File Title
1 Nobel Prize Honors 3 Chemists for Creating World's Smallest Machines
2 Can Humans Live Past 125? Probably Not, Research Suggests
3 ALERT: Global Methane Emissions 110 Percent Higher than Previously Thought
4 Male Orca Found Dead in Canadian Waters Most Likely Died Due to Human Error
5 Leonardo DiCaprio's Documentary 'Before the Flood' Discusses Climate Change
6 MIT Develops New Wet Suits Inspired by Otter Pelts
7 Zika Virus Update: Researchers Found Increasing Evidence Linking Zika and Rare Nerve Disorder in Adults
8 Tarsiers and Humans are Distant Cousins, Study Suggests
9 Discovery of Ancient Roman Bullets Reveals Clues of 1800-Year-Old Battle
10 Proof of Time Travel? Hieroglyphs Show Ancient Egyptians Use Electricity 4000 Years Ago
11 Another Earth: Why Exoplanet Proxima B Could Support Alien Life
12 Human-Induced Climate Change to Blame for the Increasing Forest Fire in the US
13 Rare, Highly Venomous Sea Snake Found in Iranian Coastal Waters
14 Ancient Footprints in Africa's Mountain of God Reveal Story of Human Life 5000 to 19000 Years Ago
15 Uranium-dating Through Deep Sea Corals Deposits a Useful Reference on Northern Glacial Retreat
16 Silkworms Can Now Produce 'Spiderman-like' Super Silk by Eating Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene
