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1 Omega-3s in Fish Linked to Better Odds of Survival for Colon Cancer Patients
2 Your Beer Label Will Soon Include Calorie Counts, Carbs Info, and More
3 Watermelon Cakes: The Best Healthy Dessert for Your Summer BBQ
4 It Takes an Average of 6 Years to Get a Bipolar Diagnosis
5 After Missing the Olympic Track and Field Team, Keni Harrison Broke a 28-Year-Old Record
6 Why this Fitness Blogger Is Saying #ScrewTheScale
7 14 Celebrity Moms Get Real About Breastfeeding
8 Shannen Doherty Says Her Cancer May Have Spread: "The Unknown Is the Scariest Part"
9 You Won't Believe How Many Steps Are in Kim Kardashian's Eyebrow Routine
10 Anne Hathaway: There Is 'No Shame' in Carrying Baby Weight
11 The Internet Is Going Mad Over These Shower Jellies
12 Halle Berry Just Turned 50, Here's How She Stays So Fit
13 The Underneath We Are Women Photo Series Is a Body Positive Campaign You Can't Miss
14 This 86-Year-Old 'Iron Nun' Is All the Fitspiration You'll Ever Need
15 Iskra Lawrence Photoshopped Her Image to Teach Us a Lesson
16 This Mom's Viral Post Captures Why C-Sections Are Not 'The Easy Way Out'
17 This Lingerie Brand's Latest Campaign Is All About Real Women and Their Amazing Achievements
18 Lauren Conrad Has a New Take on the French Mani
19 Ariel Winter Posts a Reminder to Be Kind Online
20 Simone Biles on Her ADHD: 'It's Nothing that I'm Afraid to Let People Know'
21 Kristen Bell Hilariously Chronicles Her Pre-Emmys Prep--See the Face Mask-Clad 'Grams
22 Brainy Persons May Be Lazier: Study
23 Ancient Stone Tools Give Clues of the 'Real Paleo Diet'
24 Ask a 400-Year-Old Shark About the Secrets of Aging
25 Planet Venus May Have Been Habitable, Suggests New NASA Model
26 Weird Trans-Neptunian Object May Reveal Solar System Mystery
27 Suntanning Is Due to Intergalactic Radiation: Study
28 Newly Discovered Mysterious Planet Orbits Sun in Opposite Direction
29 Bananas May Become Extinct in 5 Years
30 Hibernating Star Explosion Witnessed for the First Time, Study Reveals Major Details About Classical Nova Eruption
31 Next Year Is Likely to Be Cooler After a Searing 2016
32 NASA Launch To Sample Killer Asteroid Bennu [Video]
33 There Is Life and Consciousness Even After Death, Discover Scientists [Video]
34 Satellite Images Can Predict Poverty [Video]
35 Live Footage Of Baby Born In Amniotic Sac Goes Viral [Video]
36 What Was Otzi Wearing When He Was Murdered 5,300 Years Ago?
37 Meet the Oldest European Living Legend that Is Just 1,075 Years Young
38 Coast-to-Coast Great American Total Solar Eclipse 2017: Where and How to See It?
39 Just Wait Till the 'Great American Eclipse' Hits
40 Arctic Ice Melt Seems to Be a 'New Normal': NASA
41 Mars Looks a Lot like the US Southwest
42 Extinct 'micro lion' named after Sir David Attenborough
43 After 2 years, NASA spacecraft breaks silence
44 Newly Found Galaxy, Dragonfly 44, Is Made Up of Mostly Dark Matter
45 Newly Discovered planet 4.2 Light Years Away May Harbor Life
46 NASA's Juno gets closer to Jupiter
47 Blue Lakes Appearing in Antarctica Look Beautiful, but Are Very Bad News
48 A Toucan Was Battered but Survived with a 3D Replacement Beak
49 New Trapdoor Spider Species Has Fangs
50 Strong signal may prove alien's existence
51 Dogs Process Words and Tone Just like Humans
52 Extreme objects associated with Planet Nine found
53 NASA plans to study sample asteroid material to gather clues to origin of life on Earth
54 NASA's Juno spacecraft makes its first, closest flyby to tease Jupiter
55 Maya Astronomers Recorded Sophisticated Documents Centuries Before Copernicus
56 Life Might Be More than 3.7 Billion Years Old
