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1 UFO sighting: Does NASA image show gold ring on Mars? [Video]
2 UFO Sighting: Martian 'glove' spotted in NASA image, is it an alien 'petrifying weapon?'
3 Polar bear population endangered as artic ice melts beyond normal
4 UFO sighting: Mysterious blue light 'spotted,' did NASA cut off live feed to 'hide truth'? [Video]
5 SpaceX will send humans to Mars with 'Raptor Rocket'
6 NASA hides UFO evidence again, cuts live feed from ISS [Video]
7 Science News: Discovery of world's deepest underwater cave in Czech Republic revealed
8 N/A
9 SpaceX next mission: Pro-creation in space
10 NASA to go alien-hunting in Jupiter's moon
11 Science News: Is there really hidden life in Mars? Does the Red Planet have aliens?
12 Ice Age might grip Earth, NASA images show Sun going "blank" for fourth time in 2016
13 NASA's OSIRIS-REx asteroid mission captures 'First-Light' photos
14 China deploys robots as custom officers
15 Aliens arrived Earth 7000 years ago; built space centre in Mesopotamia
16 Weird spider sparks fears of 'alien invasion'
17 A glamorous way to end the 'Rosetta Mission'--comet crash site given the name 'Sais'
18 Weird UFO sucks up cloudtail left behind by an aircraft, shows 'alien' technique of clearing Earth's skyline [Video]
19 NASA captures sun's magnetic field
20 Scientists discover ocean on Saturn's third moon Dione
21 SpaceX Rocket Explosion: Is sabotage really involved?
22 UFO sightings in Ireland and England proof of real aliens?
23 UFO sighting: NASA images show Martian 'walled city' ruins
24 UFO sighting: Flying saucer stops traffic
25 UFO, Humanoid sighting: Robot as well as rocket-shaped UFO snapped, robot vanishes immediately
26 Hubble telescope spots huge cannonballs near dying star, phenomenon intrigues astronomers
27 Giant fire balls lit Canada, Eastern USA skies [Video]
28 UFO sighting: Eerie ball of light hovers over Moscow's flats [Video]
29 300-year-old 'Child Saint' corpse filmed opening and closing eyes
30 Future of space exploration spelled out by Blue Origin rocket test
31 UFO sighting: 'Alien' spaceship launching from Washington base invisible, caught by camera
32 British ichthyosaur: New species of Jurassic reptiles discovered
33 UFO spacecraft spotted shooting out from moon's crater: NASA's 1969 Apollo 11 pic
34 Why haven't we found aliens yet?
35 UFO Sighting: Alien spotted walking on an Oklahoma garden
36 Wikileaks: Did Hillary Clinton meet NASA astronaut to talk secretly about Alien life?
37 Fidel Castro speaks of UFO sightings during Cuban revolution
38 Project Blue: Efforts to find Earth-like planets to begin soon
39 NASA spacecraft captures haunting sounds over Jupiter
40 NASA captures UFO landing on moon's crater [Video]
41 WikiLeaks: Emails show that Clinton knew where Roswell UFO wreckage was stored
42 Creepy 'Alien' spotted in a UFO hotspot city of animal mutilations
43 SETI news: Scientists claim finding signals from alien civilization, notice strange variations
44 Ready to put up a loved-up display? Learn how to win hearts by overpowering anxiety on your first date
45 Aliens might be lunching on cosmic radiation in space: Study
46 NASA image shows yet another walled city on Mars, proof of ancient civilisation [Video]
47 Potential alien home discovered: Harvard physicist finds Earth-like planet orbiting around sun four light years away
48 UFO sighting: Jesus Christ-like apparition spotted walking on Lake Superior [Video]
49 NASA developed bandage that heals wounds faster
50 Ghost ship emerging from Lake Superior could be a UFO hidden underwater [Video]
51 A billion people have 'alien blood,' Bible too refers to human-celestials
52 UFO sightings: Does NASA's image show bust of Greek God Pan, number 2 on Mars?
53 World's first commercial drone delivery service has launched in Rwanda
54 Was a UFO expert murdered? He had texted mom: 'Your boy's in trouble. If anything happens to me, investigate'
