File Title
1 Researchers probing the beneficial secrets in dolphins' proteins
2 Human transport has unpredictable genetic, evolutionary consequences for marine species
3 Rockcress for heavy-metal clean up
4 Geologist explores minerals below Earth's surface
5 Extreme Antarctica ice melt provides glimpse of ecosystem response to global climate change
6 Wind patterns in lowest layers of supercell storms key to predicting tornadoes
7 Emission reductions hampered by EU internal policy processes, new research finds
8 Could a 300-year old murder mystery finally be solved?
9 X-rays reveal artistry in an ancient vase
10 Extraterrestrial impact preceded ancient global warming event
11 SUE arrives at advanced photon source for its most detailed scan ever
12 Rich or poor? Where you start in life influences cancer risk in adulthood
13 High-dose influenza vaccine is expected to provide cost savings and better outcomes compared to standard-dose influenza vaccine in Canadian seniors
14 New candidate vaccines against the plague
15 Future of Antarctic marine protected areas at risk
16 Teachers could be making students' anxiety worse
17 Students of all races prefer teachers of color, finds study
18 Understanding of norms: Children overeagerly seeking social rules
19 Failed replication shows literary fiction doesn't boost social cognition
20 When a group must solve hard problems, it's best to design the team around its learning style
21 In the workplace, incivility begets incivility, new study shows
22 It's a myth that baby boomers have a stronger work ethic than later generations
23 Gone phishin': How our ability to spot phishing emails is far from perfect
24 Space Has 'Nine Dimensions' Containing Alternate Universes? Are Black Holes Portals to Them?
25 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics Won by British Trio for Exotic Matter Study
26 Starlight Key Ingredient in 'Building Blocks of Life,' Study Suggests
27 Nintendo Will Be 'Back in the Race' with the Nintendo NX Release, Says Ubisoft CEO
28 Amazon Offers $2.5 Million Alexa Prize for Talking AI: Hurry 26 Days 'Til Deadline
29 Google Waze Rider Better than Uber? Google's Car Pool Service Launched in San Francisco
30 Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Date, Specs, Latest News: October Release Alongside Surface Book 2 Confirmed? Roll Out to Happen Next Year?
31 Apple MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date, Specs, Latest News: October Launch Alongside MacBook Air 2016, iMac 2016 Confirmed?
32 'Clash of Clans' Latest Update, News: Update Roll Out to Happen in Second Week of October? Sneak Peeks Confirmed to Begin Next Week?
33 Microsoft Surface Phone 2016 Release Date, Specs, Rumors: Handset's October Announcement Alongside Surface Pro 5, Surface Book 2 Confirmed?
34 Nissan Launches Self Driving ProPilot Chair; Guess It's Time to Be Lazy Again
35 Google Pixel/Nexus 2016 Release Date, Specs, Price: Pixel vs. Pixel XL, What's the Difference?
36 Nokia Comeback 2016 Update, Latest News: New Nokia Handset Gets Leaked on GeekBench?
37 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Overheating: Is Samsung Still Safe? Tech Company to Relaunch Safer Version
38 Google Home Assistant: Complete Specs, Price and Release Date; Will Alexa Survive?
39 Volvo to Start Self-Driving Cars Sales in 2021, Silicon Valley Research Centre Prepared to Begin Work
40 Raspberry Pi Course: How to Build a Digital Dashboard for an Older Car?
41 'Assassin's Creed Empire' Latest News, Update: Leaked Screenshot Suggests Egyptian Game Setting? No Release Until 2018?
42 Facebook Messenger Day: Social Networking Site's Own Version of Snapchat
43 AMD Radeon RX 490 Release Date, Specs, Price: Will RX 490 Outperform NVidia GPU GTX 1080?
44 Google's Daydream VR Headset Launch Priced at $79? Specs, Details, and More!
45 Bored with Long Drives? The Companion Robot from Toyota Will Be with You!
46 Five Best Upcoming Smartphones to Look Out for: Google Pixel XL, Microsoft Surface Phone, OnePlus 4, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Xiaomi Mi 6
47 Apple iPhone 8, 2017 Release Date, Specs, Rumors: Powerful 10-Nanometer A11 Processor, Edge to Edge Display on Board?
48 Skylanders Creator: Activision Reveals App that Lets Kids Bring Game Characters to Life, Details, Specs, and More!
49 BMW to Roll Out Electric X3 and MINI Models: Will the New BMW EV Outrun Tesla Model 3? Release Date and Features Revealed! [Video]
50 Grab $1.5 million for iOS 10 Jailbreak: Zeridium Offers Reward for Working Jailbreak Tool [Video]
51 Google Pixel First Look: Complete Specs, Price, Release Date, Check Out Google Pixel's Latest Product Video Here! [VIDEO]
52 Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location Release Date Postponed, Plot "Too Dark" for Kids? Or Only a Publicity Stunt?
53 Nokia's First-Ever Android Smartphone: Nokia D1C Spotted on Geekbench, Specs and Scores Revealed! [Video]
54 Samsung Acquires Viv, an AI Platform by Developers of Apple's Siri, Samsung Now Having Enough Competitive Edge Against Apple?
