File Title
1 Unknown dinosaur almost blown to oblivion
2 Chemical clue to why seabirds eat plastic
3 Dog's dinner: DNA clue to how dogs became our friends
4 Climate change: Nations will push ahead with plans despite Trump
5 How to see biggest supermoon in almost 70 years
6 Golden eagle numbers close to 'historic' levels
7 'Brain wi-fi' reverses leg paralysis in primate first
8 Electric car charge point use doubles
9 Full Ariane 6 rocket funding is unlocked by ESA
10 Florida polls split on GM mosquitoes
11 WMO: Five hottest years on record have occurred since 2011
12 Rise in atmospheric CO2 slowed by green vegetation
13 'Bionic' plants can detect explosives
14 Widnes worm Dave wriggles into record books
15 How do we avoid the antibiotics apocalypse?
16 Bloodhound Diary: Super-track for supercar
17 We're being invaded--by ladybirds
18 Norcia earthquake: Why multiple quakes are hitting Italy
19 Will Paris deal tackle climate change?
20 Was it Facebook 'wot won it'?
21 Daydream: Google's hot take on affordable VR
22 Google denies Android breaks competition rules
23 Microsoft fixes bug used by Russian hacker group
24 Dead TV signals offer broadband hope in rural Scotland
25 What Trump means for tech
26 Yahoo knew of 'state-backed' hack in 2014
27 'Secret' Wu-Tang Clan album clips streamed
28 Robot 'sets new Rubik's Cube record'
29 New Zealand immigration site traffic surges after US election
30 The view from shell-shocked Silicon Valley
31 Canada's immigration website crashes during US vote
32 French privacy row over mass ID database
33 How a traumatised dog inspired a sharing economy business
34 Why do film downloads cost more than DVDs?
35 The rise and rise of fake news
36 Should games firms welcome or fear Chinese conquest?
37 Should children ban their parents from social media?
38 Apprenticeships 'must address distinct needs of teens'
39 Jeremy Paxman 'baffled' by University Challenge boycott
40 Primary test agency 'poor value,' says minister
41 School's legal bid to block Ofsted report continues
42 Grammar expansion plans based on 'flimsy evidence'
43 Surrey heads tell Theresa May of 'vehement opposition' to grammars
44 Illegal schools 'harm vulnerable pupils,' says Wilshaw
45 Ann Maguire murder: Attack on teacher 'not predictable'
46 Councils risk 'legal action over care cuts'
47 Teaching assistants' pay strike sees County Durham schools close
48 Prince Charles warns of cultural destruction on UAE visit
49 Scottish primary school stops setting homework
50 Inventor Sir James Dyson sets up college to tackle skills shortage
51 Why do we love and hate different tastes?
52 Why Spanish school kids are refusing to do their homework
53 Why grammars refuse to be written off
54 The US scheme helping to drive out sexual harassment on campus
55 Letter from Africa: Why Nigerians need to learn their history
56 'Brain wi-fi' reverses leg paralysis in primate first
57 What does Trump win mean for US science?
58 Scouts and guides provide 'mental health boost for life'
59 Ivory Coast bans sale of alcohol sachets
60 Winnipeg lab employee possibly exposed to Ebola virus
61 Zika therapy 'works in the womb'
62 Warning over non-lump breast cancers
63 Gut bacteria 'may help drugs fight cancer'
64 Malaria drugs' complete failure tracked
65 Stop junk food ads on kids' apps--WHO
66 Worried well 'might boost heart risk'
67 Ebola adapted to easily infect people
68 Is it right to train babies to sleep?
69 How do we avoid the antibiotics apocalypse?
70 Namibia's 'home-grown doctors' start to make a difference
71 Fragments of fossilised dinosaur brain found for the first time
72 Inner secrets of Moon's mysterious ringed Orientale Basin revealed by gravity data
73 Oldest known evidence of Aboriginal settlement in arid Australia found in Flinders Ranges rock shelter
74 Australia's thorny devils drink water by burying themselves in sand
75 Bonobos suffer from failing eyesight as they get older
76 Plants key to recent pause in growth rate of atmospheric carbon dioxide
77 Yes, we might have no bananas. Can science prevent the fruit's extinction?
78 When an alliance comes with strings attached
79 Schiaparelli's demise: What color photos of the crash site tell us
80 Cosmic fender-bender: Colliding galaxies create rare eye-shaped formation
81 Why search for life on Mars begins in Hawaii
82 Scientists try to make sense of Old Faithful's plumbing
83 Elon Musk says SpaceX launches could resume next month
84 If an asteroid were hurtling toward L.A., what would NASA do?
85 Was South America a refuge during the dino-killing mass extinction?
86 What carbon dating tells us about elephant poaching. (It's not good.)
87 Mystery: Why are giant snowballs turning up on Russian beaches?
88 NASA to launch swarms of tiny satellites into orbit
89 How NASA astronauts cast their votes...from spaaaaace! (+video)
90 Cassini space probe images a cloudy summer day on Saturn's largest moon
91 Vaping leads teens to smoking, new study says
92 Why don't humans have more Neanderthal genetics?
93 Australia's Parkes telescope joins the search for alien life
94 A microelectronic breakthrough: chips that need no semiconductor
95 What makes plastic trash seem so tasty to seabirds?
96 Massive moon on full display next week. What's a Beaver Supermoon?
97 What we can learn from a dinosaur that got stuck in the mud
98 When will a volcano erupt? Check for bubbles.
99 Indigenous Australian ancestry traced to founding population
100 Ancient Hebrew scroll is read without being unrolled
101 Species from feces: tracking bats through poo 'barcodes'
102 Immune cells trained to remember, hunt and kill leukaemia cells
103 Giant cosmic blob found lit from the inside
104 Extinct Triassic reptile had dino-like domed head
105 Why muscle memory is (mostly) in your head
106 Did humans kill off the hobbit?
107 Zika vaccine moves a step closer
108 A quick, easy nanosensor test for E. coli contamination
109 Better feed converts cattle into cash cows
110 Physicists build mirrors from just 1,000 atoms