File Title
1 Japan's Mount Aso volcano erupts
2 Mexico evacuates hundreds as volcano spews lava
3 Tourists flee volcano at popular Indonesia hiking spot
4 Magma build-up at Japanese volcano poses growing threat
5 A look inside volcanic flows
6 One vent just isn't enough for some volcanoes
7 Safety a concern as crowds visit ocean entry lava flow in Hawaii
8 Magma-limestone interaction can trigger explosive volcanic eruptions
9 Volcanic eruptions in Indonesia hit air travel
10 Volcano spews ash on Mexico City
11 Distant volcanic eruptions foster saguaro cacti baby booms
12 Tech giants race for edge in artificial intelligence
13 Your next nurse could be a robot
14 QinetiQ, Milrem debut Titan unmanned ground vehicle
15 Robots galore as Asia's biggest tech fair kicks off
16 Tech titans join to study artificial intelligence
17 Omnidirectional mobile robot has just 2 moving parts
18 French-Japanese laboratory to study materials under extreme conditions
19 Nobel Prize in chemistry goes to scientists who made molecular machines
20 Study yields new knowledge about materials for ultrasound and other uses
21 Use of 'large open-ended pipe piles' could lead to lower-cost bridge construction
22 Study investigates steel-eating microbes on ship hulls
23 PPPL researchers test device that analyzes components within a vacuum
24 Ceramic Composites Revolutionize Engine Efficiency
25 Subatomic microscopy key to building new classes of materials
26 Researchers peel back another layer of chemistry with 'tender' X-rays
27 New plastic clothing material could keep people cool
28 New optical material offers unprecedented control of light and thermal radiation
29 Gold from old phones is real prospect thanks to chemical advance
30 Physicists find peculiarities in a material with a giant magnetocaloric effect
31 Feeling the force between sand grains
32 Unraveling the crystal structure of a -70C Celsius superconductor
33 Squid, jellyfish and wrinkled skin inspire materials for anti-glare screens and encryption
34 Researchers watch catalysts at work
35 Scientists count microscopic particles without microscope
36 Nothing--and something--give concrete strength, toughness
37 Towards the T-1000: Liquid metals propel future electronics
38 Putting the pressure on platinum
39 Crystallization frustration predicts metallic glass formation
40 Unlocking the secrets of creeping concrete
41 Flexible building blocks of the future
42 Self-organizing smart materials that mimic swarm behavior
43 Scientists create new thin material that mimics cell membranes
44 Chemists create microscopic and malleable building blocks
45 Learning from the mussel, scientists create a biologically active titanium surface
46 Penn chemists establish fundamentals of ferroelectric materials
47 WSU researchers develop shape-changing 'smart' material
48 A shampoo bottle that empties completely--every last drop
49 Getting a grip on slippery cell membranes
50 Unveiling the distinctive features of a promising industrial microorganism
51 Underlying connection found between diverse materials with extreme magnetoresistance
52 Neutrons reveal unexpected magnetism in rare-earth alloy
53 Oregon chemists build a new, stable open-shell molecule
54 Mixing solids and liquids enhances optical properties of both
55 Squeezing out opal-like colors by the mile
56 New 4D simulation may prevent construction project delays
57 Highly tuned catalytic controls
58 Smallest Transistor Ever
59 More stable qubits in perfectly normal silicon
60 Scientists build world's smallest transistor
61 Rice University researchers say 2-D boron may be best for flexible electronics
62 New protein bridges chemical divide for 'seamless' bioelectronics devices
63 Semiconducting inorganic double helix
64 One-pot synthesis towards sulfur-based organic semiconductors
65 New cost-effective silicon carbide high voltage switch created
66 Wireless 'data center on a chip' aims to cut energy use
67 Researchers discover more efficient way to split water, produce hydrogen
68 Closing in on high-temperature superconductivity
69 Stretchy supercapacitors power wearable electronics
70 Scientists uncover origin of high-temperature superconductivity in copper-oxide compound
71 Down to the wire: ONR researchers and new bacteria
72 Enhanced electron doping on iron superconductors discovered
73 New catalyst for hydrogen production
74 New material could advance superconductivity
75 Electricity generated with water, salt and an ultra thin membrane
76 New ferromagnetic superconductors
77 Solving a cryptic puzzle with a little help from a hologram
78 Scientists closer to creating 3D computer model of a cell
79 Digital photography: The future of small-scale manufacturing
80 Smartphone hacks 3-D printer by measuring 'leaked' energy and acoustic waves
81 Chemists devise revolutionary 3-D bone-scanning technique
82 Super-resolution microscope builds 3-D images by mapping negative space
83 3D skulls from Henry VIII's doomed warship placed online
84 London lab recreates horrors of war with 3D technology
85 3-D-printed structures 'remember' their shapes
86 New approach doubles 3-D resolution of fluorescence microscopy
87 Tailored AFM probes created via 3-D direct laser writing
88 Real and artificially generated 3-D films are nearly impossible to distinguish
89 Chinese scientists develop new metal 3D printing technology
90 Researchers build a crawling robot from sea slug parts and a 3-D printed body
91 Exploring superconducting properties of 3-D printed parts
92 New NIST test bed makes the 'digital thread' accessible
93 Scientists unveil first tetherless hopping robot
94 Motion-directed robots on a micro scale
95 Civil War Cannonballs Uncovered by Hurricane Have Been Detonated
96 What two Oxford archaeologists discovered while flying over ancient Jordan
97 Western contact with China began long before Marco Polo, experts say
98 Scientists map genome of African diaspora in the Americas
99 Lifting the veil on Queen of Sheba's perfume
100 Ancient crossword discovered on wall of basilica in Smyrna
101 Is this ancient shoe the Roman's version of the Adidas Predator football boot? See for yourself
102 Rapid Fire: Ancient Blaze Leveled City in 3 Hours
103 Giant fireball streaks through the night sky. Is that normal?
104 Alien 'megastructure'? Mysteriously dimming star puzzles scientists.
105 Hidden ocean may exist on another of Saturn's moons, say scientists
106 NASA's Martian gardens: What kinds of veggies can we grow on Mars?
107 Are human lifespans still getting longer?
108 How otter pelts are revolutionizing human wetsuits
109 New California fault line: A path to better earthquake models?
110 Tarsier genome offers clues about our oddball primate relative