File Title
1 Study may help reassure women taking tamoxifen for breast cancer
2 Marshall University research team publishes study on cell signaling mechanism
3 When push comes to shove: Size matters for particles in our bloodstream
4 Curing inherited disease by running a stop sign
5 Measurement helps craniofacial surgeons better evaluate children with skull deformity
6 Concussion can now be diagnosed with 95 percent specificity
7 Physician burnout: Mayo researchers identify effective interventions
8 New device detects bacteria and tests for antibiotic resistance
9 Revising the meaning of 'prion'
10 Ocean conditions contributed to unprecedented 2015 toxic algal bloom
11 UCLA chemists report new insights about properties of matter at the nanoscale
12 Clever fish keep cool
13 Astronomers capture best view ever of disintegrating comet
14 Conclusions on brain-machine interfaces for communication and rehabilitation
15 Stanford researchers show air bag bike helmets have promise
16 Studies address improving care for Chinese American immigrants with depression
17 Research resolves a debate over 'killer electrons' in space
18 EARTH: Thirsty business--How the tech industry is bracing for a water scarce future
19 26 jaguars killed in Panama so far this year
20 Increase in antibiotic-resistant bacteria hinders treatment of kidney infections
21 Metagenomic study links microbes to flavors in kefir
22 Understanding chromatin's cancer connection
23 Future therapeutics: Drugs that stop free radicals at their source
24 A cooperative way to make ammonia
25 Clinton's contrasting memoir writing styles linked to public perception problems
26 A talk with a nurse can persuade hospital patients to quit smoking
27 Scientists aim to slow fast growth of cancer cells
28 An ADHD diagnosis puts girls at much higher risk for other mental health problems
29 Scientists triple known types of viruses in world's oceans
30 For women, caffeine could be ally in warding off dementia
31 Detonating white dwarfs as supernovae
32 'Atomic sandwiches' could make computers 100X greener
33 New fault discovered in earthquake-prone Southern California region
34 Repeated exposure to community violence associated with violent behavior
35 Electron beam microscope directly writes nanoscale features in liquid with metal ink
36 All work and no play with children make moms less happy parents
37 Protein linked to high risk of Alzheimer's can be removed from brain without hindering learning
38 Botox may beat neural stimulation for urge incontinence, but has risks
39 New technology helps pinpoint sources of water contamination
40 Failed replication shows literary fiction doesn't boost social cognition
41 Novel 3-in-1 'Rheo-Raman' microscope enables interconnected studies of soft materials
42 Study suggests a new tool for diagnosing post-concussion syndrome
43 Rice University researchers say 2-D boron may be best for flexible electronics
44 'Security fatigue' can cause computer users to feel hopeless and act recklessly
45 Are red imported fire ants all bad?
46 Stimulating neurons could protect against brain damage, research shows
47 Toxicant levels are on average 95 percent less in e-cig emissions compared to smoke
48 More stable qubits in perfectly normal silicon
49 Soil microbes flourish with reduced tillage
50 Storms and tides combine to cause coastal flooding around the Clyde
51 Scientists make structure analysis of protein molecules several times faster
52 Does patient-centered care in diabetes improve glycemic control and quality of life?
53 Make an October weight resolution
54 Handgrip strength provides a new window to health
55 A breakthrough in the study of how things break, bend and deform
56 Antibody drug conjugates may help personalize radiotherapy for patients with cancer
57 Diabetic fruit flies may unlock secrets in humans
58 Direct utilization of elemental sulfur for microporous polymer synthesis
59 Psychotherapy sessions are best in the morning when levels of helpful hormone are high
60 The science behind PMS: What causes it and why (video)
61 Performance-enhancing...research? New measurement could help elite athletes: York U
62 The science of staleness: How to bring chips and bread back from the dead (video)
63 Sex before sport doesn't negatively impact performance
64 'Connectosomes' create gateway for improved chemo delivery, fewer side effects
65 Accidental discoveries that went boom (video)
66 Culex mosquitoes do not transmit Zika virus, Kansas State University study finds
67 New mechanisms uncovered explaining frost tolerance in plants
68 Study solves 50-year-old puzzle tied to enigmatic, lone wolf waves
69 Meet a molecular architect: Hosea Nelson (video)
70 NASA's Hubble spots possible water plumes erupting on Jupiter's moon Europa
71 Kansas State University contributes to potential Zika virus vaccine development
72 New genes linked with bigger brains identified
73 Junior doctors' contract should be scrapped, argues leading doctor
74 Penetrable armor: Researchers create technique for opening insects' exoskeletons to study living cells
75 Researchers report invention of glucose-sensing contact lens
76 OU study links entrepreneurial optimism with business success
77 Blocking Ran protein reverses resistance of lung and breast cancers
78 Omnidirectional mobile robot has just 2 moving parts
79 Rising ocean temperatures impacting human health, new report finds
80 Canine hyperactivity reflected in the blood count
81 Problem-solving spreads both socially and culturally in bumblebees
82 Archaeogenetics reveals unknown migration in the South Pacific
83 Louisiana Tech University professor develops new mechanism for strengthening materials
84 Motion-directed robots on a micro scale
85 The effects of pesticides on soil organisms are complex
86 Advancing methodology at BESSY II: Automated evaluation speeds up the search for new active substance
87 Potatoes should not bake in the potato field
88 Fungi can lend a helping hand to potatoes
89 Potatoes and biochar are not friends
90 Nanotechnology for energy materials: Electrodes like leaf veins
91 The psychology behind climate change denial
92 Networking is the way to go
93 Which cropping system is best for the environment?
94 Queens, sex and colony collapse
95 Starting drinking alcohol during puberty is associated with future psychological disorders
96 An appetite suppressant with side effects
97 Artificial intelligence could help farmers diagnose crop diseases
98 Disease-causing gut bacteria common in children
99 Simpler strategies to promote physical activity as good as social media feedback
100 How fast will we need to adapt to climate change?
101 PolyU holds public lecture by Lui Che Woo Prize Laureate
102 Strong at the coast, weak in the cities--the German energy-transition patchwork
103 Are planets setting the sun's pace?
104 Should video monitors be used to detect night-time seizures in patients with epilepsy?
105 Large animals, such as the imperious African elephant, most vulnerable to impact of human expansion
106 First description and video of a rainbow boa preying on a vampire bat in a cave in Ecuador
107 Developing brain regions in children hardest hit by sleep deprivation
108 Do older people take fewer risks?
109 In the belly of the Devil: New rare ant species found in the stomach of a poison frog
110 Making medications safer for newborns