File Title
1 Growth Hormone Injections: Uses and Side Effects
2 Female hormone found to fight flu damage
3 Being moved by sadness-evoking music linked to high empathy
4 How Does Alcohol Affect My Blood Sugar Levels?
5 Zika does cause microcephaly, but questions remain
6 Maternal health: Disparities in care quality, access to services a major concern
7 Pokemon Go distracts drivers and pedestrians, causes accidents
8 Walking style may indicate aggressive personality
9 Innovative sound therapy treats hypertension and migraine
10 Deworming drugs could treat deadly C. difficile infection
11 Can omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids improve reading skills?
12 Is it art? If so, we will see it differently, say researchers
13 How does beer impact social tendencies?
14 Asthma diagnosis from saliva test looks promising
15 Heart Attack or Heartburn? Differences Between Types of Chest Pain
16 Men's sex drive could be boosted with light therapy
17 Laughter may boost physical activity, mental health for seniors
18 Link between depression and gestational diabetes works two ways
19 Stretch Mark Removal: Treatments and Home Remedies
20 Heart disease: Could sleep disorders play a role?
21 Receding Gums: Treatment Options and Causes
22 HIV: New, powerful technique finds dormant virus hiding in rare cells
23 Feeding peanut, egg to babies early lowers food allergy risk, review finds
24 Stress erases benefits of eating 'good' fats, study says
25 Smoking may affect DNA for more than 30 years
26 'Obesity gene' does not hinder weight loss
27 Hepatitis C: Signs and Symptoms
28 Tension Headaches: Treatment, Causes, and Symptoms
29 Alzheimer's protein changes shape to enter brain cells
30 Sugar and heart disease: The sour side of industry-funded research
31 Gut bacteria may affect obesity risk in youth
32 Multiple sclerosis: Progression-reduction drug in the pipeline
33 First analysis of 'Sustainable Development Goals' published
34 7 Natural Diuretics to Eat and Drink
35 Cancer: Shutting down fat synthesis in cancer cells stunts tumor growth
36 Oxytocin may intensify spiritual beliefs
37 Curiosity about cigarettes, cigars falling among students
38 Existence of exercise-induced muscle memory challenged
39 Long-term alcohol dependence affects cognitive abilities
40 Anticellulite Creams: Are They Worth Your Money?
41 Unused dental surgery prescriptions may help fuel opioid epidemic
42 ALS could be prevented with technique that halts protein clumping
43 Antidepressant success affected by environmental conditions
44 City design, transport may reduce global burden of disease and injury
45 Hookworm Infection: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment
46 Hormone changes during menstrual cycle alter problem-solving strategies
47 Depression After Abortion: Understanding and Coping
48 Nicotine has the potential to prevent brain aging, study suggests
49 Inflammation turns mitochondria into toxic factories
50 Preterm, low-birth-weight babies more likely for women with hearing loss
51 Alopecia: Hair growth restored with new drug
52 Hormonal Acne: Causes, Types, and Treatment
53 Sauna: What are the Health Benefits?
54 Heart disease: Genetic risk score may help earlier prediction
55 Morning sickness linked to lower risk of pregnancy loss
56 High-zinc diet may raise risk of C. difficile infection
57 Region of body fat affects heart disease risk
58 Roller coasters could help pass kidney stones
59 Respiratory Acidosis: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment
60 What Does It Feel like to Have High Blood Sugar Levels?
61 HIV vaccine steps closer with new insights into broadly neutralizing antibodies
62 Manuka honey could stave off catheter-associated UTIs
63 Are statins the best cholesterol-lowering drug? Study investigates
64 Nanoparticles called C dots show ability to induce cell death in tumors
65 Researchers design wearable microscope that can measure fluorescent dyes through skin
66 Researchers show that bending semiconductors generates electricity
67 Iron nanoparticles make immune cells attack cancer
68 Nanoparticle injections may be future of osteoarthritis treatment
69 3-D nanoprinting to turbocharge microscopes
70 Scientists find twisting 3-D raceway for electrons in nanoscale crystal slices
71 New analysis finds way to safely conduct heat from graphene to biological tissues
72 Scientists purify copper nanowires
73 Stem cell research could lead to treatment breakthroughs
74 Surface-patterned colloidal particles
75 More precise measurements of phosphorene suggest it has advantages over other 2-D materials
76 Detailed molecular structure of silver nanocrystals determined
77 Researchers develop more efficient, reliable means of electrically contacting graphene
78 Study explores thermoelectric screen printing
79 Graphene nanoribbons show promise for healing spinal injuries
80 Fighting cancer with sticky nanoparticles
81 Nanoscale tetrapods could provide early warning of a material's failure
82 Building a wireless micromachine
83 Nano-scale Canadian flag sets world record in lead-up to nation's 150th birthday
84 Seeing silicon crystal transform to amorphous
85 Diamond proves useful material for growing graphene
86 Scientists create resonator with nanoscale features to detect dangerous chemicals in the environment
87 Uniform 'hairy' nanorods have potential energy, biomedical applications
88 Researchers reveal that magnetic 'rust' performs as gold at the nanoscale
89 Creating antimatter via lasers?
90 High-tech future early warning system for hurricanes, tornados and volcanic eruptions
91 Quantum computing advances with control of entanglement
92 Cosmic dust demystified
93 Physicists develop a more sensitive microscope
94 First quantum photonic circuit with an electrically driven light source
95 Quantum computing a step closer to reality
96 Shape-programmable miniscule robots
97 Construction of world's most sensitive dark matter detector moves forward
98 Photons do the twist, and scientists can now measure it
99 Physicists create nanoscale mirror with only 2000 atoms
100 Materials scientists prove 70-year-old tensile deformation prediction
101 Many theories predict existence of magnetic monopoles, but experiments have yet to see them
102 X-ray laser glimpses how electrons dance with atomic nuclei in materials
103 Scientists confirm the universe has no direction
104 Shaping sound waves in 3-D could be useful for medical ultrasound applications
105 Team ahead of the 'curve' in magnetic study
106 'Schroedinger's cat' molecules give rise to exquisitely detailed movies
107 A conscious coupling of magnetic and electric materials
108 Breakthrough in understanding of how things deform
109 Researchers control 'shear-band' defects in manufacturing processes
110 A non-probabilistic quantum theory produces unpredictable results