File Title
1 Scientists work out method to create unique polymeric membranes with carbon nanotubes
2 Shadows reveal how insects walk on water
3 Nitrogen-15 isotope can trigger asymmetric autocatalytic reactions toward chiral organic compounds
4 Making new functional polymers for 3-D printers
5 'Bolt of lightning' captures development of block copolymer
6 Portable smartphone laboratory detects cancer
7 When it comes to polymer fragility, size does matter
8 Better, stronger: Polymer breakthrough to improve things we use everyday
9 A better battery: One-time pollutant may become valued product to aid wind, solar energy
10 Chameleonic properties make large molecules into possible drugs
11 'Radical' new approach to connecting carbon atoms: Novel pathway bypasses need for reactive functional groups
12 Genetic algorithm can rapidly pinpoint top candidates for pre-combustion carbon capture
13 Using light to move electrons and protons
14 Biocompatible fibers could use light to stimulate cells or sense signs of disease
15 Climate change impairs survival instincts of fish and can make them swim towards predators
16 Researchers find new way to attack gastro bug
17 Characterizing the mechanical properties of biomolecules
18 A moving story of FHL2 and forces
19 Correctly packaging the complete yeast genome using purified components in the test-tube
20 Ultrastructure of a condensed chromosome-like structure in a cyanobacterium
21 Uncertainty about your social rank might be bad for your health
22 'Mean girl' meerkats can make twice as much testosterone as males
23 Ancient proteins shown to control plant growth
24 At molecular level, evolutionary change is unpredictable
25 Mathematical analysis reveals architecture of the human genome
26 Turning biofuel waste into wealth in a single step
27 Researchers find genetic change that caused snakes to lose legs
28 How human eggs end up with the wrong number of chromosomes
29 Europeans and Africans have different immune systems, and Neanderthals are partly to thank
30 How snakes lost a blueprint for making limbs
31 Blast of thin air can reset circadian clocks
32 Chemical tags affect ability of RNA viruses to infect cells
33 Tobacco plants engineered to manufacture high yields of malaria drug
34 Male mice model human speech defect (w/ Video)
35 Amazonian frog has its own ant repellent
36 Newly characterized protein interaction may help in search for new cancer-fighting drugs
37 Scientists can listen to proteins by turning data into music
38 Strong, steady forces at work during cell division
39 Research delivers ground-breaking insights into evolution by studying transcription termination in archaea
40 A weird combination of Deinotherium and Platybelodon--Elephantiformes without ivories
41 Model helps explore how changing certainty in belief of one statement can lead to changings belief in truth of others
42 Meet Savannasaurus, Australia's newest titanosaur
43 Science sheds light on 250-year-old literary controversy
44 Early fossil fish from China shows where our jaws came from
45 Ancient human history more complex than previously thought, researchers say
46 Study finds earliest evidence in fossil record for right-handedness
47 Long-necked dino species discovered in Australia
48 Game theory: Army of agents to tackle corrupt officials, tax evaders, terrorists
49 Major commuting differences found between rich and poor in Colombia
50 Extensive heat treatment in Middle Stone Age silcrete tool production in South Africa
51 Older men cling to 1950s, '60s blueprint of masculinity
52 5,000 years ago, rodents were apparently considered food in part of Europe
53 Laos' Plain of Jars recreated in virtual reality
54 Evidence of first chief indicates Pacific islanders invented a new society on city they built of coral and basalt
55 The Higgs Bison--mystery species hidden in cave art
56 Link between climate change and armed conflict is exaggerated--new study
57 Roman coins ID'd in Japanese ruins, but their origin baffles
58 Team recovers 'most complete Michigan mastodon skeleton in many decades' from Thumb site
59 Ancient hominid 'hanky panky' also influenced spread of STIs
60 Ancient fish illuminates one of the mysteries of childhood
61 Unique skin impressions of the last European dinosaurs discovered in Barcelona
62 Beneath Peru zoo, traces of ancient dog sacrifices
63 Oldest known squawk box suggests dinosaurs likely did not sing
64 Ancient wingless wasp, now extinct, is one of a kind
65 Study adds to evidence that high strength cannabis is associated with an increased risk of becoming dependent
66 Pharmaceutical companies are profiting from rare diseases: study
67 Combating drug resistance in acute myeloid leukemia with a ceramide-based therapeutic
68 Inflammation triggers unsustainable immune response to chronic viral infection
69 New oncogene linked to prostate cancer in African Americans may lead to better diagnostic tools
70 Most adults surveyed don't know e-cigarette use deposits nicotine on indoor surfaces
71 Anti-cancer effects found in natural compound derived from onions
72 Gut mast cells are influenced by antibiotics
73 Study links changes in collagen to worse pancreatic cancer prognosis
74 Discovery of blood biomarkers for early pancreatic cancer detection
75 How does friendly fire happen in the pancreas?
76 A novel noninvasive imaging probe for fast and sensitive detection of cancer
77 Rat brain atlas provides MR images for stereotaxic surgery
78 Treatment approach used in cancer holds promise for Alzheimer's disease
79 Mutant genes shown to activate a pathway that leads to overproduction of certain kinds of blood cells
80 Oligodendrocytes selectively myelinate a particular set of axons in the white matter
81 Roots of resistance to cancer drugs runs deeper than a single gene
82 Do programs to help doctors with substance abuse treat them fairly?
83 New report documents urgent need to replace youth prisons with rehabilitation-focused alternatives
84 American Academy of Pediatrics announces new recommendations for children's media use
85 ALS study reveals role of RNA-binding proteins
86 Withholding amino acid depletes blood stem cells, researchers say
87 Imaging technique maps serotonin activity in living brains
88 Overlooked molecules could revolutionize our understanding of the immune system
89 Muscles have circadian clocks that control exercise response
90 New research verifies TASINs as viable target for colon cancer therapies
91 Zika virus infection alters human and viral RNA
92 Toxic peptides disrupt membrane-less organelles in neurodegenerative disease
93 HIV active in tissues of patients who were treated, study shows
94 Snakebites a rising danger for U.S. children
95 World-first genome study reveals rich history of Aboriginal Australians
96 Quantum computing: Scientists stop light in a cloud of atoms
97 DNA reveals Lapita ancestors of Pacific Islanders came from Asia
98 Gene mutation drives compulsion to eat fatty foods
99 Nobel prize: European trio win chemistry prize for 'world's smallest machines'
100 National Geographic photographer Thomas Peschak uses images to call for conservation
101 Oldest squawk box suggests dinosaurs were no songbirds
102 ExoMars Mission: What happened to the Schiaparelli lander?
103 New 'titanic' Aussie dinosaur stretched half the length of a basketball court
104 Scientists Can Make People Hallucinate Using Flickering Image
105 Does Your 'Self' Have a Soul?
106 Ancient 'Frankenstein' Bug Mixed Grasshopper, Wasp & Roach Parts
107 Found: Fossil Crocodile with a Mammal's Smile
108 Scientists Untangle Chemistry of Frankincense to Develop 'Perfume'
109 Why Do Science Issues Seem to Divide Americans Along Party Lines?
110 1st Look: Meet JJ, Columbus Zoo's Newborn Gorilla