55 UFO sightings: Hundreds witness flying saucer as 'huge as a plane' over Geneva, debate hotly on Facebook [Video]
56 Could Mars support humans? Scientist questions Obama's 'back-up' Earth plans as new probe starts alien hunt
57 NBA Hall of Famer Yao Ming appointed as China's ambassador to Mars [Video]
58 U.S. Air Force space plane X-37B spends 500 days in orbit for a secret mission [Video]
59 'Grey aliens' photograph captured by paranormal investigator confirms extraterrestrial presence in southwest England
60 Moon's 200 new craters identified
61 Wikileaks: 6th man to walk on Moon said 'Pope knows aliens exist and want to help humans but a space war is imminent'
62 UFO sightings: Mysterious object flies out of angry Colima volcano, will it erupt again? [Video]
63 NASA Video: Is that a Crab nabbing an Insect on Mars?
64 UFO expert wanted to expose 'black magic' cabal, Satanists killed him: Mom, fiancee [Video]
65 NASA warning: Over 1000 deadly asteroids found hurtling towards Earth, can we deflect them?
66 Astronomers: Aliens attempted to contact us
67 Crab-like creature appears on Mars
68 'The world will end on October 31, Christ's Return will spin the poles'
69 Life on Mars first discovered in 1976, future soil samples may contain dormant alien life
70 World War III: What you should do when the nuclear war breaks out
71 NASA rover droid Curiosity recorded video showing proof of life on Mars
72 Dangerous asteroid spotted by NASA could wipe out life on earth
73 Spacecraft ExoMars Landing on the Martian Surface
74 'Aliens' called on Earth 250,000 years ago, shows aluminium piece [Video]
75 Ice Age will grip Earth in 15 years due to Sun's cooling: Russian scientists
76 Aliens from 234 stars may be trying to reach us: Stephen Hawking's alien hunting mission
77 Bermuda Triangle mystery solved: Ships and planes wiped out by killer air bombs, say scientists
78 Huge UFO visited Dracula's home over 534 years ago, depicts medieval painting [Video]
79 UFO sightings: NASA's image shows 10-km-long alien mothership on Moon's crater [Video]
80 UFO Sightings: 3-cm 'alien' tried to 'sabotage' NASA's rover [Video]
81 NASA destroyed ESA Mars Lander, Russian Probe to hinder search for alien life
82 In an Accidental Breakthrough, Scientists Turns Carbon Dioxide into Renewable Energy
83 UFO sighting: US Security footage leaked, showing 'confirmed' UFO splitting over ocean
84 Mars excitement, campus riots and a freeze on refrigerants
85 How Republicans reshaped the House science committee
86 The polling crisis: How to tell what people really think
87 Effort to wrangle geoscience data faces uncertain future
88 Green Climate Fund earmarks more than $1 billion for developing countries
89 @ScientistTrump will make science great again
90 Monkey 'tools' raise questions over human archaeological record
91 Europe's probe feared lost on Mars
92 Reports of 'three-parent babies' multiply
93 Jupiter mission's computer glitch delays data-gathering
94 Europe's drug regulator opens vaults of clinical-trials data
95 Neanderthal DNA affects ethnic differences in immune response
96 Fish fossil upends scientists' view of jaw evolution
97 Inside Microsoft's quest for a topological quantum computer
98 Icy heart could be key to Pluto's strange geology
99 Mars lander's potential crash site spotted
100 Kepler finds scores of planets around cool dwarf stars
101 Violence escalates at South African universities
102 Computing glitch may have doomed Mars lander
103 Scientific challenges loom for Canada's popular prime minister
104 Autism study finds early intervention has lasting effects
105 Women need to be seen and heard at conferences
106 One sharp edge does not a tool make
107 Mars-probe loss is a chance for ESA to learn
108 Divisive campaigning damages democracy
109 Genomics is failing on diversity
110 There is a blind spot in AI research