File Title
1 Plant-genome hackers seek better ways to produce customized crops
2 Can wind and solar fuel Africa's future?
3 Earthquakes in Italy, cholera vaccines and turmoil in Turkish universities
4 Axion alert! Exotic-particle detector may miss out on dark matter
5 Ant genomes rewrite history of Panama land bridge
6 Tracker flags up failures to report clinical trials
7 Scientists can publish their best work at any age
8 Psychologists argue about whether smiling makes cartoons funnier
9 Machine-learning algorithm quantifies gender bias in astronomy
10 Hard work, little reward: Nature readers reveal working hours and research challenges
11 Computing glitch may have doomed Mars lander
12 The scientists who support Donald Trump
13 Russian science at the crossroads
14 Twitterstorm shows why scientific evidence matters
15 Deciphering the genes that give mammals their stripes and patterns
16 Geneticists should offer data to participants
17 Good data are not enough
18 Bridge the planetary divide
19 New understanding of rip currents could help to save lives
20 The birth of massive stars is accompanied by strong luminosity bursts
21 Proteins as an early warning system for type 1 diabetes?
22 Dependency can be an evolutionary advantage
23 Increasing cost of natural hazards as climate changes
24 Life took hold on land 300 million years earlier than thought
25 The Caucasus as an 'island' in the 'sea' of steppes: New insights in mosquito evolution
26 Direct determination of bandgap energy of single cesium lead bromide nanocrystals
27 Early planned birth linked to risk of poor child development
28 Ovary regeneration in salamanders could provide solutions to human infertility
29 CyLab researchers create network traffic visualization tool to help thwart cyber attacks
30 Dirty laundry may cause environmental contamination
31 Changes of the transitional climate zone in East Asia
32 Do second opinions matter in prostate cancer care?
33 Common food additive promotes colon cancer in mice
34 Pancreatic cancer set to become third biggest cancer killer in EU next year
35 Andeans with altitude sickness produce massive amounts of red blood cells
36 Punching cancer with RNA knuckles
37 Stanford study identifies new biomarkers for Huntington's disease
38 George Washington University report outlines opportunities, challenges for kidney health workforce
39 Ill-treatment and working the night shift increases nurse turnover
40 Adult weight gain could increase cancer risk
41 Brain tumor characteristics could help predict survival in people over 70
42 Tumor cells in blood samples could predict prostate cancer spread
43 Understanding cancer worries could break down barriers to seeking help
44 Record hot year may be the new normal by 2025
45 People with low oxytocin levels suffer reduced empathy
46 Maternal B12 deficiency may increase child's risk of type 2 diabetes
47 Poor nutrition during pregnancy can cause early aging of baby's heart
48 'Pressure-welding' nanotubes creates ultrastrong material
49 Experts focus on urgent need for Fracture Liaison Services in the Asia-Pacific
50 Power outage in the brain may be source of Alzheimer's
51 Study finds female faculty are underrepresented in genomics
52 Insight into the seat of human consciousness
53 Stressed-out rats consume more alcohol, revealing related brain chemistry
54 Detour via gravitational lens makes distant galaxy visible
55 Fake Tweets, real consequences for the election
56 Yesterday's Silk Road could be tomorrow's environmental superhighway
57 Rubella virus persists after vaccination in some patients with rare immune disorders
58 NASA's MMS breaks Guinness World Record
59 Study challenges model of Alzheimer's disease progression
60 Laser particles could provide sharper images of tissues
61 E-cig vapor does not induce genetic mutations associated with cigarette smoke exposure
62 Hubble takes flight with the toucan and the cluster
63 Researchers find immunotherapy treatments better for advanced skin cancer
64 Researchers propose mechanism for spread of metastatic breast cancer to bone
65 In food packaging, color matters
66 NASA's NavCube could support an X-ray communications demonstration in space--a NASA first
67 Large-scale study reveals new insights into coral and symbiotic algae partnership
68 A remote-controlled drone helps in designing future wireless networks
69 A race against time to diagnose deadly weight loss in cancer patients
70 Multidrug-resistant bacteria from chickens pose risk to human health
71 Study finds female scientists collaborate differently
72 Light drives single-molecule nanoroadsters
73 Children's health and privacy at risk from digital marketing
74 On-chip observation of THz graphene plasmons
75 Genetic mutations that lead to macular degeneration blindness mapped by new research
76 A new method allows to detect the presence in ham of the parasite that causes toxoplasmosis
77 Nanostructures made of pure gold
78 Compost bedding good for cow claw health
79 Virtual reality app makes haptics as immersive as visuals
80 Genetic cause for shift work fatigue discovered
81 Research validates the defining hallmark of Transcendental Meditation--effortlessness
82 Hip fracture patients fare best during recovery in high-occupancy nursing homes with higher level physician staffing
83 Tsunami of stars and gas produces dazzling eye-shaped feature in galaxy
84 Herbivorous mammals have bigger bellies
85 WSU researcher develops safer gene therapy
86 Older dogs better at learning new tricks
87 Research finds brain changes, needs to be retrained after ACL injury
88 Scientists decode the genome of Chinese licorice
89 The color of birds
90 Non-native insects change more than native host plant survival
91 Impact of sea smell overestimated by present climate models
92 CHEST experts issue advice for investigating occupational and environmental causes of chronic cough
93 Iowa State physicists help demonstrate existence of new subatomic structure
94 Trace metal recombination centers kill LED efficiency
95 Healthy recipes and effective social marketing campaign improve eating habits
96 Soda tax falls flat
97 Scientists set traps for atoms with single-particle precision
98 UTHealth research: Stem cell therapy appears to have TBI treatment effect
99 Discovery of new bacteria complicates problem with salmon poisoning in dogs
100 Insulin resistance reversed by removal of protein
101 Study details rare cardiac side effects of immune checkpoint cancer therapies
102 New computational tool may speed drug discovery
103 Tuberculosis bacteria find their ecological niche
104 Illuminating lies with brain scan outshines polygraph test, Penn study finds
105 Smart microscope adapts to changes in live specimens
106 Brain 'reads' sentences the same in English and Portuguese
107 Proteins secreted by beneficial gut microbes shown to inhibit salmonella, invasive E. coli
108 Gene regulation: Shaping up to make the cut
109 Sunshine matters a lot to mental health; temperature, pollution, rain not so much
110 Soil could become a significant source of carbon dioxide, experts warn