File Title
1 Researchers find way to tune thermal conductivity of 2-D materials
2 Researchers introduce relaxons to help describe heat flow through some crystals
3 Nanoparticle drugs can make it easier for medications to reach their targets
4 Smashing metallic cubes toughens them up
5 Study explains strength gap between graphene, carbon fiber
6 Growing gold: Researchers develop gold nanowires for biomedical procedures
7 Scientists find technique to improve carbon superlattices for quantum electronic devices
8 Non-toxic, high-quality surface treatment for organic field-effect transistors
9 Scientists develop a semiconductor nanocomposite material that moves in response to light
10 Nanowires as sensors in new type of atomic force microscope
11 Study finds surface texture of gallium nitride affects cell behavior
12 Crystal clear imaging: Infrared brings to light nanoscale molecular arrangement
13 Engineers reveal fabrication process for revolutionary transparent sensors
14 Researchers create 3-D full-color holographic images with nanomaterials
15 Static electricity can control nanoballoon
16 'Weighing' atoms with electrons
17 Filming light and electrons coupled together as they travel under cover
18 Silkworms fed carbon nanotubes or graphene produce stronger silk
19 Nanoscale engineering transforms particles into 'LEGO-like' building blocks
20 For the first time, scientists capture electron movements inside a solar cell
21 Electron spins talk to each other via a 'quantum mediator'
22 Team turns nanorods into multistate switches with an electron beam
23 Simulations show how to turn graphene's defects into assets
24 New, carbon-nanotube tool for ultra-sensitive virus detection and identification
25 Exotic property confirmed in natural material could lead to fundamental studies
26 Unusual quantum liquid on crystal surface could inspire future electronics
27 When quantum scale affects the way atoms emit and absorb particles of light
28 A new class of materials could realize quantum computers
29 Scientists manipulate surfaces to make them invisible
30 Computer simulation breaks virus apart to learn how it comes together
31 Move over, lasers: Scientists can now create holograms from neutrons, too
32 Researchers posit way to locally circumvent Second Law of Thermodynamics
33 Researchers demonstrate extension of electronic metrology to the multi-petahertz frequency range
34 Innovative technique for shaping light could solve bandwidth crunch
35 Subnatural-linewidth biphotons generated from a Doppler-broadened hot atomic vapor cell
36 Spontaneous decays of magneto-elastic excitations in non-collinear antiferromagnets
37 Scientists gain insight on mechanism of unconventional superconductivity
38 Working under pressure: Diamond micro-anvils will produce immense pressures to make new materials
39 New 3-D wiring technique brings scalable quantum computers closer to reality
40 Lessons from the 'unearthly' behavior of enormous droplets in space
41 Full-circle viewing: 360-degree electronic holographic display
42 Researchers road-test powerful method for studying singlet fission
43 Quantum computers: 10-fold boost in stability achieved
44 'Shadow method' reveals locomotion secrets of water striders
45 Scientists create most efficient quantum cascade laser ever
46 How quantum effects could improve artificial intelligence
47 A more durable material for the power industry
48 Ripples in space key to understanding cosmic rays
49 Diamonds aren't forever: Team create first quantum computer bridge
50 Lego-like wall produces acoustic holograms
51 Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter views Schiaparelli landing site
52 Photos show European Mars probe crashed, may have exploded (Update)
53 Oldest known planet-forming disk: Citizen scientists and professional astronomers join forces
54 The universe is expanding at an accelerating rate--or is it?
55 Did 40-year-old Viking experiment discover life on Mars?
56 Cassini sees dramatic seasonal changes on Titan
57 First results from long-term, hi-res tracking of eruptions on Jupiter's moon Io
58 Citizen scientists seek south pole 'spiders' on Mars
59 Tracking waves from sunspots gives new solar insight
60 Either stars are strange, or there are 234 aliens trying to contact us
61 Astronomers predict possible birthplace of Rosetta comet
62 Astronomers explore mysteries of star formation with uniquely sensitive camera
63 Did Europe's Mars lander survive? Time will tell: ESA (Update)
64 European Mars lander's fate unclear, signs 'not good'
65 Astrophysicists create most detailed map of the Milky Way
66 More evidence for ninth planet roaming solar system's outer fringes
67 Juno spacecraft in safe mode for latest Jupiter flyby
68 Curious tilt of the sun traced to undiscovered planet
69 Anxious wait for news of Mars lander's fate
70 First Pluto, now this: Discovery of first binary-binary calls solar system formation into question
71 NGC 5128: Mysterious cosmic objects erupting in X-rays discovered
72 MAVEN mission observes ups and downs of water escape from Mars
73 Deep-space images show violent wind collision in one of the heaviest stars in our galaxy
74 X-ray point source discovered at the center of a distant dwarf galaxy Henize 2-10
75 Ongoing cyber attack hits Twitter, Amazon, other top websites (Update)
76 3-D printing and origami techniques combined in development of self-folding medical implants
77 Scientists explore use of 3-D printing to speed up target production for testing material strength
78 Algorithm could help analyze fetal scans to determine whether interventions are warranted
79 From ancient fossils to future cars: Energy-efficient batteries from silicon in diatomaceous earth
80 Researchers create a new type of computer that can solve problems that are a challenge for traditional computers
81 Ultralow power transistors could function for years without a battery
82 First complete sabotage attack demonstrated on a 3-D printed drone propeller
83 Student-designed Hyperloop pod demonstrates magnetic levitation
84 Rice's energy-stingy indoor mobile locator ensures user privacy
85 The next big renewable energy source could be right beneath your feet
86 Blood molecule key to more efficient batteries
87 Lithium ion battery for electronic textiles grows back together after breaking
88 Tesla to build self-driving tech into all cars
89 Traditional keyboard sounds can be decoded, compromising privacy
90 A window into battery life for next-gen lithium cells
91 Google's Pixel phone: Not much new, but still a standout
92 That pilot in the cockpit may someday be a robot
93 Repurposed sensor enables smartwatch to detect finger taps and other bio-acoustic signals
94 New messaging apps gain traction in workplace
95 Tesla says it hopes to work with Panasonic on solar energy
96 Dartmouth-led team develops WristWhirl, a smartwatch prototype using wrist as a joystick
97 Bendable electronic paper displays whole color range
98 Next-generation navigation system uses existing cellular signals, not GPS, will support autonomous vehicle development
99 Spacecraft 'nuclear batteries' could get a boost from new materials
100 Identification of genome-wide cisplatin cross-linking sites with DNA base resolution
101 The next frontier in medical sensing--threads coated in nanomaterials
102 Structure of hydrogen-stuffed, quartz-like form of ice revealed
103 Superomniphobic tape adheres to any surface
104 A look at the 'marijuana' receptor
105 Self-assembled monolayers of NHCs on gold have ballbot-type motion
106 Self-assembly of photoresponsive polymer brushes to realize advanced surfaces
107 Safe new storage method could be key to future of hydrogen-powered vehicles
108 A clean, green, metal-free approach to making high-performance polycarbonates
109 Detecting microcrystals of membrane proteins
110 Green hydrogen production using algal proteins