File Title
1 Adults Usually Can't Catch Kids in a Lie
2 Chambers Hidden in Great Pyramid? Scientists Cast Doubt
3 Bendable Battery May Power Future Wearable Devices, Smartphones
4 Rare, Neolithic 'Goddess' Figurine Discovered in Turkey
5 Model Contracts Eye Infection from 'Dirty' Makeup Brush
6 Unusual Cluster of Gigantism in Ireland Traced to Ancient Gene
7 European Mars Lander Separates from Mothership, Takes Aim at Red Planet
8 Mothers' Obesity Linked with Biologically 'Older' Newborns
9 Orbital ATK's Antares Rocket Returns to Flight with Gorgeous Night Cargo Launch
10 New Anti-Inflammatory Drugs May Help Treat Depression
11 Left at the 1st Neuron: Project Will Map Every Human Cell
12 Did UNESCO Deny that the Temple Mount Had Jewish Temples?
13 Healthy Baby Mice Produced from Mouse Mom's Skin Cells
14 Landmark Climate Treaty Could Be in Jeopardy: Here's Why
15 The Surprising Reason Some Foods May Trigger Migraines
16 Leonardo DiCaprio's 'Captain Planet' Movie Will Focus on Earth's Grim Fate
17 Placebo Pills May Help with Back Pain
18 Too Hot to Handle? Ghost Pepper Leads to Torn Esophagus
19 Mysterious Bison Hybrid Revealed from Ancient DNA and Cave Paintings
20 Streak of Record-Breaking Hot Months Breaks Record
21 Eels Consume Their Own Bones to Survive Migration
22 The Benefits of Medical Marijuana: Experts Weigh In
23 Reference: History of Halloween
24 Hot Flash Genes? Symptom Linked to DNA Variation
25 3D-Printed Gadget Lets Kids Turn Smartphone into Microscope
26 Embryo Fish Face, Cow Dung & Beetle Feet Win Small World Photo Contest
27 Monkeys Break Rocks, Show Humans Aren't So Special
28 Two Faults 'Holding Hands' Could Trigger Big Earthquakes in California
29 Suspense on Mars as Europe Awaits Signal from Lander
30 Heavy Marijuana Use May Be Bad for Your Bones
31 How Hot Is Lightning?
32 No Highs or Lows: Marijuana Use Holds Steady in Teens, Young Adults
33 Millennials Fall for More Tech Scams than Their Grandparents
34 Denali Dinos: Ancient Bones Are First of Their Kind in National Park
35 Rich People Really Do Ignore You When They Walk By
36 Should Marijuana Be Legal? 60 Percent of Americans Now Say Yes
37 500 'Champagne' Methane Seeps Discovered Off Pacific Coast
38 The Most and Least Empathetic Countries in the World
39 Are You Ready for a Computer that Reads Your Mind?
40 Wide-Hipped Dinosaur the Size of a Bus Once Trod Across Australia
41 Europe Lost Contact with Mars Lander 1 Minute Before Touchdown
42 'Planet Nine' Can't Hide Much Longer, Scientists Say
43 How Your Ancestry Influences the Inflammation in Your Body
44 Britain Will Pardon Thousands of Gay and Bisexual Men
45 Fact-Checking Trump: Can Abortions Really Happen on the 'Final Day' of Pregnancy?
46 Beautiful Earth Visualization Shows the World's Weather in Motion
47 Oxygen Shift May Be Key to Resetting Biological Clock
48 Beware of These Risks When Sharing Photos of Your Kids on Facebook
49 How a DDoS Cyberattack Caused Widespread Internet Outage
50 RIP, Schiaparelli: European Mars Lander's Crash Site Seen by NASA Probe
51 Venomous Snake Bites on the Rise in Kids
52 'Unprecedented' Twin Avalanches Puzzle Glaciologists
53 Why Are Thousands of 'Scrotum Frogs' Dying Off in South America?
54 High-Potency Pot Doubles Risk of Marijuana Dependence
55 Meet Snooty: The World's Oldest Manatee Living in Captivity
56 Amazing Discovery: Researchers Found 2,000-Year-Old Skeleton in Ancient Antikythera Shipwreck
57 NASA Plans to Send Cassini to Unexplored Space for its Final Year
58 ALERT: CDC Found No Change in Antibiotic Use in Hospitals in Recent Years
59 Science Confirmed! Drinking Beer Makes People Happier, Friendlier
60 Record-Breaking Particle Teleportations Make Quantum Internet Closer to Reality
