File Title
1 Women postdocs less likely than men to get a glowing reference
2 Physics of 2D exotic matter wins Nobel
3 Warning to forest destroyers: this scientist will catch you
4 Paris climate deal to take effect as EU ratifies accord
5 A Mars rocket, an artificial pancreas and a plutonium problem
6 Can we open the black box of AI?
7 World's tiniest machines win chemistry Nobel
8 Syrian seed bank gets new home away from war
9 Human age limit claim sparks debate
10 Oppose the UK Higher Education and Research Bill
11 Premature burial, show business and the Nobel prize
12 The limits to human lifespan must be respected
13 Renewables need a grand-challenge strategy
14 Clean up energy innovation
15 PolyU study reveals minimalist shoes increase leg and foot muscles
16 Role identified for key protein in regeneration of damaged newt retinas
17 NIST-made 'sun and rain' used to study nanoparticle release from polymers
18 Laughter-based exercise program has health benefits, study finds
19 Component of red wine, grapes can help to reduce inflammation, study finds
20 Researchers report advance in low-cost clean energy generation
21 Business investment in innovation pays off
22 New technique for finding weakness in Earth's crust
23 Climate change will see some males get sexier
24 Consumption from within: How the brain controls our appetite
25 Cane toads make long-distance calls for love
26 Stretches of repeating DNA tied to cancer progression and survival
27 The spice of life: Cinnamon cools your stomach
28 Survival of the fittest in materials discovery
29 Lord of the Rings: UC archaeologists unveil new findings from Greek warrior's tomb
30 Blocking key gene reduces cigarette smoke toxicity in fish embryos
31 Carbon emissions from logging debris in Africa may be vastly underestimated
32 Antibody function may help keep tuberculosis infection under control
33 Study reveals new earthquake hazard in Afghanistan-Pakistan border region
34 A terrible rift
35 Study explains how an intestinal microbe protects against other, more dangerous bacteria
36 New protein bridges chemical divide for 'seamless' bioelectronics devices
37 Advancing lithium-air batteries with development of novel catalyst
38 Scientists track unexpected mechanisms of memory
39 Health determined by social relationships at work
40 Oxytocin enhances spirituality, new study says
41 Researchers probe secrets of bacterial immune system
42 A tour de (tiny) force
43 Healthy rewards points can promote healthy foods in restaurants
44 Turning to the brain to reboot computing
45 Deepwater Horizon oil spill caused widespread marsh erosion
46 Chemical exposure linked to lower witamin D levels
47 Yoga may be viable option for people with generalized anxiety disorder
48 Nighttime hot flashes may spark mild depression
49 Researchers find stem cells in normal and Fuchs corneal endothelium
50 Historical records may underestimate global sea level rise
51 Prions can pass on beneficial traits, Stanford study finds
52 Gut bacteria differ between obese and lean youth
53 A simple antidote for shame
54 Experts recommend continuous glucose monitors for adults with type 1 diabetes
55 Research on normative brain development in children could help doctors test for depression
56 Scientists illuminate a method for safer stem cell treatments
57 Floating DNA reveals urban shorelines support more animal life
58 Computer simulations explore how Alzheimer's disease starts
59 Thinking globally linked to optimism
60 Vast majority of impoverished fathers involved with their children
61 London researchers shine light on skin cancer treatment volumes
62 Do it well and do it right: Business success requires top-notch service and ethics
63 Unique bacterial chemist in the war on potatoes
64 'Open science' paves new pathway to develop malaria drugs
65 Dynamic duo: Biochemists describe cooperative halves of life-critical enzyme
66 Removing cellular bookmarks smooths the path to stem cells
67 Assessing the intangible
68 Microbes help plants survive in severe drought
69 Color-changing smart material sensor to alert user to get out of sun
70 Antibiotics developed in 1960s show promise for TB therapy
71 IU study reveals rats have greater episodic memory than previously thought
72 Missing fish catch data? Not necessarily a problem, new study says
73 All polar bears across the Arctic face shorter sea ice season
74 From Pokemon Go to birdwatching: UT scientist studies how we express our inner hunter
75 Dog poop microbiome predicts canine inflammatory bowel disease
76 Cold and bubbly: The sensory qualities that best quench thirst
77 Water vapor sets some oxides aflutter
78 More than just a cue, intrinsic reward helps make exercise a habit
79 Early development reveals axolotl mysteries
80 Water vapor sets some oxides aflutter
81 Farming with forests
82 Teacher pension plans plagued by debt
83 UA report: Few studies look at well-being of LGB youth of color
84 Researchers develop tool for measuring social entrepreneurship
85 Human stem cells treat spinal cord injury side effects in mice
86 Bizarre new species of extinct reptile shows dinosaurs copied body, skull shapes
87 Our galaxy's most-mysterious star is even stranger than astronomers thought
88 230-million-year-old Texas reptile had bizarre 'dinosaurian' features
89 How safe and effective are new drugs for stroke prevention?
90 Researchers take step toward understanding how multiple myeloma takes hold
91 Obesity genes probably didn't evolve to help us survive famine
92 Particular HPV strain linked to improved prognosis for throat cancer
93 Study identifies risk factors for physical decline among survivors of ARDS
94 Why midshipman fish only hum at night
95 Preliminary Zika vaccines prevent neurological disorders in newborn mice
96 Dartmouth study provides insight on why risk-taking behavior increases during adolescence
97 For women, caffeine could be ally in warding off dementia
98 Study on minimally invasive laser & 'mini' craniotomy for 'inoperable' brain tumors
99 Impact of cognitive functions on oral cancer therapies
100 What's in a name? For young Chinese consumers, it's about culture mixing
101 Glutamate plays previously unknown role in neuromuscular development
102 Bone marrow inflammation predicts leukemia risk
103 Study: Using Big Data to monitor societal events shows promise
104 Soil management may help stabilize maize yield in the face of climate change
105 Genomic imprinting gets complicated in adults
106 Diamond proves useful material for growing graphene
107 Gone phishin': CyLab exposes how our ability to spot phishing emails is far from perfect
108 Mobile self-care apps for early identification & treatment of lymphedema
109 Parents' age and the risk for autism and schizophrenia: Is the connection real?
110 Portable biological factories create pharmaceuticals