File Title
1 Serious liver-related condition on the rise in the US
2 200-million-year-old reptile had unusual, anteater-like forelimbs
3 Bullying likely to result in aggressive responses by children with disabilities
4 University of Illinois researchers quantify drug delivery from nanoparticles inside a cell
5 Argonne ahead of the 'curve' in magnetic study
6 Study finds exercise treadmills significant cause of hand burns in children
7 Hunger may be more motivating than thirst, anxiety, or fear
8 High up-front costs could delay access to life-saving blood cancer drugs for Medicare patients
9 Where you live shapes your immune system more than your genes
10 Study yields new knowledge about materials for ultrasound and other applications
11 New microscope developed at MBL reveals nanoscale structural dynamics in live cells
12 UTA enzyme research opens doors to developing new inhibitors for arthritis
13 Physical activity may help preserve lung function in individuals with asthma
14 New treatment for depressed smokers trying to quit
15 Shortened radiation therapy schedule effective in patients with low-risk prostate cancer
16 Mix and match microbes to make probiotics last
17 Addition of EBT to brachytherapy does not produce superior PFS results
18 Intensity modulated pelvic radiation therapy reduces patient reported toxicities
19 'Culture of affluence' complicates women's help-seeking for domestic violence
20 Unprecedented atmospheric behavior disrupts one of the earth's most regular climate cycles
21 Zika infects neural cells related to skull formation, affecting their function
22 IDH and CIC mutations provide prognostic information for grade II and III gliomas
23 Study finds that CPAP therapy reduces acid reflux in people with sleep apnea
24 Clinical trial tests spinal manipulation therapy for migraines
25 HDAC inhibitors show promise against cancer stem cells
26 SBRT found safe for medically inoperable patients with NSCLC
27 Seek and you shall find--bees remain excellent searchers even when ill
28 IMRT associated with reduction in patient reported xerostomia
29 Study: Vehicle mileage tax is best option for long-term highway funding
30 Researchers discover more efficient way to split water, produce hydrogen
31 Prescription sleep aids carry a rare suicide risk, review finds
32 Magma build-up at active Japanese volcano poses threat to 'Naples of the Eastern World'
33 Certain alternative therapies may help patients with bowel disorders
34 Ice cores reveal a slow decline in atmospheric oxygen over the last 800,000 years
35 Bacteria could detect leaks at carbon capture sites
36 The mechanisms of diabetes induced bone fragility
37 'Green exercise' in England benefits health to the tune of 2.2 billion pounds a year
38 Salt's secret success in ancient Chaco Canyon
39 Umbilical cord antiseptic not effective in reducing infant deaths in Africa
40 Pediatric workforce must address opioid crisis
41 Dartmouth researchers' 'DarkLight' enables visible light communication in the dark
42 New research indicates key protein may directly impact development of colon cancer
43 Two new studies uncover key players responsible for learning and memory formation
44 Coastal wildlife more vulnerable to microplastics than expected
45 Researchers investigate new strategy to block growth of colon cancer cells
46 Researchers discover rare flu-thwarting mutation
47 Sylvester researchers identify receptor to slow breast cancer metastasis
48 Scientists at the CNIO have deconstructed 1 of the myths of biological innovation
49 How the brain makes new memories while preserving the old
50 Future increase in plant photosynthesis revealed by seasonal carbon dioxide cycle
51 Meditation keeps emotional brain in check
52 Breakthrough in mapping nicotine addiction could help researchers improve treatment
53 Economic opportunity may significantly impact physical and mental health in young adults
54 Experts: One size should not fit all when it comes to our out-of-pocket health care costs
55 A 'nano-golf course' to assemble precisely nanoparticules
56 Abnormal brain protein may contribute to Alzheimer's disease development
57 Psychology plays a vital role in tackling diabetes
58 NIST team suggests nanoscale electronic motion sensor as DNA sequencer
59 Ancestor rice of Suriname Maroons traced back to its African origin
60 Giant Thai insect reveals clues to human heart disease
61 First proof of a direct association between coronavirus and neurological disease
62 Big data analysis shows weak link between badgers and cattle for TB transmission
63 Letters of recommendation may disadvantage young women scientists
64 Scientists discover mechanisms of shape-shifting sea cucumbers
65 Research provides new information on cancer and sugar-sweetened beverages link
66 'Nano-kebab' fabric breaks down chemical warfare agents
67 A new method for obtaining of high-precision optical rulers devised
68 How to control polarization of light
69 Review finds little evidence that brain-training games yield real-world benefits
70 Rice University lab explores cement's crystalline nature to boost concrete performance
71 Brain diseases manifest in the retina of the eye
72 Elimination of viral hepatitis by 2030: What's needed and how do we get there?
73 Mosquito-borne Rift Valley fever virus causes miscarriage
74 Keeping your synapses sharp: How spermidine reverses age-related memory decline
75 Research reveals bonobos skillfully cracking nuts with stone hammers like chimpanzees
76 Trophy hunting of lions can conserve the species
77 Constructing networks of organelle functional modules in arabidopsis
78 Washing clothes releases thousands of microplastic particles into environment, study shows
79 Ocean fronts attract ocean wanderers--foraging gannets on the front line
80 Membrane fluidity influences sensitivity of ovarian cancer cell lines to auranofin
81 Toys and 'enriched' surroundings help fight infection in mice
82 Researcher creates a controlled rogue wave in realistic oceanic conditions
83 Aging: Computer simulation finds dangerous molecule activity
84 Multi-drug-resistant TB cure rates higher than expected
85 Cost-benefit analysis of strategies against severely harmful giant hogweed in Germany
86 How baby's genes influence birth weight and later life disease
87 Use of body-worn cameras sees complaints against police 'virtually vanish,' study finds
88 Scattered marine cave biodiversity data to find home in new database WoRCS, Project Report
89 New research delimits the possible causes of celiac disease
90 New imaging technique in Alzheimer's disease opens up possibilities for new drug development
91 Foreign farms increase the risk of conflicts in Africa
92 Respiratory tract bacterium uncovered as trigger for serious nervous system disease
93 Immediate dental implant placements using osteotome technique
94 A review on the therapeutic antibodies for spinal cord injury
95 Sheets like graphene: Tailored chemistry links nanoparticles in stable monolayers
96 How human genes affect the microbiome
97 More than half of persons with Alzheimer's disease aged 90 years or more use psychotropic drugs
98 Are complex networks and systems more stable than simpler ones?
99 Researchers describe new large prehistoric shark
100 Avoiding hospitalization for certain low-risk acute medical conditions appears safe
101 Researcher creates a controlled rogue wave in realistic oceanic conditions
102 Inhibiting 1 protein restores treatment benefit in resistant breast cancer
103 Environmental change drove diversity in Lake Malawi cichlids
104 Prosperity of children, families, nations threatened by disparities in early childhood development
105 Understanding how the 'blood-brain barrier' is breached in bacterial meningitis
106 New advances in solar cell technology
107 Coral study reveals secrets of evolution
108 New insights into how black carbon aerosols impact the atmospheric boundary layer
109 Lowering systolic blood pressure to below 120 would save more than 100,000 lives per year
110 Panel develops plan for preventing youth suicide