuclear bombs' hurtling towards Earth: Astronomer [Video]
92 'Impossible' Ice Clouds on Saturn's Moon Titan, spotted by NASA Scientists
93 Earth warmer than it's been for 120,000 years, will get worse: Study
94 A $100 million search for Alien life in Proxima B to be funded by Zuckerberg, Hawking and Milner
95 Is Stephen Hawking's advice to avoid 'dangerous aliens' tenable?
96 Send condoms for aliens to have safe sex with humans: NASA told by Swedish sexperts [Video]
97 UFO crash site on Mars: NASA trying to cover up again? [Video]
98 New perspective on edge of Milky Way discovered
99 Martian Mawrth Valley shows traces of abundant water, maybe alien life
100 UFO sightings: NASA camera captures disc-shaped object floating in sky
101 NASA receives Congress support for Mars manned mission, to receive $19.5 billion space budget
102 NASA to crash $1.5 billion Rosetta probe on Comet 67P
103 Introducing the pangolin: The world's Most-trafficked mammal
104 'Black Moon' signifies judgement day is coming, according to conspiracy theorist
105 Germany pushes 3D printing to edge, now printing ceramic structures
106 UFO sightings: Three flashbacks of alien encounters in Lowcountry
107 Climate Change: Carbon dioxide levels have overshot the 400 PPM Red Line
108 NASA spots UFO crash site on Mars
109 'Be prepared to die,' Elon Musk tells first Mars colonists
110 UFO sighting: CCTV in Bolton captures not burglar, but bright object flying over roofs