File Title
1 Physicists create nano-sized device with huge potential in field of quantum computing
2 Color-changing water reflects a rainbow of colors and beyond
3 Artificial intelligence helps in the discovery of new materials
4 Elon Musk unveils plan for Mars 'city' (Update 2)
5 Hubble spots possible water plumes erupting on Jupiter's moon Europa
6 Mercury found to be tectonically active
7 New low-mass objects could help refine planetary evolution
8 Pulsar discovered in an ultraluminous X-ray source
9 Sounding rocket solves one cosmic mystery, reveals another
10 Hubble views a colorful demise of a sun-like star
11 Astronomers image newly discovered comet
12 Rosetta: The end of a space odyssey
13 China begins operating world's largest radio telescope
14 NASA to reveal 'surprising' activity on Jupiter's moon Europa
15 Pluto's 'heart' sheds light on a possible buried ocean
16 Summer fireworks on Rosetta's comet
17 ALMA explores the Hubble Ultra Deep Field
18 Hubble finds planet orbiting pair of stars
19 Acceleration relation found among spiral and irregular galaxies challenges current understanding of dark matter
20 Chemically peculiar star HR8844 could be a hybrid object
21 Galactic fireworks illuminate monster hydrogen blob
22 NASA scientists find 'impossible' cloud on Titan--again
23 Astronomers discover five new Neptune trojans
24 Shedding light on Pluto's glaciers
25 Twin jets pinpoint the heart of an active galaxy
26 Image: Hubble finds a lenticular galaxy standing out in the crowd
27 Migrating exoplanets
28 Hebridean rock provides clue to life on Mars
29 Microsoft teams with Bank of America on 'blockchain'
30 'Missing link' found in the development of bioelectronic medicines
31 Powered for life: Self-charging tag tracks fish as long as they swim
32 Computer engineers boost app speeds by more than nine percent
33 Researchers restore first ever computer music recording
34 California eyes unusual power source: its gridlocked roads
35 MIT's flea market specializes in rare, obscure electronics
36 Indonesia struggles to tap volcano power
37 Snapchat introduces video-catching sunglasses
38 First test of driverless minibus in Paris Saturday
39 Hyperloop pushes dream of low-cost futuristic transport
40 Yahoo hack hit 500 mn users, likely 'state sponsored'
41 Automated screening for childhood communication disorders
42 New version of breakthrough memory management scheme better accommodates commercial chips
43 Wireless signals can detect your feelings with new device
44 Feds preview rules of the road for self-driving cars
45 US moves to regulate self-driving cars
46 Twitter enables longer tweets as part of growth push
47 Holographic imaging and deep learning diagnose malaria
48 Nearly 30 mn diesel cars on EU roads over emissions limit: study
49 Video gamers outdo scientists in contest to discover protein's shape
50 America's first wave-produced power goes online in Hawaii
51 Exec: Most Lyft rides will be in autonomous cars in 5 years
52 US regulators: Official recall of 1M Samsung Note 7 phones
53 New tech promises to boost electric vehicle efficiency, range
54 Scientists uncover secret to gold's catalytic powers
55 An antifouling coating could help clinicians see clearly during endoscope procedures
56 Scientists put a new twist on artificial muscles
57 A rule of chemistry suppressed: Promising new ways to look inside cells, make LEDs
58 Lowering the heat makes new materials possible while saving energy
59 Click and declick of amine and thiol coupling reaction
60 No blood, just sweat and tears for diabetes care
61 Team discovers way to make alane a better hydrogen fuel option for vehicles
62 Cancer stem cells--new method analyzes 10,000 cells at once
63 Plant-made antimicrobial peptide targets dental plaque and gum tissues
64 Chemists find key to manufacturing more efficient solar cells
65 A marriage made in sunlight: Invention merges solar with liquid battery
66 New views of intracellular channel that controls skeletal muscle
67 Team finds fungus-fighting compound
68 Researchers discover a cell in spinach that uses sunlight to produce electricity and hydrogen
69 Coffee-infused foam removes lead from contaminated water
70 New research shows how amyloid beta enters brain cells
71 Inexpensive semiconducting organic polymers can harvest sunlight to split carbon dioxide into alcohol fuels
72 Discovery could lead to safer, cheaper production of amine-boranes
73 Small molecules lead to a big change in reaction outcomes
74 First atomic observation of synthetic fuel production
75 New approach to dynamically tune how a catalyst operates
76 Researchers discover more efficient way to split water, produce hydrogen
77 New method of engineering polymer brush patterns promises to cut down processing time while adding versatility in design
78 Researchers decode metabolic pathway of soil bacterium that thrives on lignin
79 Optimization technique identifies cost-effective biodiversity corridors
80 Consistency builds cohesion in the animal kingdom
81 Analysis of eradicated European strain of malaria parasite offers insight into the history of the disease
82 CRISPR toolbox expanded by protein that cuts RNA in two distinct ways
83 Climate change likely to produce sexier male herbivorous amphipods
84 Tapping evolution to improve biotech products
85 Discovery may benefit farmers worldwide
86 Yeast knockouts peel back secrets of cell protein function
87 How the anthrax toxin forms a deadly 'conveyer belt'
88 Horses found able to use symbols to convey their desire for a blanket
89 How natural selection acted on one penguin species over the past quarter century
90 DNA study offers some hints of cat domestication history
91 Great white sharks and tuna share genetics that makes them super predators
92 Researchers prove fast microbial evolutionary bursts exist
93 A compound that stops cells from making protein factories could lead to new antifungal drugs
94 To produce biopharmaceuticals on demand, just add water
95 Fate of turtles and tortoises affected more by habitat than temperature
96 Landmark map reveals the genetic wiring of cellular life
97 Scientists demonstrating future potential of new insect control traits in agriculture
98 Melatonin, biological clock keep singing fish on time
99 Researchers reveal details about the unique feeding habits of whales
100 Researchers find gene that reduces female mosquitoes
101 Oceanic crab found to change its mating habits based on refuge size
102 Are red imported fire ants all bad?
103 Invasive species may unexpectedly reduce disease prevalence
104 Outrageous heads led to outrageously large dinosaurs
105 Ancient eggshell protein breaks through the DNA time barrier
106 Neanderthal middle ear structure found to be closer to modern human than apes
107 Today's most successful fish weren't always evolutionary standouts
108 Canada confirms Arctic discovery of 200-year-old ship
109 Ancestor of arthropods had the mouth of a penis worm
110 The 17th-century man who was buried face down