17 Scientists Create Lab-Grown Human Brains that Could Think and Feel
18 Amazing Discovery: Scientists Identify New Species of Extinct Armored Fish
19 Scientists Baffled by Mammal-like Teeth of Newly Discovered Crocodile-Relative
20 Ancient Fossilized Leaves Link Shrinking Antarctic Ice Sheets to Increased Carbon Dioxide Concentration
21 Southwest America Most Likely to Suffer from Megadrought as Average Temperature Rises
22 Proxima Centauri Might be More Similar to Our Sun than Previously Thought
23 Sad News: 800 Sea Turtle Nests Destroyed by Hurricane Matthew
24 Breakthrough: Brain-Controlled Robotic Arm Helps Paralyzed Man to Feel Again
25 Defenders of the Earth: 'Asgardia' is the First Space Nation
26 Terracotta Army: This Shocking New Discovery Could Rewrite Chinese History
27 Batman, Superman or Wolverine? This is the Strongest Superhero According to Science
28 WARNING: Calcium Supplements Might Actually Damage Your Heart
29 About 9000 Square Kilometers of Forestland in Brazil Lost to Deforestation
30 WARNING: Too Much Marijuana Could Lead to Reduced Bone Density, More Prone to Fractures
31 Lucky Accident: Researchers Discover Jumping Spider's Ability to "Hear" Sounds from Over 3 Meters Away
32 Zika Update: People Infected with Zika VIrus Might be Immune to Reinfection
33 Water Transport May Lead to Unpredictable 'New' Marine Species, Evolutionary Consequences
34 Amazing Discovery: Why this New Plant Species is Baffling Japanese Scientists
35 Astronomers Observe Possible Formation of Uranus-Like Planet
36 More than 50 Percent of American Adults Under Stress Due to 2016 Presidential Election
37 Biodiversity Fights Off Pestilences, Experts Encourage Multicropping in Farms
38 Science Confirmed: Tomatoes Lose Their Flavor When Refrigerated--Here's Why
39 High BMI May Negatively Affect Brain Function
40 Strange Discovery: Cave Paintings, Ancient DNA Confirm Extinct Hybrid Species Between Cows and Bison
41 Scientists Discover New Species of Termites After 100 Years
42 Amazing Discovery: New Species of Cretaceous Dinosaur Found in Australia
43 Unfortunate Timing: Waning Gibbous Moon Could Hinder Optimal View of Orionid Meteor Shower
44 Eureka! Scientists Accidentally Discover How to Directly Convert CO2 to Ethanol
45 Shocking Discovery: Human Jaws Could be Traced Back to Ancient Armored Fish
46 LOOK: Photos of Rare and Stunning 'Moonbow' Captured
47 Fossilized Jaw in Tanzania is the Oldest Evidence of a Right Handed Homo Habilis
48 Medicine Nobel Prize goes to discovery of how our cells recycle
49 Superfast spinning stars cause strangest weather in the universe
50 China plans world's biggest spaceplane to carry 20 tourists
51 Men are more violent when there are more women around
52 Artificial killer cells mimic life as they wipe out opponents
53 Giant hidden Jupiters may explain lonely planet systems
54 Endangered frog recovers thanks to resistance to deadly fungus
55 Physics Nobel goes to discoverers of world of stranger things
56 Are smart toys spying on kids and stealing their imagination?
57 Pangolins and parrots protected--lions and elephants lose out
58 Super-dim galaxy may be one of hundreds orbiting the Milky Way
59 Weird orange crocodiles found gorging on bats in Gabon's caves
60 Chemistry Nobel Prize goes to invention of molecular machines
61 Yahoo 'secretly scanned emails for a US government agency'
62 Don't let rift between generations spark a toxic era of ageism
63 Why men should ignore Ben Stiller's call for cancer test
64 Cutting overseas students and skilled migrants will only harm UK
65 North Korea's nukes are nearly ready for launch. Now what?
66 115 might be as old as we can get thanks to our bodies' limits
67 Don't worry, bee happy: Bees found to have emotions and moods
68 Mars-like ice rediscovered in Hawaii volcano, but might not last
69 Print stuff on the go with just your phone and a pen
70 Children with fatal muscle disease walk after drug breakthrough
71 Basic common sense is key to building more intelligent machines
72 Endangered frog recovers thanks to resistance to deadly fungus
73 Blue Origins in-flight escape system set for test launch
74 First 'baby dragons' hatched in captivity reach adolescence
75 Pangolins and parrots protected--lions and elephants lose out
76 Rosetta lands on 67P in grand finale to two year comet mission
77 Physics and medicine Nobel prizes announced
78 Fossil fuel methane emissions are twice what is being reported
79 Blue Origin test of escape system for space tourists a success
80 Auto 'finprinting' identifies individual sharks as they migrate
81 Thousands of animals flock to annual party hosted by starlings
82 Male fertility treatment seems to pass infertility on to sons
83 First farm to grow veg in a desert using only sun and seawater
84 There's no good reason to go ahead with fracking in the UK
85 Flower hijacks the fragrance of attacked bees to imprison flies
86 How brain cells move through newborn babies' brains
87 Chimps, bonobos and orangutans grasp how others view the world
88 Algorithmic trading could be to blame for pound's 'flash crash'
89 Failed hunt for Proxima b's star transit leaves us in the dark
90 Anti-GM views might just triumph in India--here's why
91 Why scary clowns are threatening people all around the world
92 Spider spotted chaining wild crayfish with silk before devouring
93 No evidence that plant-based alternatives to HRT actually work
94 Ancient Andes glaciers have lost half their ice in just 40 years
95 Softening surfaces stops liquids from splashing when they hit
96 Abolishing locked psychiatric wards could put patients at risk
97 Exclusive: '3-parent' baby method already used for infertility
98 How much water should you drink a day? Your throat will tell you
99 Snake fools attackers by changing its eyes to look like a viper
100 Why shows like Westworld only show dark side of our robot future
101 Disco-ball sail propelled by laser could fly to a nearby star
102 Young ovaries rejuvenate older mice and extend their lifespan
103 US presidential candidates being let off hook on climate change
104 Weird binary system spotted with three rings around two stars
105 Greater equality in science will take more than Ada Lovelace Day
106 Virus steals black widow poison gene to help it attack
107 Dementia risk linked to air pollution and lack of vitamin D
108 The games that feel more like watching Twin Peaks than playing
109 Could plan for new 'nation in space' on a satellite take off?
110 Exploding Samsung phone shows how risky lithium batteries can be