File Title
1 Data indicate significant impact of NIH African bioethics training programs
2 Study reveals the brain regulates social behavior differently in males and females
3 CU Boulder: A new window on mitochondria division
4 Balancing time & space in the brain: New model holds promise for predicting brain dynamics
5 Millions of loci from a thousand plant transcriptomes
6 New method for performing aortic valve replacement proves successful in high risk patients
7 Spooky new fungal disease on southern golf courses unmasked
8 New study suggests way to slow skin fibrosis in scleroderma
9 Coherence vs. control
10 Delayed gratification associated with fast food frequency
11 Two genes linked to postpartum immunity revival in women with persistent hepatitis C
12 Study links athletic performance to mortality
13 TCT 2016 first reports examine potential for novel bioresorbable stent technologies
14 Zika infection damages mouse testes, NIAID-Supported study finds
15 Watching RNA fold
16 In communicating wildlife conservation, focus on the right message
17 Your vacay photo social media posts help science says Utah State University researcher
18 Getting into the flow: Sexual pleasure is a kind of trance
19 UC researchers affirm diet can impact migraines
20 Study: West Coast record low snowpack in 2015 influenced by high temperatures
21 Aerial surveys of elephants and other mammals may underestimate numbers
22 Penn Dental team tweaks DNA to improve plant-based medicines
23 UCI study finds acupuncture lowers hypertension by activating natural opioids
24 Social media proves effective as a tool for antimicrobial stewardship
25 Disparities in postop readmission may be reduced by improving nurse-to-patient staffing
26 Penn study shows how some intestinal cells resist chemotherapy and radiation
27 Making every cell matter
28 IU study finds slight shift in attitudes toward bisexuals, from negative to neutral
29 Potential target identified for preventing long-term effects of traumatic brain injury
30 Weakness is good...when controlling light
31 FRET-FLIM optimization shows activity of two signaling molecules in single dendritic spine
32 Jumping spiders can hear sound without eardrums
33 The French-Canadian connection
34 Physicists leapfrog accelerators with ultrahigh energy cosmic rays
35 Study shows link between mitochondrial DNA and autism
36 Physicists induce superconductivity in non-superconducting materials
37 Complete sanitation of robotic surgical instruments virtually impossible
38 Underwater mushrooms: Curious lake fungi under every turned over stone
39 Model expands landscape for signaling protein mutations
40 Three-year results from the EXCEL trial presented at TCT 2016 and published in NEJM
41 Wild cat brains: An evolutionary curveball
42 Silencing SIRT2, a sirtuin enzyme, reduces malignancy in deadly breast cancer subtype
43 Does the mother know her child the best?
44 Artificial muscles show more flex
45 Eric Garner video shapes New Yorkers' support for police accountability: Study
46 Chinese medical education rising unevenly from Cultural Revolution rubble
47 Where is my mind?
48 A common heart problem caused by cancer therapy avoided blood vessel treatment
49 How the fruit fly's brain knows where the fruit fly's going
50 Understanding the fascinating interaction between bone and brain
51 How pygmy moths started to diversify 100 million years ago
52 Scientists identify missing link between smoking and inflammation
53 Vaccinating against dengue may increase Zika outbreaks
54 Few children born to parents with serious mental illness live with both parents while growing up
55 Bedtime use of media devices more than doubles risk of poor sleep in children
56 Cell extrusion mechanisms
57 Bedtime use of media devices more than doubles the risk of poor sleep in children
58 Mystery solved behind birth of Saturn's rings
59 Fossils reveal approaching relocation of plants on Earth
60 Researchers nearly reached quantum limit with nanodrums
61 Rett Syndrome study finds mechanisms underlying its visual deficits
62 Screening drugs to kill cancer cells in their safe spaces
63 Researchers bring eyewear-free 3-D capabilities to small screen
64 Online program reduces neurological symptoms linked to chemotherapy in cancer patients
65 UBC researchers create new method to classify dangerous sex offenders
66 Understanding mind-wandering could shed light on mental illness: UBC research
67 New UTSA study shows how the US can avoid a debt disaster
68 Drones take off in plant ecological research
69 Satellites help scientists see forests for the trees amid climate change
70 Researchers reveal genomic landscape of core-binding factor acute myeloid leukemia
71 Thinking of loved ones lessens our need to 'reconnect' through anthropomorphism
72 Missing link between hemolysis and infection found
73 Twelve DNA areas 'linked with the age at which we have our first child and family size'
74 Mystery of tropical human parasite swimming solved by Stanford researchers
75 Researchers watch in 3-D as neurons talk to each other in a living mouse brain
76 Novel, nonsurgical approach helps adolescent athletes with vocal cord dysfunction
77 Are bedtime access, use of portable devices associated with poor sleep?
78 Hospitalizations for children, teens attributed to opioid poisoning jump
79 New theory explains how the moon got there
80 Key protein implicated in negative side effects of senescence
81 Zika infection causes reduced fertility, low testosterone in male mice
82 Stents, bypass surgery equally safe and effective for many with left main heart disease
83 Sudden cardiac death of teen reminds physicians of precision medicine
84 NIST collaboration heats up exotic topological insulators
85 Current system unlikely to pick up surgeons with above average patient death rates
86 PCSK9 inhibitors reduce lipoprotein (a) production
87 Raising 'good cholesterol' not as effective as lowering 'bad cholesterol'
88 Nanobionic spinach plants can detect explosives
89 To treat or not to treat (to target) in gout
90 White coat hypertension may indicate risk for heart disease in some people
91 Scientists show how mutation causes incurable premature aging disease
92 Making sense of the seneses: 'Context' matters when the brain interprets sounds
93 Live long and...Facebook?
94 Archaeological evidence at major risk in wetlands
95 CAS and Clarivate Analytics collaborate on identifying hottest, emerging fields in sci-research
96 DNA damage response links short telomeres, heart disorder in Duchenne muscular dystrophy
97 First study to link antibiotic resistance with exposure to the disinfectant chlorhexidine
98 Recreational, commuter biking linked to lower cardiovascular disease risk
99 American College of Physicians releases clinical practice guidelines for acute gout
100 ACP releases clinical practice guidelines for acute gout [et al.]
101 Canada's health accord must prioritize system innovation
102 Study reveals that adrenergic nerves control immune cells' daily schedule
103 Telemedicine, in addition to clinical care, may help manage diabetes
104 Some Los Angeles earthquakes possibly triggered by oil production in early 20th century
105 Advancing our understanding of how the disease lupus is prevented in healthy individuals
106 Most British scientists cited in study feel Richard Dawkins' work misrepresents science
107 The more connected we feel to others, the more socially responsible we are
108 DNA methylation affects superiority of hybrid plants
109 Research finds enzymes essential for DNA repair
110 UNIST unveils the genomic mechanism of African clawed frogs