61 Scientists Discover the Secret Behind Water Bear's Indestructibility, Radiation Resistance
62 Your Genes Might be the Reason for Your Loneliness, Study Suggests
63 Scientists Measure Metastasis Diversity to Predict Ovarian Cancer Survival
64 Chemical Found in Tobacco Products Could Protect Aging Brain, Study Suggests
65 Witchcraft or Paranoia? Unraveling the Curious Case of the Salem Witch Trials
66 Pediatric Health: Codeine Use Could Have Life-Threatening Complications in Children
67 All Humans Originated from a Single Population from Africa, DNA Study Suggests
68 N/A
69 Rusty Patched Bumble Bee to be Listed as Endangered Species
70 Swedish Scientist Edits DNA of Healthy Human Embryo Amidst Safety, Ethical Concerns
71 Dino Look-Alike? Researchers Identify Strange Species of Extinct Reptile Predating Dinosaurs
72 Wonders of Nature: The Secret Behind the Singing Fish Mystery
73 Scientists Develop New Method to Prevent Man-Made Earthquakes Caused by Fracking
74 Scientists Unlock Secrets of 1700-Year-Old Biblical En-Gedi Scroll from the Dead Sea
75 Secrets Behind Otzi the Iceman's Murder Unlocked; Mummy's Copper Axe Came from Italy
76 Ophiuchus: Fast Facts on the 'Abandoned' 13th Sign of Zodiac
77 Skin Proteins from Ancient Egyptian Mummies Reveal Deadly, Infectious Diseases
78 About 800,000 Americans at Risk from Soon-to-be Untreatable Gonorrhea
79 Hyperloop: Elon Musk's Idea of High-Speed Futuristic Transport via Tubes Soon to Be a Reality?
80 Piezoelectric Crystals: California Taps on Unusual Power Source from Heavy Traffic
81 Watch: This Car Turns into a Real-Life Transformer
82 No More Bad Mornings: Controversial Drug Advisor to Develop Hangover-Free Alcohol
83 Vatican Set New Rules in Confirming Healing Miracles for Scientific, Accountability Reasons
84 Self-Driving Cars to Change the Future of Travel
85 Cats Conquered the World Through the Seas, DNA Study Suggests
86 Researchers Explain Mechanism Behind Brain Stimulation Using Electricity
87 Listen: Enchanting 'Oldest Melody' Discovered in Syria
88 Artificial Blood Vessels Could Save Children with Heart Defects
89 World's First Baby Born Using Controversial 'Three-Parent' Technique
90 Space Capsules, Vintage Electronics for Sale! MIT's Flea Market Has Finds You Wouldn't Believe
91 Why the First Baby Born with 3 Genetic Parents is a Breakthrough in Modern Parenting
92 Decline in Earth's Oxygen Caused by Fossil Fuels, Experts Suggest
93 Good News for Diabetics: FDA Approves First-Ever 'Artificial Pancreas'
94 Scientists Develop New Type of Artificial Bone Using 3D Printer
95 Roman Coins Discovered in Japanese Castle, Archaeologists Left Baffled
96 New Theory on Origin of Life on Earth Questions 'RNA World' Hypothesis
97 New Shape-Shifting Material Could Make Next-Generation Medical Implants
98 What Happened to Amelia Earhart? New Evidence Proves She Survived for Months, Did Not Die of Plane Crash
99 Want to Stand Out? Study Says Hanging Out with Your Unattractive Friend Boosts Your Looks
100 Rare 'Baby Dragons' Hatched in Ancient Slovenia Cave are All Grown Up
101 Rare Discovery: Fossilized Teeth Lead to Identification of New Extinct Giant Shark Species
102 LOOK: Rare Lightning Sprites Illuminate the Sky Over Hurricane Matthew
103 The Truth Behind the 'Real' Robinson Crusoe
104 Breakthrough HIV Treatment May Have Cured British Man
105 Golden Lotus: The True Story Behind the Persistent Foot Binding in China
106 How 2016 Nobel Prize Winner Yoshinori Oshumi Revolutionizes Medical Research
107 BEWARE: Flint Residents Face Shigellosis Due to Fear of Lead-Contaminated Waters
108 3 Scientists Win Nobel Prize in Physics for Studying 'Strange' States of Matter
109 Warming Ocean Forces Coral Reef Fish to Relocate to Cooler Waters
110 This Baby Robot from Toyota is Designed to Comfort Japan's Childless Population