File Title
1 Progesterone promotes healing in the lung after a bout of flu
2 Mosquito preference for human versus animal biting has genetic basis
3 New strategy identified for treating acute myeloid leukemia
4 Immune-matched stem cells prevent rejection of retinal transplants in animals
5 What dinosaurs' color patterns say about their lives
6 Lifting ivory ban won't solve elephant poaching problem
7 Computational method identifies existing drugs with virus-fighting potential
8 A protein in mosquito spit can keep Dengue virus in check
9 Discovery offers prospect of shorter treatment and cure for chronic myelogenous leukemia
10 Choosy sage-grouse select nest sites to maximize their success
11 Stable isotopes in hair reveal how bonobo diets may vary with rank and reproductive status
12 Potentially harmful chemicals widespread in household dust
13 Risk factors and clinical outcomes of infective endocarditis after transcatheter aortic valve replac[ement]
14 Study examines survival outcomes after different lung cancer staging methods
15 Implementation of value-driven outcomes program associated with reduced costs, improved quality
16 Tuning materials and devices to adapt to their environment
17 Molecules released by Klebsiella pneumoniae bacterium pave the way for invasive infection
18 Foam stops sloshing liquid
19 Smoking may lead to heart failure by thickening the heart wall
20 Anti-tumor immunity identified with new ovarian cancer treatment strategy
21 Ancient DNA traces extinct Caribbean 'Island Murderer' back to the dawn of mammals
22 Belief about nicotine content in cigarette may change brain activity and craving
23 Rap1, a potential new target to treat obesity
24 Graded aerobic treadmill testing in children & adolescents with sports-related concussion
25 Five ways to tackle the reproducibility crisis in biomedical research
26 Researchers find evidence of 'hidden hearing loss' in college-age human subjects
27 Hippo teeth reveal environmental change
28 NIST illuminates transfer of nanoscale motion through microscale machine
29 Study examines financial losses for inpatient care of children with Medicaid
30 Historical analysis examines sugar industry role in heart disease research
31 Brain-sensing technology developed by Stanford scientists allows typing at 12 words per minute
32 Revving the microbial engine: Horsepower vs. fuel efficiency in bacterial genomes
33 Termination of lethal arrhythmia with light
34 Study of euthanasia trends in Belgium has lessons for other countries
35 Low statin use in people with diabetes despite cardioprotective effects, guidelines
36 Study explains mechanisms behind glioblastoma influence on the immune system
37 A chromosome anomaly may cause malaria-transmitting mosquito to prefer feeding on cattle
38 Major global study reveals new hypertension and blood pressure genes
39 Your judgement of how drunk you are appears to depend on those around you
40 September/October 2016 Annals of Family Medicine tip sheet
41 Newborn gut microbiome predicts later allergy and asthma, study finds
42 Snails' speedy insulin
43 Chemists offer enhanced 3-D look inside batteries
44 Protect kids from toxic secondhand smoke, experts urge
45 Study results advance 'transposon theory of aging'
46 Genetic causes of small head size share common mechanism
47 A nose by any other name would sound the same, study finds
48 Criteria to ID those who won't survive cardiac arrest, could be referred for organ donation
49 Chemistry says Moon is proto-Earth's mantle, relocated
50 Stalagmites in Indiana cave may record past earthquakes
51 WWI babies whose fathers were killed in action have shortened adult life expectancies
52 Measuring new hormone may reduce teenagers wrongly diagnosed with PCOS
53 What's nature worth? Count the selfies
54 Scientists expect to calculate amount of fuel inside Earth by 2025
55 New research sheds light 'gender gap' in cystic fibrosis
56 Reports detail how to help older adults avoid financial fraud
57 Researchers prototype system for reading closed books
58 Maternal gastric bypass may be associated with low birth weight babies
59 Novel heart valve replacement offers hope for thousands with rheumatic heart disease
60 Voices of patients and oncologists must be heard, study says
61 UMD physicists discover 'smoke rings' made of laser light
62 Dances with waves: Breakthrough in moving small objects using acoustics
63 Researchers outline barriers to treating fear and anxiety
64 Voracious Asian jumping worms strip forest floor and flood soil with nutrients
65 Employees of medical centers report high stress and negative health behaviors
66 How do shark teeth bite? Reciprocating saw, glue provide answers
67 Linking RNA structure and function
68 Global DS Foundation funds research showing impact of trisomy 21 on interferon signaling
69 UC study looks at the influence of fat when gut bacteria is reduced by antibioticsm
70 Mouse model points to potential drug target for increasing social interaction in autism
71 Experts urge a defensive stance in efforts against antimicrobial resistance
72 New insights into tumor-infiltrating T cells
73 Paying do-gooders makes them less persuasive
74 Seeing energized light-active molecules proves quick work for Argonne scientists
75 Reactive oxygen species switch immune cells from migratory to murderous
76 Life after Fitbit: Appealing to those who feel guilty vs. free
77 A more accurate sensor for lead paint
78 Linking perception to action
79 Can an integrative medicine approach help prevent medical errors?
80 How effective is a smartphone app in teaching sexual health to teen girls?
81 Sharing stories synchronizes group memories
82 TSRI and IAVI researchers harness antibody evolution on the path to an AIDS vaccine
83 Newly discovered infectious prion structure shines light on mad cow disease
84 First-of-kind study suggests cover crop mixtures increase agroecosystem services
85 Study reveals how new experiences boost memory formation
86 Researchers name a new species of reptile from 212 million years ago
87 Borderline personality disorder--as scientific understanding increases, improved clinical management needed
88 COPD exacerbations lead to lung function decline, particularly among those with mild COPD
89 New vaccination strategies coach immune system to make HIV-neutralizing antibodies
90 Rare and common genetic variants combine to cause skull-fusion disorder
91 New suicide prevention strategies for homosexual and transgender youth
92 NIST and Navy tests suggest telecom networks could back up GPS time signals
93 Living together in mud: New bivalve species dwelling on a sea cucumber discovered in Japan
94 More underrepresented students obtain science degrees & pursue STEM, due to research mentoring
95 Researchers uncover new potential genetic links to common brain disorder
96 US should act to support innovation in increasingly clean electric power technologies
97 Induced climate change 'tug of war' keeps scientists guessing on storm tracks
98 Kill them with cuteness: The adorable thing bats do to catch prey
99 Yellow or black, large or small? Ant color and body size respond strongly to environment
100 'Deeply unsettling' weight discrimination in the workplace highlighted
101 Diabetes: Risk factor air pollution
102 Sensory cells of the balance organ can regenerate after injury
103 The impact of extreme exercise on breathing in GB Olympic boxers and swimmers
104 Hip fractures: Most elderly unlikely to fully recover
105 The pleasures & perils of protein: Fruit fly study reveals new clues to appetite & aging
106 Three in 4 don't know obesity causes cancer
107 Avoiding 'traffic jam' creates impossibly bright 'lighthouse'
108 Social networks enable smart household appliances to make better recommendations
109 Study shows how Chinese medicine kills cancer cells
110 Steroid treatment for IVF problems may do more harm than good