57 Remember--Less Sleep Makes You Forget More
58 New drug shows promising result vs. Alzheimer disease
59 NASA discovers record-breaking galaxy cluster at important stage of formation
60 'Alien' signal traced
61 Wear These Plastic Clothes to Keep Your Body Air-Conditioned
62 Discovered: The Source of the Amazing Alien Signals
63 NASA Locates Remotest, Just-Born Galaxy Cluster [Video]
64 Do UFOs 'Spotted' Over Space Station Hint that Aliens Remote-Control Our Satellite? [Video]
65 Will Planet 9 Destroy Our Dear Solar System?
66 Absolutely, There Is Life Somewhere Else: Astronaut
67 Did UFO Anti-Facebook Aliens Cause SpaceX Explosion?
68 World's Largest Ape Might Be Wiped Out
69 Study: Mango can appease chocolate crisis
70 Scientists decode Eta Carinae and the story of its strange cosmic eruptions
71 NASA Shoots Rare 'Double Eclipse' With The Earth And Moon Blocking The Sun [Video]
72 Exciting Images From Juno Show Different Faces Of Jupiter [Video]
73 UFO Sightings 2016: NASA ISS feed in trouble after alleged spaceship coverup?
74 Source of Mysterious Alien Signal Revealed; Not Alien, it is Soviet Military Satellite
75 NASA Finds Ice Volcanoes on Ceres Asteroid, Which May Host Life
76 Huge solar storm hit us unnoticed 157 years ago; if it strikes super-tech Earth, it can wipe us out
77 Did World's First Face Transplant Kill Isabelle Dinoire?
78 UFO Sighting 2016: UFO attack on ISIS, SpaceX; Have aliens already invaded Earth?
79 UFO sightings, cattle mutilations prove that aliens are already here: Author
80 Health benefits of coffee
81 Scientists discover 'Galactic fossil' of early Milky Way, called 'Terzan 5'
82 A simple stress leads to death
83 Marijuana is good for the health
84 NASA's OSIRIS-REx launches new asteroid mission to find clues to solar system formation
85 Was Obama honored to share his name with a parasite?
86 Aliens are all around us: NASA astronaut
87 UFO sighting: Eerie, alien object in the clouds filmed [Video]
88 UFO-hunting unit of UK, has Pentagon's interest hooked, reveals reports
89 Dolphins can speak in full sentences: Study
90 The biggest mystery of physics solved? 'Madala Boson' can unlock the secrets of dark matter
91 Is that an 'Alien' base on the Moon? [Video]
92 SpaceX future doomed, thanks to Falcon 9 explosion
93 UFO Sighting: Man snaps disc-shaped object that flies, splits into three and then joins again
94 Why Aliens and ETs have not contacted us: NASA
95 NASA scientists believe aliens, humans share the Universe after discovery of Earth-like planet Proxima B
96 LED light can grow marijuana, says NASA scientist
97 UFO Sightings 2016: Washington observes UFO with 'fins,' UFO hunters see 'burning' alien ships
98 Three Earth-like planets offer more promise of life than Proxima B
99 UFO sighting: Star War-type spaceship proves '100 percent that UFOs hide in clouds' [Video]
100 Hawaiian crows can use tools just like humans: Study [Video]
101 Obesity can improve chances of surviving cancer
102 Rare mammoth skull discovered intact in California
103 NASA's Cassini spacecraft is at its grand and final year in Saturn
104 Aliens are everywhere and may destroy the Earth: NASA astronaut, who spent 230 days in space
105 Great mass extinction happening now on marine animals; blamed on human activity
106 Earth is not ready for a destructive asteroid strike, says White House science adviser
107 Japan's Sakurajima volcano due for major explosion
108 Pluto, its largest moon Charon could be twin planet
109 NASA and DARPA X-Planes: Faster than speed of sound
110 You may not be Scorpio, but Oppiuchus; NASA changes the zodiac chart and adds a new sign