File Title
1 Ecuador curbs Assange's internet to halt US election 'interference'
2 Misfit Phase watch hides technology behind analogue face
3 Trump's Twitter debate lead was 'swelled by bots'
4 IBM AI system Watson to diagnose rare diseases in Germany
5 Yahoo boosted by profits rise as Verizon reviews hacking impact
6 Microsoft gender-bias case to go ahead
7 Uber-like app for tractor hailing launched in India
8 Singapore self-driving taxi has first 'prang'
9 Concern over missing man's Facebook page updates
10 Music streaming services 'too expensive for many non-subscribers'
11 Micro Bit--the view from the teachers
12 Jennicam: The first woman to stream her life on the internet
13 Can playing games help you get a job and save more?
14 Lights, How film is spreading its wings
15 How can a company repair a damaged reputation?
16 Secondary school Sats resits scrapped
17 PE 'Cinderella subject' for too long, says report
18 Which country really has the cleverest students?
19 Ofsted warning over police weaknesses in child protection
20 Heads go to Downing Street with 'dire' funding warning
21 Most grammar schools 'not prioritising poor pupils'
22 Councils slam school standards plan
23 Troubled families scheme has made 'no significant impact'
24 Protest at axing of archaeology A-level
25 Shelter: More than four in 10 people face homes which fail acceptable standards
26 Plan now to avoid post-Brexit languages crisis, say MPs
27 Childcare pledge by Welsh Labour 'could cost 200 million pounds'
28 The A-levels that didn't make the grade
29 Healthy mice from lab-grown eggs
30 Hair straighteners pose child burn risk
31 Irish women 'access abortion pills online'
32 Three-person baby 'race' dangerous
33 Investigation over cancer 'cure' GcMAF in health food shop
34 India to carry out DNA tests on Uttarakhand flood skeletons
35 Breast implant register launches 'to safeguard patients'
36 'Dementia link to sudden low blood pressure and dizziness'
37 IBM AI system Watson to diagnose rare diseases in Germany
38 New survey finds racial and ethnic divide in young people's views on their own economic security
39 On issue of undocumented immigrants, survey finds young people of color prefer Clinton, young whites Trump
40 Breakthrough for bone regeneration via double-cell-layered tissue engineering technique
41 New imaging method could enable dentists to detect and heal tooth cavities much earlier
42 The incredible shrinking particle accelerator
43 Sled track simulates high-speed accident in B61-12 test
44 Does brain size really matter?
45 Molecular machines: The 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, explained (video)
46 How natural selection acted on 1 penguin species over the past quarter century
47 Researchers modify yeast to show how plants respond to a key hormone
48 How much does that fertilizer REALLY cost?
49 Study shows potential disease treatment in newborns via drug delivery to amniotic fluid
50 Surgery timing after neoadjuvant chemoradiation in Stage IIIA NSCLC impacts OS
51 Technique mass-produces uniform, multilayered particles
52 Survey--2/3 of Americans don't think presidential campaign addresses their most important concerns
53 Lowering the heat makes new materials possible while saving energy
54 Most Americans want government to combat climate change
55 Coolness, control and community draw people to Pinterest
56 Study: Globalization hasn't affected what we grow and eat as much as you might think
57 Hard-to-control asthma has distinct features, study shows
58 Bacterial molecule trains the immune system to tolerate infection without inducing illness
59 Study suggests additional benefits to HIV-prevention therapy
60 How do birds dive safely at high speeds? New research explains
61 Targeting cardiovascular disease risk factors may be important across a lifetime
62 Frontline PARP inhibitor shrinks tumors in BRCA-positive breast patients
63 New report: Almost two-thirds of Texans have stable health insurance
64 Donald or Hillary? Why listening to them makes a difference to voters
65 Redox biomarker could predict progression of epilepsy
66 Volunteering may have benefits for memory among older adults
67 Can older adults with dementia continue to drive? More study is needed
68 Certain healthy habits may shorten the time older adults spend disabled at end of life
69 Do proactive primary health-care programs preserve functioning for older adults?
70 'Smart clothing' could someday power cell phones with the sun's rays
71 A nerve agent antidote that could be taken before an attack
72 Penn study: Today's most successful fish weren't always evolutionary standouts
73 Penn: Plant-made antimicrobial peptide targets dental plaque and gum tissues
74 Custom-tailored strategy against glioblastomas
75 Investing in early childhood development essential to helping more children thrive
76 'Blind dates' in the amber world
77 Heparin derived from cattle is equivalent to heparin from pigs, study finds
78 African ancestry contributes to kidney disease risk in Hispanics/Latinos
79 Drug restores hair growth in patients with alopecia areata
80 Smoking bans persuade light users to give up the habit
81 Rapid spread of dog disease can be stopped with diligent infection control
82 Got eczema? It may just be bad evolutionary luck, study finds
83 Conservation decisions rely on balancing incentives with unpredictable variables
84 Common US snake actually 3 different species
85 Neural membrane's structural instability may trigger multiple sclerosis
86 Discovery: A new form of light
87 Scientists find new path in brain to ease depression
88 To help or not to help?
89 The Lancet: Policies and programs to support early child development a 'wise investment' as 250 million children at risk of not reaching their full potential
90 Climate change, species invasions harming popular native fish in Ontario lakes
91 Stopping breast cancer metastasis in its tracks
92 Science at cusp of 'transformational' grasp of life via cell modeling, researchers say
93 Reporting of adverse events in targeted therapy and immunotherapy trials is 'suboptimal'
94 Age limit for federal food assistance program is increasing food insecurity
95 New animal research explores red raspberries in supporting healthy weight and motor function
96 Sustainability projects offer potential seeds for a more just future
97 Enzyme treatment of gene may reverse effects of Alzheimer's
98 Case of the missing continental crust solved: It sank
99 Distracted much? New research may help explain why
100 Pleasant family leisure at home may satisfy families more than fun together elsewhere
101 Certain citrus species produce repellent against huanglongbing
102 Adults value overcoming temptation, kids value moral purity
103 Preschoolers form body images--but parents are unaware, study says
104 MIT engineers design beaver-inspired wetsuit material
105 The truth about lying? Children's perceptions get more nuanced with age
106 Early marijuana use associated with abnormal brain function, study reveals
107 Watching stem cells change provides clues to fighting osteoporosis in older women
108 Research to answer a 'crushing' evolutionary question
109 Parkinson's disease protection may begin in the gut
110 Rapid blood test can rule out serious infections in children