File Title
1 Risk of Schizophrenia Increased with Alcohol and Substance Abuse
2 How Could Slow-Digesting Rice Fight Diabetes and Obesity?
3 Low Levels of Vitamin D Linked with Increased Negative and Depressive Symptoms
4 Few Mexican Ceramics Associated with Lead Poisoning
5 Say Cheese! Experts Explain Why People Have a Love Hate Relationship with Cheese
6 HPV News Update: HPV Virus Can Be Transferred Orally
7 Childhood Hardships Increase the Risk for Bipolar Disorder
8 Treatment Approach Used in Cancer Holds Promise for Alzheimer's Disease
9 How Much "Screen Time" Is Best for Your Children?
10 Medical Marijuana Update: Good Side of Marijuana; Experts Investigate
11 'Weekend Effect' Leads to an Increase in Mortality Rates in Hospitals
12 Breast Cancer Awareness: What Is Metastatic Cancer and How Can Women Fight It?
13 World Polio Day 2016: Polio Eradication Near Its Endgame
14 A Compound Found in Onions Can Help Fight Ovarian Cancer
15 Casual Exercise Can Reduce Risk of Heart Disease
16 Suicide Attempts Investigated After a Video of a Bullied Teen Went Viral
17 Hunger Myth Debunked: Study Says Appetite Not Linked to Calorie Intake
18 How E-Cigarettes Can Hurt Kids, Everything You Need to Know
19 Whole Grain Diet Can Reduce Heart Disease and Stroke Risk; Experts Claim
20 Calorie Label in Fast-Food Restaurants Do Not Work, New Study Revealed
21 Obese People Should NEVER Be Discriminated
22 Flesh-Eating Bacteria Caused the Life of a Man Four Days After Contact
23 Baby Born Twice: For Operation, Then for Birth
24 Scientists Try to Find What Happens When Our Brains Forget
25 Oxygen Shift May Be Key to Curing Jet Lag, Scientists Say
26 Fitness Can Lower Down Negative Effects of Continuous Sitting
27 Marijuana News: Does Cannabis Really Cause People to Be Drug Dependent?
28 Selfies and Self-Esteem: What Do Posting and Looking at Selfies Say About People's Lives?
29 SIDS Alert: Experts Recommend Ways to Prevent Cot Death, Say Infants Should Share Parents' Room
30 Muscle Exercise Can Help Ease Brain Impairment
31 Cigarette Accounts for Most Cancer Deaths, New Study Shows
32 Pregnancy Doubles the Risk of Stroke in Younger Women
33 Kids and Social Media: Parents also Have to Be Careful
34 Treatments that Bring Little or No Benefit? Doctors Name 40 Common Treatments that Are Unnecessary
35 Youth Football Changes Kids' Brains in One Season
36 Red Wine Can Aid Women Who Suffer with PCOS; Study Shows
37 'Health Alert' Has Been Issued to Tainted Marijuana in Oregon
38 Artificial Sweeteners Are Being Investigated by Experts
39 Vapes, E-Cigarettes Can Fight Obesity Lead by Quitting Tobacco
40 'Brain Sags as You Age, Too': Experts
41 Male Breast Cancer? Survivor Aims to Raise Awareness on Breast Cancer in Men
42 Space Travel Affects Astronauts' Spine, Studies Say
43 Air Pollution Emergency Update: Public Health Dangers Not Tackled Enough, Scientists Warn
44 HIV Patient Zero Cleared: Science Says He Did Not Spread AIDS to the US
45 Meal Replacements and Overall Health: What Do Consumers Gain and Lose?
46 Cranberries Don't Treat UTI: Recent Study Debunks Old Time Myth
47 Organ Donor Gives Half of His Liver, Marries Woman Whose Life He Saved
48 Fighting Cancer: Can One's Immune System Really Beat this Deadly Disease?
49 How Could Skin Patch Help Kids with Peanut Allergies?
50 Global Air Pollution: One Out of Seven Children Breathes Toxic Air, UNICEF Says
51 Halloween Amidst Psychology and Social Significance: Why Is It a Ritual for Kids and Adults?
52 24 Year Old Mother Arrested for Injecting Her Children with Heroin
53 Facebook Trivia: Study Says Accepting More Friend Requests May Prolong Life
54 Labor Complications Caused by Six-Pack Abs? Fitness Guru Shares Experience
55 Acupuncture Stimulates Release of Natural Opioids, Reduces Hypertension: Study
56 Introvert vs. Extrovert: Science Says Most People Can Have Both Personality Traits
57 Young People with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to Undergo Trial Following Its Success
