File Title
1 Age-specific strategies are needed when caring for older individuals with HIV
2 HKU Earth Sciences student research on metamorphic rock in North China
3 New device enables rapid identification of brain cancer type and tumor margin
4 New radar system could lead to better defenses against avalanches
5 Discovery of an extragalactic hot molecular core
6 Unraveling roundworm nerve regeneration mechanism could aid nerve injury treatment
7 Septic shock patients have better outcomes when their heart rates are lower, study finds
8 Using nature's own solvents for the preparation of pure lignin
9 The first urban park butterfly study in HK: HKU ecologists reveal causes of butterfly diversity
10 Large volumes of data from ITER successfully transferred to Japan at unprecedented speeds
11 Invasive insects cost the world billions per year
12 Male mutations are driving evolution. How's that working out?
13 Study: Rare patients with sickle cell disease live nearly twice national average
14 Overlooked plants defy drought
15 Study shows majority of US students can now choose non-animal teaching methods
16 Hawaiian deep coral reefs home to unique species and extensive coral cover
17 Global warming collapses symbiotic gut bacteria, killing host insects
18 Can you zap your brain back to health?
19 'Goldilocks fires' can enhance biodiversity in Western forests
20 Gene found that raises risk of childhood ear infections
21 Acclaimed health program fails to help children in India
22 Gum disease genes identified by Columbia researchers
23 'Churning' following the Affordable Care Act hasn't worsened, but remains a problem
24 Drone safety: User-centric control software improves pilot performance and safety
25 Extensive deep coral reefs in Hawaii harbor unique species and high coral cover
26 Health professionals must lead on fighting climate change
27 Extending cervical screening beyond 5 years for some women is safe
28 Study implicates glial cells in fragile X syndrome
29 Study reveals the protein structure of the human apoptosome
30 Invasive insects: An underestimated cost to the world economy
31 How gut microbes help chemotherapy drugs
32 Vitamin D increases the number of blood stem cells during embryonic development
33 The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology: Even with charity or cash incentives, activity trackers do not appear to improve health
34 New research calls into question merits of ice baths for athlete recovery
35 Warming temperatures can reduce marine diversity but increase freshwater species
36 The effectiveness of activity trackers and rewards to encourage physical activity
37 Chicken korma, Eton mess and a genetic variant provide clues to our food choices
38 Ben-Gurion U. study highlights gene that could lead to therapies for ALS
39 Public holds polarized views about climate change and trust in climate scientists
40 Infants use prefrontal cortex in learning
41 Basic flood protection 'missing in high risk areas'
42 Schiaparelli Mars probe 'ready for all eventualities'
43 Call for action to protect 'the lungs of the sea'
44 Butterfly numbers drop a mystery, say experts
45 Omega-3 oils in farmed salmon 'halve in five years'
46 Why are Nobel Prize winners getting older?
47 Aviation industry agrees deal to cut CO2 emissions
48 Hurricane Matthew: Matt Drudge conspiracy comments kick up storm
49 Whale calf seen pushing stranded mother off sandbank
50 Volcano insight: Fifty years of eruptions revealed
51 British 'sea dragon' fossils are 'new to science'
52 Toad numbers fall by two-thirds in 30 years
53 Dolphin pictured killing porpoise by flipping it into air
54 UK's chatty fish to be recorded
55 North Korea: When is an earthquake a nuclear test?
56 Are celebs the best hope for saving endangered species?
57 Chasing the Sun: The woman forgotten by science
58 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 flames out: Experts react
59 Users accuse Yahoo of email 'trick'
60 Driverless car tested in public in UK
61 Gamer's funeral live-streamed on Twitch TV
62 Apple and Samsung reach Supreme Court in patent row
63 Why the US fears Russia is hacking its presidential election
64 What if there were more women in tech?
65 Facebook opens up Workplace in bid to replace work emails
66 How France's TV5 was almost destroyed by 'Russian hackers'
67 Cybathlon: Battle of the bionic athletes
68 Backpage boss says sex charge 'illegal'
69 Turkey blocks web drives after email leak
70 Holidaymaker billed 20k pounds in error by O2 within 24-hours
71 Teenagers 'checking mobile phones in night'
72 Truth, fires and tumble dryers: Are our home appliances safe?
73 Is that app you're using for work a security threat?
74 Saya: Big ambitions for Japanese 'digital daughter'
75 Tech Talent: Mapping the route to a 'UK Google'
76 US Election 2016: Trump v. Clinton: Who won the debate?
77 Hacking: A thorny issue between Russia and the West
78 Boris Johnson: Russia risks becoming pariah over Syria bombing
79 Funding for academy trust axed
80 How to pass the Oxford interview
81 EU-student funding guarantee extended
82 Heseltine: Industrial strategy should start in schools
83 Bailey Gwynne death: Pupil stabbing death was 'avoidable'
84 School league tables 'should show well-being'
85 One in 10 Primary one pupils 'overweight or obese'
86 England's academy trusts 'run up debts of 25 million pounds'
87 Most women in 2016 happy to be female, BBC poll suggests
88 Brexit: LSE foreign experts 'should not advise ministers'
89 Building new schools 'must be top priority' for government
90 Be Cleopatra not a Kardashian, girls advised
91 More young people in UK 'identifying as LGB,' ONS finds
92 UN says 69 million teachers needed for global school pledge
93 The debt-free alternative to university
94 Should there be more Muslim state schools?
95 What is it like to be excluded from school?
96 What can you learn from Shakespeare's heroines?
97 Tax on sugary foods and drinks backed by World Health Organisation
98 Zika virus highly likely to spread in Asia, says WHO
99 France's first drug room for addicts to inject opens in Paris
100 Passport checks considered for pregnant NHS patients
101 NHS not transgender-friendly enough, says nurse
102 Immunotherapy cancer drug hailed as 'game changer'
103 Receptionists 'put people off seeing doctor'
104 Type 2 diabetes: Data reveals hotspots for cases
105 Alternative medicine treatment put four-year-old boy in A&E
106 Breast cancer risk 'not increased' by night shifts
107 UK Ebola nurse tests negative for condition in hospital
108 Sons born with fertility treatment 'inherit problems'
109 Woman's giant 'Rapunzel syndrome' hairball cut out of stomach
110 Limit to human life may be 115(ish)
111 Kenya student: How health insurance saved my life
112 Venezuela crisis: Caracas hospital shows sorry state of health system
113 Why does the NHS spend money on homeopathy?