File Title
1 Engineers develop new magnetic ink to print self-healing devices that heal in record time
2 'Nanoparticle taxicab' materials can identify, collect and transport debris on surfaces
3 Scientists overcome bottleneck in fabricating quantum dot displays
4 Chemists create clusters of organelles by mimicking nature
5 Glucose-monitoring contact lens would feature transparent sensor
6 Nanobionic spinach plants can detect explosives
7 A tiny machine: Engineers design an infinitesimal computing device
8 Electrical currents can be now be switched on and off at the smallest conceivable scale
9 Microscopic 'nanobottles' offer blueprint for enhanced biological imaging
10 Nano-decoy lures human influenza A virus to its doom
11 Scientists say boron nitride-graphene hybrid may be right for next-gen green cars
12 Nanofiber coating prevents infections of prosthetic joints
13 New method increases energy density in lithium batteries
14 Researchers find way to tune thermal conductivity of 2-D materials
15 Researchers introduce relaxons to help describe heat flow through some crystals
16 Nanoparticle drugs can make it easier for medications to reach their targets
17 Smashing metallic cubes toughens them up
18 Study explains strength gap between graphene, carbon fiber
19 Growing gold: Researchers develop gold nanowires for biomedical procedures
20 Scientists find technique to improve carbon superlattices for quantum electronic devices
21 Non-toxic, high-quality surface treatment for organic field-effect transistors
22 Scientists develop a semiconductor nanocomposite material that moves in response to light
23 Nanowires as sensors in new type of atomic force microscope
24 Study finds surface texture of gallium nitride affects cell behavior
25 Crystal clear imaging: Infrared brings to light nanoscale molecular arrangement
26 The pop-up effect: Why buoyant spheres don't always leap out of the water
27 French particle accelerator to embark on 'exotic' quest
28 Supercomputer comes up with a profile of dark matter: Standard Model extension predicts properties of candidate particle
29 New technique for creating NV-doped nanodiamonds may be boost for quantum computing
30 Hot on the heels of quasiparticles
31 Scientists confirm a structural similarity found in both human cells and neutron stars
32 Purple bacteria shine path to super-efficient light harvesting
33 Researchers find way to increase scanning speed
34 Researcher explore balance between coherence and control with simple but complete platform for quantum processing
35 Physicists induce superconductivity in non-superconducting materials
36 Weakness is good...when controlling light
37 Physicists leapfrog accelerators with ultrahigh energy cosmic rays
38 Researchers bring eyewear-free 3D capabilities to small screen
39 Mystery of tropical human parasite swimming solved
40 Team heats up exotic topological insulators
41 Where is my mind? New study looks for the cortical conscious network
42 Artificial muscles show more flex
43 Researchers surprised at the unexpected hardness of gallium nitride
44 Changing semiconductor properties at room temperature
45 Raising temperature changes an element's electronic 'topology'
46 Novel light sources made of 2-D materials
47 Physicists make it possible to 3-D print your own baby universe
48 Bubble nucleus discovered
49 Shocks in the early universe could be detectable today
50 Weak atomic bond, theorized 14 years ago, observed for first time
51 Altered bacterial behavior in space may result from reduced extracellular transport
52 Close galactic encounter leaves 'nearly naked' supermassive black hole
53 NASA completes Webb Telescope Center of Curvature pre-test
54 Pillars of destruction: Colourful Carina Nebula blasted by brilliant nearby stars
55 Astrophysicists conduct very high energy studies of a highly extended pulsar wind nebula
56 New study reveals relationships between chemicals found on comets
57 Japan rocket with manga art launches satellite into space
58 New instrument could search for signatures of life on Mars
59 New theory explains how the moon got there
60 Image: Hubble admires a youthful globular star cluster
61 Titan features steep, liquid-filled canyons
62 Swarm reveals why GPS satellites lose track over the equator between Africa and South America
63 Hypervariable galactic nuclei
64 US, Russian, Japanese astronauts return from ISS
65 SpaceX closer to understanding rocket explosion at pad
66 Gaia spies two temporarily magnified stars
67 Relax, the expansion of the universe is still accelerating
68 More than 15,000 near-Earth objects and counting
69 New Horizons returns last bits of 2015 flyby data to Earth
70 How planets like Jupiter form
71 NASA missions harvest a passel of 'pumpkin' stars
72 Detailed images of Schiaparelli and its descent hardware on Mars
73 Research helps explain formation of ringed crater on the moon
74 A dead star's ghostly glow
75 The oldest star cluster in Tarantula Nebula even older than previously thought, study finds
76 Fuel from sewage is the future--and it's closer than you think
77 US average fuel economy at record high of 24.8 mpg
78 New 'digital life' initiative aims to create 3-D models of all living creatures
79 3-D-printed permanent magnets outperform conventional versions, conserve rare materials
80 Renewable energy--not always sustainable
81 Making energy-harvesting computers reliable
82 Israel firm wants super-efficient engine to power car revolution
83 Apple adds keyboard touch functions to Mac in major refresh
84 Learning Morse code without trying
85 For the first time, brain surface stimulation provides 'touch' feedback to direct movement
86 Microsoft aims at Apple with high-end PCs, 3D software
87 You are less anonymous on the web than you think--much less
88 Making it easier to collaborate on code
89 Google adds digital whiteboard to expanding device lineup
90 Dutch unveil giant vacuum to clean outside air
91 Bio-inspired lower-limb 'wearing robotic exoskeleton' for human gait rehab
92 Driverless truck from Uber's Otto makes Colorado beer delivery
93 IEA hikes green energy forecast after 'turning point' year
94 Blurring effect comes to iPhone 7 Plus with software update
95 3-D-printed organ-on-a-chip with integrated sensors
96 AI predicts outcomes of human rights trials
97 AT&T buying HBO and CNN owner Time Warner for $85.4 billion
98 Ongoing cyber attack hits Twitter, Amazon, other top websites (Update)
99 3-D printing and origami techniques combined in development of self-folding medical implants
100 Scientists explore use of 3-D printing to speed up target production for testing material strength
101 Lithium ion extraction
102 Chemical delivery array with millisecond neurotransmitter release developed
103 Antimicrobial peptides can kill strains resistant to existing antibiotics
104 Intestinal cells 'remodel' in response to a fatty meal
105 On the origin of life: Studying how the first biomolecule self-replicated
106 Carbon-carbon bond formation at selective aliphatic carbon sites
107 Scientists develop new toolkit for exploring protein biology
108 New discovery could help oral medicines work better
109 Creating a slippery slope on the surface of medical implants
110 New technology takes a nucleotide-resolution snapshot of RNA folding during synthesis