55 Google Pixel Launcher Update, News: Pixel Launcher Will Be Pixel Phone Exclusive Only? Google Denies Roll Out to Other Devices? [Video]
56 Sony Xperia XZ vs. Apple iPhone 7 Plus vs. LG V20 Review: Which One Is the Best? Price, Specs, Latest Updates Find Out Here
57 Audi Q3 2017 in US: Updates, Specs, Reviews, Price and Everything You Need to Know
58 'GTA 6' Release Date, Latest News: Has Rockstar Games Really Cancelled GTA 6? Rumors Suggest 2018 Release for Game? [Video]
59 Sony Cybershot RX100 V: World's Fastest Autofocus Camera Ever? Find Out Why! Specs, Price and Release Date [Video]
60 Exclusively for 'Rift': Oculus Touch Controllers Features, Price and Release Date Announced [Video]
61 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Release Date, Update, Latest News: Will GTX 1080 Ti Outperform AMD Radeon RX 490? Release in January 2017 Confirmed?
62 Snapchat New Feature and Update: Snapchat Introduces Playlists to Prevent Story Overload
63 Samsung Gear S3 Release Date Update, Latest News: Smartwatch Already Up for Pre-orders for $450? Release in November Confirmed?
64 Apple, Inc. Unifies Cloud Services: Siri, Maps and Others into New Apple Pie
65 MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date Update, Latest News: Laptop's Announcement to Happen Alongside Apple's October Earnings Call Event?
66 Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date Update, Latest News: 2016 October Release Cancelled? Don't Expect Surface Phone Until Fall 2017
67 Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Date Update, Latest News: No Surface Pro 5 in Microsoft October Event? Here's Why
68 Microsoft Surface All-In-One PC Release Date, Specs, Price Rumors: Upcoming Surface PC to Sport a Modular Design, 4K Display?
69 OnePlus 4 Release Date, Specs, Rumors: Handset to Sport a Massive 8GB RAM, Snapdragon 830 Processor?
70 Lenovo Phab 2 Pro Review: Google Tango, Other Features, and Specs
71 Is 'mobile' the future of healthcare technologies?
72 Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Release Date, Specs, Latest News: CEO Lei June Teases Handset's 'Surprise' Element? What Could It Be?
73 Can There Be a Smartphone that Is Always Secure from Hacking--Or Is It a Mere Marketing Myth
74 Tesla Model 3: Realizing Elon Musk's Vision of the Future
75 Fire Trouble Yet Again for Samsung Galaxy Note 7
76 Gears of War 4: Xboxone vs. PC Analysis, Video Comaparison, and Complete Review
77 Facebook Ads Will Now Come to the Groups: New Advertising Strategy Targets Groups to improve Revenue
78 Cost of Being Free: Spotify Free Users Get Hit by Malicious Ads Campaign [Video]
79 Duolingo Comes Up with Chatbots Helping Users Learn New Languages
80 Oculus Touch Motion Controllers Pre-Orders Start Pouring in: Specs, Price, and Everything You Need to Know
81 Tesla CEO Elon Musk on the Verge: What He's Doing Aside from Courting Amber Heard
82 Samsung ArtPC Pulse vs. Apple Mac Pro: Which is Better?: Samsung ArtPC Looks Eerily Similar with Apple's Cylindrical Mac Pro [Video]
83 2016 Mercedes-AMG C63 R Coupe Spied: Complete Features, Price and Release Date [Video]
84 Secret Conversations in Messenger: Facebook's Respond to Security Demands
85 Japanese Tech Show Showcases 4 Emerging Trends
86 3 Note 7 Alternatives Which Are Not iPhones or Pixels
87 The Real Cost of a Trip to Mars: Is It Worth?
88 Signal Gets Disappearing Messages: Is It for Privacy or Something Else?
89 Nuheara IQbuds: A Lot More than Wireless Earbuds, a Complete Guide and Review
90 HP Elite X3: Can this Phone Replace your PC?
91 Rocket League "HotFix," Revamp on Competitive Ranking System and More
92 Ford Temporarily Halts Mustang Factory Operations After 32% Sales Drop
93 Hinge App Relaunch: 'Tinder' Rival Now a Paid Members-Only Dating Platform--No More Swiping!
94 Averting Union Strike in Canada: Fiat Chrysler Reaches Last Minute Deal with Unifor
95 Facebook Virtual Reality: Rachel Rubin Franklin from 'The Sims' to lead Social VR team
96 Tesla Bids Goodbye to Model X 60D: Is Tesla Making Space for New Model Y?
97 Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Block Geofeedia Over Protest Surveillance
98 Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Not the Only Samsung Product that Faces Safety Hazard
99 NHL's New Season Will Feature Apple TV Streaming and an in-Arena App
100 MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date, Specs & Latest News: Is Apple's Mac October Launch Event Really Happening?
101 EXO 1 Exoskeleton: Make a Search & Rescue Drone Out of Your DJI Phantom 4
102 FIFA Mobile iOS and Android update: EA Sports' FIFA 17 Gets a Makeover
103 Samsung Gear S3 Release Date Update, Latest News: Smartwatch's Battery Life Far Better than Apple Watch 2?
104 Iron Man 3 Featured Audi R8 e-tron Now Terminated: Tony Stark Must Be Angry!
105 Waze and Esri Partnership: Made App-to-Infrastructure Possible
106 Google's Moonshot X is Falling: Can Google Save Itself from Crashing Down to Earth?
107 Sony PlayStation VR Installation Guide
108 Samsung's New Flagship Phone: Galaxy Note 8 Will Finally End the Note 7 Fiasco.
109 BMW vs. Mercedes: The Race for Technological Superiority
110 Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel's New Trailer Shows a Dedicated PvP arena, Checkout the Trailer