File Title
1 New method for encapsulating single cells within tunable microgels could boost efficacy of cell-based therapies
2 Tasmanian devil milk found to have compounds with antibacterial properties
3 Close up of the new mineral merelaniite
4 Self-sealing syringe prevents blood loss in hemophilic mice
5 Bioluminescent sensor causes brain cells to glow in the dark
6 Team spots elusive intermediate compound in atmospheric chemistry
7 Study yields rich dossier of cancer-linked protein's associates
8 A composite thread that varies in rigidity
9 Researchers invent 'perfect' soap molecule that is better for the environment
10 Forging a brand-new chemical bond using the pressure of the Mars core
11 Improved water splitting advances renewable energy conversion
12 Turning CO2 to stone
13 Team proposes new law to accurately measure charged macromolecules
14 Atom-by-atom growth chart for shells helps decode past climate
15 Creeping gel: Photosensitive self-oscillating gel to model biological crawling motions
16 Researchers shed light on process of programmed mitochondrial cell death
17 Study reveals previously unknown component of whale songs
18 How the African striped mouse got its stripes
19 Tricking moths into revealing the computational underpinnings of sensory integration
20 Supercomputers capture the crush in biological cells
21 Gatekeeping proteins to aberrant RNA--'You shall not pass'
22 Sailfish found to use group hunting technique to capture more sardines
23 Birds with bigger brains found to be less likely to get shot
24 One hormone to rule them all
25 Support from family and friends significantly reduces stress in wild chimpanzees
26 Blind as bats: Echolocation study reveals key evolutionary trade-offs with other senses
27 Study highlights diversity of arthropods found in US homes--from swabs of dust
28 Elephant poaching costs African economies $25 million per year in lost tourism revenue
29 Researchers discover how a bacterium, Clostridium thermocellum, utilizes both CO2 and cellulose
30 Short RNA molecules mapped in single cell
31 Mathematical analysis offers clues on timing of flu outbreaks
32 Researchers find protein target to knock out herpesvirus RNA transport
33 Researchers develop a system for adaptive live imaging of large living organisms
34 The effectiveness of 3-D camouflage
35 Food supply--not 'live fast, die young' mentality--makes male crickets chirpy
36 Wild cat brains: An evolutionary curveball
37 Key protein implicated in negative side effects of senescence
38 Scientists develop computational tool to aid synthetic, systems biologists
39 Research finds enzymes essential for DNA repair
40 Gene that determines floral sex may be key to new hybrid seeds
41 Humans settled earlier in Australia's remote outback
42 Middle Stone Age ochre processing tools reveal cultural and behavioural complexity
43 People from Melanesia may carry genetic evidence of a previously unknown extinct hominid species
44 Is shotgun marriage dead?
45 133 million-year-old dinosaur brain fossil found in England
46 Fossils under your feet: Ancient sea cow found in Spanish street
47 Study: Pop-culture news helped destigmatize out-of-wedlock childbirth
48 Science: Public interest high, literacy stable
49 Experts uncover hidden layers of Jesus' tomb site
50 Fossilized dinosaur brain tissue identified for the first time
51 Important ancient papyrus seized from looters in Israel
52 Money can buy happiness but it's costly to bank on that without measuring debt
53 Upper Paleolithic humans may have hunted cave lions for their pelts
54 Ancient parrot fossil found in Siberia
55 Ancient burials suggestive of blood feuds
56 Dinosaurs of a feather flock and die together?
57 A weird combination of Deinotherium and Platybelodon--Elephantiformes without ivories
58 Model helps explore how changing certainty in belief of one statement can lead to changings belief in truth of others
59 Meet Savannasaurus, Australia's newest titanosaur
60 Science sheds light on 250-year-old literary controversy
61 Early fossil fish from China shows where our jaws came from
62 Ancient human history more complex than previously thought, researchers say
63 Study finds earliest evidence in fossil record for right-handedness
64 Long-necked dino species discovered in Australia
65 Game theory: Army of agents to tackle corrupt officials, tax evaders, terrorists
66 New research uncovers pattern in global flu outbreaks
67 Cause of inflammation in diabetes identified
68 Scientists successfully tune the brain to alleviate pain
69 Single-cell analysis supports a role for cancer stem cells in brain tumor growth
70 Researchers identify first two genes regulating sleep in mice using genetic screening
71 Heart disease, leukemia linked to dysfunction in nucleus
72 Researchers map neurological process of learning, deciding
73 Some immune-boosting cancer drugs may pose rare heart risks
74 Technology brings new precision to study of circadian rhythm in individual cells
75 Single mutation in recessive gene increases risk of earlier onset Parkinson's disease
76 Safety concerns linger for generic oncology drugs in developing countries
77 Earlier Alzheimer's diagnosis may be possible with new imaging compound
78 Muscles more sensitive to stretch than previously thought
79 Cells of origin for breast tumours identified
80 Study develops prediction model for lung cancer risk in never smokers
81 The wiring of fly brains--mapping cell-to-cell connections
82 Testing if Pap smears offer early peek at birth defect risk
83 Measuring DNA repair capability can reveal tumors' sensitivity to drugs
84 Well-being linked with when and how people manage emotions
85 Brain volume predicts successful weight loss in the elderly
86 Trimming the spare tire: Canola oil may cut belly fat
87 A lot of blood, for no reason? Review shows that common, costly clot test has few benefits
88 Porous implant has potential to extend life of hip replacements by mimicking quality of real bones
89 Is a marker of preclinical Alzheimer's disease associated with loneliness?
90 Cooking temperature may hold clues to heart disease rates, scientists say
91 'Corkscrew' shape of blood flow in heart's upper chamber may signal lower stroke risk
92 New research on the muscles of elite athletes: When quality is better than quantity
93 Berry wine, minus the alcohol, may offer help for those with diabetes
94 Amyloid study pinpoints protein culprits
95 Sleep deprivation may cause people to eat more calories
96 Reference: Facts About Mastodons
97 How to Argue Politics Without Losing Friends
98 Polarizing Politics: 5 Reasons the 2016 Election Feels So Personal
99 Mummified Poop Reveals Ancient Sloth Ate Mormon Tea and Saltbush
100 Ancient 'Seal' Used Pool-Ball-Size Eyes for Deep-Sea Hunting
101 DNA from Mystery Human Species Detected in Pacific Islanders
102 You Can 3D Print Your Own Mini Universe
103 Mixing Energy Drinks with Alcohol Causes Brain Changes in Mice
104 Italy Quakes: What Makes an Earthquake an Aftershock?
105 The Myth of the Disappearing Book: Why We Care
106 Why Some Pot Smokers Face a Higher Risk of Drinking Problems
107 Jackpot! Hiker Discovers Ancient Reptile Footprints Near Las Vegas
108 Fighting Hunger? Plant Protein May Keep You Feeling Full Longer than Meat
109 Ancient Scratched Stones: World's Earliest Maps or Magic Artifacts?
110 Ancient Cave Lion Cubs Found Crushed and Frozen in Russia