58 Loneliness a Possible Sign of Alzheimer's Disease: Study
59 Mom Raises Awareness After Daughter Died of Skipping Flu Shot [Video]
60 Faking a Smile to Be Happier: New Study Suggests It Might Just Be a Myth
61 Canola Oil Aids in Reducing Belly Fat: Study
62 Pap Smear in Early Stage of Pregnancy Could Detect Genetic Disorders: Study
63 'Marijuana Tampon' Is Out for Real: Will It Cause Vaginal High? [Video]
64 WHO Proposes New Rules for Upcoming Tobacco Conference
65 Health Anxiety Alert: Worrying About One's Health May Lead to Heart Disease, Study Shows
66 Nutella Wonders: How Does Serving Size Affect One's Consumption of the Popular Spread?
67 It's Too Much Heat, Not the Amount of Oil, that Can Lead to Heart Disease: Study
68 Working Less Can Lead to Higher Productivity: Study
69 WHO: Stop Showing Junk Food Ads on Kids' Apps
70 Recreational Marijuana to Get Legalized in California Soon?
71 Fuel Free Engine 'EmDrive' Gets Upgrade: Could Transport Humans to Mars in 10 Weeks
72 Does the Universe Have a Self Destruct Button that Could Destroy All Life?
73 Mysterious Dark Energy May Not Exist in the Universe After All, Scientists Claim
74 New 'SMASH' Model to Solve Five Biggest Mysteries of the Universe?
75 Sky-Watching: Three More Supermoons Before 2016 Ends [Video]
76 Unraveling the Surprising Data of the Chandra Archives: Cluster of Young Stars, Galaxy Clusters, Pulsars [Video]
77 Tim Peake on Life Aboard the International Space Station: Drinking Recycled Urine and More
78 Asteroid Mining: Deep Space Industries Builds Rockets that Could Use Asteroid Water as Fuel in Space
79 Uranus May Have Two More Undiscovered Moons
80 Proxima Centauri Star Is More like Sun than Thought: What Does It Imply for Proxima B?
81 NASA Delays Plan to Put Juno Closer to Jupiter 'Til December 2016
82 The Universe Has at Least Two Trillion Galaxies: Why Is the Finding Important?
83 Aliens Are Contacting Us, Astronomers Claim
84 NASA Plans to Search for Martians: Where Will They Begin the Hunt?
85 NASA Tests Electric Aircraft: New Revolution in Aviation?
86 Comet Outbursts: Are They Caused by Avalanches?
87 Quantum Teleportation Could Revolutionize Modern Phone and Internet Communication
88 Venus Still Alive Geologically, Volcanoes Erupt on the Planet?
89 Space Robots: Will Humans Be Totally Replaced by These Mechanical Beings?
90 Russia's Next-Gen. Spacecraft 'Federatsiya' to Make First Flight as Zero-G Toy
91 Fuel Free Engine 'EmDrive' Gets Upgrade: Could Transport Humans to Mars in 10 Weeks
92 Distant World 'L91' Discovered in Outer Solar System
93 Scientists Now Know Where Comet 67P Was Born
94 Indo-French Space Research Collaboration to Lead to a Mars Landing?
95 NASA's 'Biggest Show' Roars Back After Explosion
96 Mars Colony Is Dusty: Weather Forecast
97 'Shenzhou 11' Manned-Launch Will Mark China's Territory and Strengthen Up in Space
98 'New Horizons' Spacecraft Will Pass by a Distant "Red Planet" Way Past Pluto, Observation from 'Hubble Telescope' Suggests
99 Rare Photo of a 'Moonbow' Captured: What Causes These Astronomical Phenomena
100 SpaceX CEO Elon Musk on 'Falcon 9' Explosion: Sabotage Is a Real Threat, Every Scenarios Are Being Considered
101 Proof of Life on Mars Discovered by Viking Lander in 1976, New Study Claims
102 Bizarre Type of Star Formation Challenges What We Know About the Solar System, Here's Why
103 Eta Carinae: An Explosive Star System Captured in Great Detail [Video]
104 Planet Nine: Mysterious 'Massive' World in the Solar System Will Be Discovered Soon, Scientists Say
105 Explosive Star System's Turbulent Relationship Revealed in Best View Yet
106 Two Mysterious Flaring Objects Spotted in the Galaxy [Video]
107 SpaceX to Re-Launch Dragon Capsule for ISS Cargo Missions?
108 Landslides on Pluto's Moon, Charon, Discovered by NASA's New Horizons
109 Seasons on Titan Affect Its Atmosphere Dramatically
110 Soyuz Docks with International Space Station, New Crew Steps Aboard ISS