File Title
1 Reference: Leprosy: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment
2 The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
3 The Demon on Your Chest and Other Terrifying Tales of Sleep Paralysis
4 Are These New Dead Sea Scrolls the Real Thing?
5 25 New 'Dead Sea Scrolls' Revealed
6 Locker-Room Talk & Alternate Realities: Scientists Dissect Presidential Debate
7 Stem Cells May Help Repair Broken Monkey Hearts
8 Nestle Drumstick Recall: How Does Listeria Get into Ice Cream?
9 New High-Tech Friendship Bracelets Teach Kids How to Code
10 Why You Shouldn't Do a Hard Workout When You're Upset
11 Deadly Mixture: Scientists Uncover Harmful Drug Interactions
12 Debate 2016: What Goes on in Your Brain When People Invade Your Space
13 How Did a Chunk of India and Eurasia Just Disappear?
14 Mice Sing Love Songs like a Jet Engine
15 Reference: Nobel Prize in Economics: 1969-Present
16 What Happened to the Universe's Primordial Hydrogen?
17 How the Heck Did Black Widow Spider DNA Get Inside a Virus?
18 US Will Send People to Mars by 2030s, Barack Obama Says
19 'Safe' Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Batteries Are Still Exploding
20 Supplement Trends: Multivitamin Use Down, Probiotics & Vitamin D Up
21 Rapid Fire: Ancient Blaze Leveled City in 3 Hours
22 Hurricane Sandy-Level Floods Likely to Hit NYC More Often
23 'Head Rush' Linked with Increased Risk for Dementia in Older Adults
24 On a Long Trip to Mars, Cosmic Radiation May Damage Astronauts' Brains
25 Experience the Thrill of an Everest Expedition in New Virtual Reality Film
26 New Dwarf Planet Found in Our Solar System
27 Many Parents Who Think They Have Food Allergies Actually Don't
28 How One Scientist Decoded the Mysterious Sounds of the Northern Lights
29 Alien Life May Munch on Galactic Cosmic Rays
30 Tiny 'Beardogs' Get New Place in Carnivore Family Tree
31 Your Brain on Tetris: How Video Game Seduced Millions
32 Civil War Cannonballs Uncovered by Hurricane Have Been Detonated
33 How Accurate Are Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitors?
34 Oldest Known Avian 'Squawk Box' Helped Ancient Bird Quack
35 Mom's Antidepressant Use May Increase Baby's Risk of Speech Disorders
36 Sending Humans to Mars: 8 Steps to Red Planet Colonization
37 1st Death from a Recluse Spider Bite Reported in Europe
38 Heart-Harming Supplements? Calcium Pills Linked to Artery Buildup
39 How Hot Is Hell?
40 Impact! New Moon Craters Are Appearing Faster than Thought
41 Promising Ebola Drug ZMapp: The Real Lessons of an Inconclusive Study
42 Women's Brains Grow a Bit During Menstrual Cycle
43 Mars Mission Advice: It's Not Just Rocket Science, Kids
44 Reference: Nobel Prize in Literature: 1901-Present
45 Nobel Prize 2016: Here Are the Winners (and What They Achieved)
46 Augmented-Reality Helmet Could Give Cyclists Extra Eyes on the Road
47 Donald Trump's Clean-Coal Response Misses Mark, Experts Say
48 80 Years Later, Polar Explorer's Sunken Ship Floats Again
49 Forget Ghosts--Government Corruption Spooks People Most
50 Half of Americans Believe in 9/11 Conspiracy Theories
51 5 Misconceptions About Sexual Assault
52 Brain-Implanted Device Restores Sense of Touch in Man with Spinal Cord Injury
53 The Bizarre History of 'Tetris'
54 Why Sexual Assault Victims Wait to Speak Out
55 3 New Vaccines Against 'Black Death' Plague Bacteria Show Promise
56 The Universe Has 10 Times More Galaxies than Scientists Thought
57 Why Earthquake Prediction Remains on Shaky Ground
58 B. Rex: Giant Armored Fish Was King Before Dinosaurs
59 Ingested Porcupine Quill Pokes Hole in Woman's Aorta
60 What Really Happens to Fighting Bulls After the Fight?
61 T. Rex Probably Didn't Use Its Tiny Arms Much
62 The New Science of Willpower: Can Self-Control Really Get Used Up?
63 Future of Health Care: Data Can Empower Patients, Obama Says
64 Twin Hurricanes Matthew and Nicole Could Herald More Storms to Come
65 Asgardia: Proposed Space-Based Nation Accepting Citizenship Applications
66 Woman Puts E-Cig Liquid in Her Eye After Mistaking It for Eyedrops
67 Jumping Spiders 'Hear' Long-Range Audio with Their Hairy Legs
68 5 Intriguing Uses for Artificial Intelligence (That Aren't Killer Robots)
69 Don't Fret Step Counts: Less than 10,000 a Day is Still OK
70 Not All Processed Meats Carry the Same Cancer Risk
71 Twins Conjoined at Head Now Separated: What Causes Rare Condition?
72 Reference: Facts About Radium
73 BMW's Futuristic Motorcycle Balances on Its Own
74 America ranks in top 10 in empathy
75 Two distinct genetic subtypes found in Crohn's disease patients
76 Interaction of bodily, spatial cues serves to regulate emotions, exploratory behavior
77 Common prostate cancer treatment linked to later dementia, researcher says
78 Small impacts are reworking the moon's soil faster than scientists thought
79 Possible formation site of icy giant planet spotted
80 Scientists create 'floating pixels' using soundwaves and force fields
81 Bendable electronic paper displays whole color range
82 Study of social rank in wild chimps shows striking differences between the sexes
83 Small-scale agriculture threatens the rainforest
84 Plant discovered that neither photosynthesizes nor blooms
85 A short jump from single-celled ancestors to animals
86 High cholesterol triggers mitochondrial oxidative stress leading to osteoarthritis
87 New formulation of ibuprofen may be superior for pain relief than the current version
88 Soy protein early in life may help prevent bone loss in adulthood
89 Cocoa compound linked to some cardiovascular biomarker improvements
90 Imaging with new biomarker tracks tumor progression, response to treatment for common brain cancer
91 Changes in depression symptoms tied to lung cancer survival
92 Early detection method hopes to prevent psychosis
93 Untangling a cause of memory loss in neurodegenerative diseases
94 Rise in obese pregnant women takes its toll on mother, child both
95 Small dietary changes reduces cardiovascular disease risk by more than a quarter
96 Study has implications for childhood obesity
97 Older adults gain weight when spouse is stressed out
98 Laser may also provide better 'rulers' for space
99 A team of physicists dispels Rayleigh's curse
100 Method for moving fluids on a surface may find uses in condensers, microfluidics, and de-icing
101 Crystal clear imaging: Infrared brings to light nanoscale molecular arrangement
102 Proxima Centauri might be more sunlike than we thought
103 Tatooine worlds orbiting two suns often survive violent escapades of aging stars
104 The Milky Way's ancient heart: VISTA finds remains of archaic globular star cluster
105 How this Martian moon became the 'Death Star'
106 In the fight against Alzheimer's, online gamers can now get in on the action
107 No GPS, no problem: Next-generation navigation
108 Strongest coupling between light and matter ever achieved
109 Dangerous drug interactions uncovered with data science
110 Spinning semen provides a measurement of fertility