File Title
1 Rigging an Election: How Difficult Is It?
2 Does Daylight Saving Time Really Save Energy?
3 Daylight Saving Time 2016: A Guide to the When, Why, What and How
4 The Funniest Animal Antics Captured in Comedy Wildlife Photos
5 Calling All Wizards! Cast Spells like Harry Potter on Your Smartphone
6 'Shotgun' Marriages Up Among Some Groups
7 Did Too Many Energy Drinks Trigger Man's Liver Problems?
8 Iron Age Brew Recreated from Ancient Cauldron's Remnants
9 Pap Smear Early in Pregnancy Could Reveal Genetic Disorders Earlier
10 Surprise! Newfound Asteroid 2016 VA Gives Earth a Close Shave
11 3D-Printed 'Lego' Bricks Could Bend Sound into Acoustic Holograms
12 Investigation Sheds Light on Final Moments of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370
13 An Entire Ecosystem of Creepy-Crawlies May Lurk in Your Home
14 'Cursed' Medieval Well Found in England
15 Refreshingly Radioactive? The Wild History of Energy Drinks
16 What Makes an Earworm So Catchy?
17 Turns Out, Faking a Smile Might Not Make You Happier After All
18 How One Man Fought Off a Great White Shark
19 Ancient 400-Pound Salmon Fought with Dagger-Like Teeth
20 US Designates Electric Vehicle Charging Corridors
21 Tadpoles Prefer Vegetarian Meals During Heat Waves
22 Cancer-Causing List: 7 New Substances Added by US
23 Could forgetting help us learn by keeping us motivated?
24 We love meat but prefer not to know where it comes from
25 Beards may boost men's attractiveness
26 Why are women more vulnerable to eating disorders? Brain study sheds light
27 Wheat proteins may cause inflammation beyond the gut
28 Foster care raises children's risk of mental, physical health problems
29 It's not just what you eat, it's how you cook it: Nine kitchen techniques to aid weight loss
30 Probiotics may help spinal cord injury recovery
31 Can You Treat Psoriasis with Essential Oils?
32 Caffeine did not induce arrhythmia in trial with heart failure patients
33 The placebo effect: Knowingly taking sham pills may reduce chronic pain
34 Eight foods to eat for healthier hair
35 Mom's pre-pregnancy BMI may affect newborn's lifespan
36 Exercise vs. diabetes: New level of detail uncovered
37 Can Castor Oil Be Used for Treating Constipation?
38 Older hearts benefit from exercise that is frequent and varied but not intense
39 Depression could be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs
40 Voting decisions influenced by candidates' identities more than policies
41 Did you just lose weight? These nine foods will help you keep it off
42 PCOS: Red wine compound remedies abnormal hormone levels
43 Are Protein Shakes OK for People with Diabetes?
44 Could migraines be caused by the bacteria in our mouths?
45 Hot flashes in menopause may have genetic links
46 Bipolar Disorder and Alcohol: What's the Connection?
47 Football-related concussion: A call for action
48 Stress hormone in hair could predict IVF outcomes
49 Regular exercise may safeguard against memory loss
50 Eight superfoods you've never heard of but need to know
51 Schizophrenia secrets found hidden in the folds of DNA
52 Basal Ganglia Stroke: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment
53 Cancer hijacks common immune cell weapon to promote spread
54 Childhood cancer survivors with poor diet at risk of chronic illness
55 'Marijuana receptor' uncovered in new study
56 New guidelines for kids' media use help families balance digital, real life
57 How to Get Rid of Red Eyes: Home Remedies and Health Tips
58 Schizophrenia risk increased with alcohol, drug abuse
59 Milia: Types, Symptoms, and Treatment
60 Nose cells could help repair damaged knee cartilage
61 Diabetes risk doubles with more than two soft drinks daily
62 Early return to play after concussion may be harmful for young athletes
63 Onion compound suppresses ovarian cancer cell proliferation
64 Hunger 'not linked to calorie intake'
65 Protein C Deficiency: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment
66 Fitness, not physical activity, mitigates negative effects of prolonged sitting
67 Is tuberculosis an autoimmune disease?
68 Black Widow Spider Bite: Symptoms and Treatment
69 Sudden infant death syndrome: New safe sleep guidelines issued
70 Youth football players show brain changes after just one season
71 Brown Recluse Spider Bite: Symptoms and Treatment
72 Type 1 diabetes: Blocking immune signal may prevent disease onset
73 Stroke risk higher for younger than older pregnant women
74 Blood test could predict pregnancy complications, poor fetal growth
75 Restoring evolutionary fatty acid balance may curb obesity
76 How to Get Rid of a Stye: Treatments and Home Remedies
77 Women now drinking almost as much as men
78 Triple-negative breast cancer: Prolactin study may lead to new treatments
79 Brain folding 'slackens' with age, study finds
80 Stronger muscles lead to stronger brain
81 Early intervention for parents of children with autism reduces symptoms
82 Mechanism that triggers fat formation uncovered
83 Are There Any Health Benefits to Drinking Alkaline Water?
84 Cranberry extract disrupts spread of hard-to-treat bacteria
85 Deaf awareness: Communication made simple
86 Sleep loss alters gut microbiota
87 Men's mental health influenced by blood pressure, heart rate in adolescence
88 Survival after gunshot injuries predicted with new tool
89 Stroke vs. Aneurysm: What is the Difference?
90 Treating a Horsefly Bite: What to Do
91 Treating children's peanut allergy via skin patch shows promise in trial
92 Phantom limb pain relieved using brain-machine interface
93 'Airway-on-a-chip' could yield new treatments for COPD
94 Male birth control shot shows promise
95 Diabetes: Controlled glucose delivery could restore insulin production
96 Should I Worry About a Tick Bite?
97 Why Is There a Metallic Taste in My Mouth?
98 Osteoarthritis: New blood test detects early stages, study finds
99 Diet success: Does brain structure play a role?
100 Hookworms could help treat asthma
101 Beef vs. bugs: Which is most nutritious?
102 Leukocytes in Urine: A Sign of a Urinary Tract Infection?
103 Poor work-life balance leads to poor health later in life
104 GAD Antibodies and Diabetes: What's the Connection?
105 Competition is the best workout motivation, study finds
106 Why Is My Urine Bright Yellow? Colors Changes and Causes
107 Mulberry compound aids weight loss by activating brown fat
108 Bat flu virus may be capable of infecting human cells
109 New study links autism to mutations in mitochondrial DNA
110 Common Causes of Scalp Tenderness and Sensitivity