File Title
1 Probing a mosquito protein for clues in the fight against Zika
2 New perovskite research discoveries may lead to solar cell, LED advances
3 Introducing diversity in online language analysis
4 Expanding when it shouldn't: New material with exceptional negative compressibility
5 Battle of the sexes? Not when negotiating with friends
6 New service improves cloud storage usage on mobile devices
7 Computerized tissue image analysis reveals underlying genomics of ER+ breast cancer
8 Sugar transforms a traditional Chinese medicine into a cruise missile
9 Extra physical education classes may benefit bone health in girls, study shows
10 One, two, many: Deciders often shift costs onto large groups without hesitation
11 National education reformers target local school boards
12 Medication against schizophrenia inhibits pancreatic cancer
13 Has the Affordable Care Act accomplished its goals?
14 Corporate social responsibility can backfire if employees don't think it's genuine
15 Research points to new treatment strategy against Alzheimer's disease
16 Eribulin in liposarcoma: Added benefit not proven
17 Epilepsy surgery found safe and cost-effective
18 Tapping the unused potential of photosynthesis
19 Infant circumcision can be safely performed in rural Africa
20 Brain peptide research may lead to promising new treatments for mental illnesses
21 Emotionally invested parents give children a leg up in life
22 Japanese research team elucidates structure of bacterial flagellar motor protein
23 Adverse drug reactions may be under-reported in young children
24 Ross River virus battle breakthrough
25 A new way of taming ions can improve future health care
26 Communication and coordination of care are important for ensuring lupus patients' health
27 Novel nanoscale detection of real-time DNA amplification holds promise for diagnostics
28 Maternal smoking could lead to an increased risk for Tourette syndrome and tic disorders
29 Neutron crystallography aids in drug design
30 Risk to small children from family dog often underestimated
31 VIB team develops groundbreaking membrane analysis tool
32 Flying the flag for an airship revolution
33 New research reveals hundreds of undiscovered black holes
34 Physical activity may offset some of alcohol's lethal harms
35 Tooth decay--drilling down to the nanoscale
36 Mango and the microbiota: Potential role of this superfruit in maintaining gut health
37 Future fisheries can expect $10 billion revenue loss due to climate change
38 How fungi help trees tolerate drought
39 New tumor analysis method identifies high-risk prostate cancer
40 Model maps out molecular roots of learning and memory formation
41 Earned income tax credit program is a boon for health
42 Mount Sinai researchers pinpoint when cocaine-addicted individuals are most vulnerable to relapse
43 New protocols could significantly reduce postoperative setbacks in cardiac patients
44 New research supports hep C treatment for people who use drugs
45 CAR-T cell therapy makes strides in clinic *free*
46 Early impact of the affordable care act on oral contraceptive cost sharing
47 Dr. Richard Rosenfeld recommends shared decision-making in treating adult sinusitis
48 Americans are more politically independent, more polarized than ever
49 Humira provides effective, non-steroid alternative for eye inflammation
50 Surgery at high-quality hospitals costs Medicare less than at low-quality hospitals
51 Link between weather and chronic pain is emerging through innovative smartphone research
52 Call time on costly drug to curb excess drinking, say dtb editors
53 Recommended weekly physical activity level may offset some of alcohol's lethal harms
54 Deadly scrub typhus bacteria confirmed in South America
55 Life history of the 360-million-year-old tetrapod Acanthostega rewrites the tetrapod move on land
56 Hubble discovers rare fossil relic of early Milky Way
57 Astronomers discover rare fossil relic of early Milky Way
58 Aberrant epigenetic regulation behind the intestinal symptoms in celiac disease
59 'Opening the patient's skull' after head injury reduces risk of death from brain swelling
60 Atomic scale pipes available on demand and by design
61 Picky ants maintain color polymorphism of bugs they work with
62 Excess weight in women has different effects on different types of stroke
63 Computer simulation reveals p53 weak spots and opens new avenues against cancer
64 Do teachers' climate change beliefs influence students?
65 No consensus on how the microbiome affects tuberculosis, review finds
66 Antibacterial ingredients in indoor dust could contribute to antibiotic resistance
67 Combination therapy shows promise for chronic myeloid leukemia
68 Medicare's new way of paying hospitals could cause a bundle of problems for some
69 Cord blood transplant associated with high survival rate in high-risk leukemia patients
70 Historical coexistence with dingoes may explain bandicoot avoidance of domestic dogs
71 Humans may be uniquely identified by the proteins in their hair
72 Exercise can help keep medical costs down
73 More evidence that TV ads may influence kids' drinking
74 High variability suggests glycemic index is unreliable indicator of blood sugar response
75 Americans more politically polarized than ever; independents at an all time high
76 Migrating birds speed up in spring
77 Overcrowding forces pheasants to cooperate in Hawaii
78 Is 40 the new 50? Push for a new national local street speed
79 In eastern Tibetan forest, signs of tree growth amid climate change
80 Incubating climate change
81 Early palliative care improves coping, quality of life for patients with incurable cancers
82 'Mystery shopper' study finds barriers to palliative care at major cancer centers
83 Cancer caregivers experience unique burdens compared with other conditions
84 Family caregivers for patients with cancer experience high levels of anxiety, depression
85 White racism tied to fatal heart disease for blacks and whites
86 Thrive or fail: Examining forest resilience in the face of fires
87 PSA failure predicts risk of death only in healthy men
88 UTA researchers' papers find concept of using light to image, potentially treat PTSD
89 Pushing a parasite from land to sea
90 New breed of optical soliton wave discovered
91 Scientists reveal insights into treatment resistance of metastastic breast cancer research
92 Aerosol emissions in East Asia driven by consumption in developed countries
93 Many college students take remedial courses, but only some benefit, researchers find
94 The enigma machine takes a quantum leap
95 Genetically modified humans? CRISPR/Cas 9 explained (video)
96 A first for direct-drive fusion
97 New sensor could help fight deadly bacterial infections
98 NREL discovery creates future opportunity in quantum computing
99 NREL supercomputing provides insights from higher wind & solar generation in eastern grid
100 NREL releases updated baseline of cost and performance data for electricity generation technologies
101 Steroid use linked to worse outcomes in Lyme disease-associated facial paralysis
102 A tail of gene expression
103 Nano-lipid particles from edible ginger could improve drug delivery for colon cancer, study finds
104 Mouse studies show experimental TB treatment may do more harm than good
105 Beat the stock market by satisfying customers
106 NASA science flights study effect of summer melt on Greenland ice sheet
107 Flowers critical link to bacteria transmission in wild bees
108 TSRI scientists reverse alcohol dependence in animal models
109 Consumers may search online for 30 days, but buy close to what they found on the first day
110 NFL players' careers most affected by surgery to patellar tendon, Achilles tendon and ACL