File Title
1 Engineers design a new weapon against bacteria
2 WHO Trauma Care Checklist improves care for injured patients
3 Technology brings new precision to study of circadian rhythm in individual cells
4 UT Austin psychology researchers map neurological process of learning, deciding
5 Towards better hip replacements
6 The calling card of aggressive thyroid cancer
7 Lighting type affects ground beef color
8 New technique for creating NV-doped nanodiamonds may be boost for quantum computing
9 A lot of blood, for no reason? Review shows that common, costly clot test has few benefits
10 Women experience marked decline in sexual function immediately before and after menopause
11 Gulf oil spill research featured in special issue
12 Rewritable material could help reduce paper waste
13 Study highlights a new threat to bees worldwide
14 Tricking moths into revealing the computational underpinnings of sensory integration
15 Detecting potentially harmful mycotoxins in beer
16 'Nanoparticle taxicab' materials can identify, collect and transport debris on surfaces
17 Study: Lack of brain shrinkage may help predict who develops dementia with Lewy bodies
18 New study confirms link between early menopause and higher risk of fracture
19 Intestinal cells 'remodel' in response to a fatty meal
20 Make America tweet again
21 Shoring up the power grid--with DIY scrap-metal batteries
22 NASA completes Webb Telescope Center of Curvature pre-test
23 Bioelectronics at the speed of life
24 New model developed to study inflammatory bowel disease in human biopsy samples
25 Cooking temperature may hold clues to heart disease rates, scientists say
26 Connection between brain inflammation and CTE identified
27 Scientists successfully tune the brain to alleviate pain
28 High-protein diets reduce liver fat
29 Popcorn-rocks solve the mystery of the magma chambers
30 Heart defects identified in progeria patients that increase the risk of arrhythmias and premature death
31 Hot on the heels of quasiparticles
32 Controlling plant regeneration systems may drive the future of agriculture
33 Chemists create clusters of organelles by mimicking nature
34 New research on the muscles of elite athletes: When quality is better than quantity
35 MAGNDATA: Towards a database of magnetic structures
36 Consuming rapeseed oil enriched with Omega-3 reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease
37 Fear of retaliation
38 Establishing an advanced bonding technique for tungsten and copper alloys
39 New study provides carbon footprint league table for food
40 HKU-led biologists identify the switch for Neuroglobin gene
41 Making high-performance batteries from junkyard scraps
42 Cause of inflammation in diabetes identified
43 Nightlights under the sea
44 MD Anderson-led study develops prediction model for lung cancer risk in never smokers
45 How the African striped mouse got its stripes
46 Mouse mutants with sleep defects may shed light on the mysteries of sleep
47 First time physicists observed and quantified tiny nanoparticle crossing lipid membrane
48 Gatekeeping proteins to aberrant RNA: You shall not pass
49 Well-being linked with when and how people manage emotions
50 Single-cell analysis supports a role for cancer stem cells in brain tumor growth
51 New study pinpoints timing for decline in sexual function over the menopause transition
52 Earlier Alzheimer's diagnosis may be possible with new imaging compound
53 One hormone to rule them all
54 Supercomputer comes up with a profile of dark matter
55 Genetic analysis identifies proteins controlling sleep in mice
56 Prostate drug offers new relief for kidney stone suffers
57 Engineers develop new magnetic ink to print self-healing devices that heal in record time
58 What are costs, consequences associated with misdiagnosed cellulitis?
59 Is a marker of preclinical Alzheimer's disease associated with loneliness?
60 Significant decrease seen in prostate biopsy, radical prostatectomy procedures following recommendations
61 Trimming the spare tire: Canola oil may cut belly fat
62 Single mutation in recessive gene increases risk of earlier onset Parkinson's disease
63 New drug helps clear amyloid plaques in Alzheimer's disease patients
64 'Corkscrew' shape of blood flow in heart's upper chamber may signal lower stroke risk
65 Sleep deprivation may cause people to eat more calories
66 Pillars of destruction
67 Prevalence of drug-resistant tuberculosis in West Africa higher than previously thought
68 An overlooked source of carbon emissions
69 On the origin of life: Studying how the first biomolecule self-replicated
70 Brain volume may help predict who will develop dementia with lewy bodies
71 Thorny devils tap damp sand to slake thirst
72 Middle Stone Age ochre processing tools reveal cultural and behavioural complexity
73 Altered bacterial behavior in space may result from reduced extracellular transport
74 Childhood obesity and overweight rates rise during summer break, not during school year
75 Oldest Panda in Captivity, Jia Jia Dies at 38
76 Dogs Are Less Prone to Follow Useless Advice Compared to Children: Research
77 The Most Spectacular and Impressive Cave Art on the Iberian Peninsula, Discovered
78 Great White Shark Breaks into an Observation Cage Occupied by a Diver (Video)
79 A Massive Jade Stone Worth Up to $170 Million Uncovered in Burma
80 Global Warming Update: Nations Have Agreed to Reduce the Use of HFCs, Help Fight Climate Change
81 Rising of Temperature in the Earth, Spreading of Mammals May Be Explained by Comet Impact
82 Puffball Fungi Shrieking in the Rain in Wisconsin (Video)
83 Healthy Mice from Eggs Made of Skin Cells Grown by Japanese Scientists
84 Ancient DNA Record and Cave Art Unravel the Mysterious Origins of European Bison
85 'Boaty McBoatface': Submersible Vehicle to Have Its Historic Journey Across the Arctic Ocean
86 Two Mysterious 'Cavities' Discovered in the Great Pyramid of Giza
87 Chemical from Pesticides, Non-Stick Cookware Now Found in Birds, Dolphins
88 10,000 Titicaca Water Frogs Spotted Dead in Peru
89 Great Catch: A Giant Lobster Spotted in Bermuda After Hurricane Nicole
90 Sonar Images Reveals a 100-Year Old German Submarine Believed to Be Sunk by Sea Monster
91 Ice Age Mastodon Skeleton Unearthed in Michigan
92 Walking Up to an Active Volcano: How Does It Feel? See Here
93 Scientists Discover Method that Can Turn Pollution into Fuel, Prevent Global Climate Change
94 How the Antarctic Ice Melted 23 Million Years Ago? Fossil Leaves Provide Evidence
95 San Francisco Bay Area Quake Warning: Two Potentially Deadly Earthquake Faults Found to Be Connected
96 Dinosaur Bones Found at Denali National Park in Alaska for the First Time
97 New Dinosaur Alert! Unknown Species of Titanosaur Discovered in Australia
98 Bermuda Triangle Mystery Unfolds: Why So Many Ships and Planes Have Disappeared
99 More Snow Leopards Are Dying Due to Poaching and Retaliation
100 History of Jaws Associated with Ancient Armored Fish
101 Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved: Here's How, Scientists Say
102 Global Wine Production Declines this Year Cheers to Climate Change
103 Secret Nazi Military Base Unearthed in the Arctic
104 World Goes Through 'New Era' of Climate Change as CO2 Reaches Symbolic Threshold
105 Battlefield Where Ancient Roman Armies Breached Jerusalem Walls Uncovered
106 Russia Uncovers Its New Massive Nuclear Missile, Satan-2, Capable of Wiping England and Wales
107 Air Pollution Emergency Update: Public Health Dangers Not Tackled Enough, Scientists Warn
108 Italy Hit by Another Two Powerful Earthquakes
109 Great Barrier Reef Turns into Coral Graveyard, Scientists Observed
110 Extreme Cold Weather in the US and UK Is Caused by Warming in the Arctic