File Title
1 E-cigarette 'shoots fireball' on Universal Studios Hogwarts ride
2 Gene editing: Ethical issues 'should be discussed'
3 Russia plans to ban 'baby boxes' for unwanted infants
4 Dying woman picks road trip over chemotherapy
5 Prescribing holidays 'could help fight infections'
6 The hidden trauma of being torn during childbirth
7 Frank Pantridge, the 'father of emergency medicine'
8 Lemons and limeys: The man who helped to cure scurvy
9 A world without Down's syndrome?
10 How being alone may be the key to rest
11 Dr. Waheed Arian: The refugee who treats Afghans via Skype
12 Why talk of a cure for HIV is premature
13 What's with those giant green space blobs? Telescopes give a hint.
14 Pluto's heart: How did it get so frosty?
15 NASA orbiter reveals 'Shangri-La' on Titan
16 Musk's Mars colonization plan: Time to get real?
17 How a wobbly Earth may have drawn ancient migrants out of Africa
18 Where did Australia's aboriginals come from? Genomic data reveals clues.
19 En-Gedi scroll unfurled: How technology helped reveal an ancient biblical text
20 Out of Africa just once? DNA offers fresh look at humanity's family roots
21 These fish sing only at night. But why?
22 Why does the equinox signal the start of fall?
23 Were dinosaurs copycats? This ancient, domed skull suggests so.
24 A man who lived like a badger, rats in pants, and other Ig Nobel winners
25 Light-bending technique helps scientists find planets orbiting two suns
26 Rosetta pictures of summer fireworks on comet 67P explained
27 Singing fish: Unraveling the secrets of mysterious humming at night
28 SpaceX explosion traced to its helium system. Now what?
29 If aliens call, should we answer? Stephen Hawking weighs in
30 How satellites are helping decode human-caused earthquakes
31 Did the Vikings help distribute cats around the world?
32 China tests world's largest radio telescope: What's it hunting for? (+video)
33 Why NASA is so interested in Jupiter's frozen moon
34 SpaceX Raptor test: Is this the rocket that will take humans to Mars?
35 Why scientists are so thrilled by the icy geysers on Europa
36 Could Neanderthals hear the same sounds as humans?
37 It's warmer now than it has been in 120,000 years, say scientists
38 Mercuryquakes? Planet nearest to the sun may have tectonic activity.
39 Could ornamented skulls have helped dinosaurs get big?
40 Did your zodiac sign change? Don't worry, NASA says astrology is still fake
41 Earth CO2 levels: Have we crossed a point of no return?
42 Earth is locked into 5 degrees Celsius of global warming? Not so fast.
43 Our corner of the Milky Way might be bigger than previously thought
44 Why the United Nations is launching a space mission
45 What were ancient Roman coins doing underneath a Japanese castle?
46 Northern Lights: Iceland turns off the lights to admire nature's own
47 After more than a decade, Rosetta space probe makes its final landing
48 How a bizarre Triassic reptile could change what an arm looks like
49 Bye-bye Rosetta: Why scientists crashed the famed comet-explorer on purpose
50 Did Mars's crust contribute to its atmosphere?
51 Colonizing Mars: Will 'regular people' be allowed to go?
52 Czech Republic home to world's deepest known underwater cave
53 Mammal study suggests man may not be 'cruelest animal,' after all
54 What spiral 'arms' around a star tell us about planet formation
55 Why seismologists warned of a big earthquake in California this week (+video)
56 Gobi Desert find: What this big dinosaur footprint reveals
57 Yosemite's endangered frogs show signs of rebound
58 What's next for NASA's Curiosity Mars rover?
59 Teeth reveal new extinct species of giant shark
60 Trio of physicists awarded Nobel for study of exotic phases of matter
61 Could Iran's space program work with NASA?
62 Unexpected life thriving in Hawaii's 'twilight zone,' say scientists
63 Melting Arctic ice brings opportunities--and risks--to Maine
64 Why 'strange' matter matters to the Nobel Prize committee
65 Nobel Prize in chemistry: Scientists building world's tiniest machines
66 How did bees teach us about culture? They pulled some strings.
67 Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin successfully tests rocket escape system
68 How China plans to take 20 'bosses' and 'businessmen' to space on a plane
69 A tiny revolution? Three scientists win Nobel Prize for molecule machines
70 'Self-Eating' Cells and the Future of Medicine
71 Stall Catchers: A Citizen Science Game to Combat Alzheimer's
72 A Pox No More
73 Flesh-Eating Bacteria like It Hot
74 Deadly Venoms Help Rather than Hurt
75 The Secret of Cashmere's Luxurious Appeal
76 Are Brain Training Apps a Waste of Time, Money?
77 Open Data and CFS/ME - A PACE Odyssey Part 1
78 Flashback Friday: Want to be happier? Skip the small talk.
79 The Terrorist Inside Robin Williams' Brain
80 Living and Dying With a Comet
81 The Race to Proxima Centauri (Part 1)
82 Goblin Shark Gives a Lesson in Dismantling Your Face to Eat
83 Stephen Hawking Is Still Afraid of Aliens
84 Deep-Diving Robots Zap, Kill Invasive Lionfish
85 Pluto's 'Heart' Hints at Deep, Underground Ocean
86 Boredom Is Good for Kids
87 Morning Sickness Really Is a Good Thing
88 Burn Scar from Massive Australian Wildfire Visible from Space
89 America's Climate Plan Falls Short of its Promises
90 Elon Musk Unveils SpaceX Raptor Engine Test for Interplanetary Transport
91 Should Men Get Screened for Breast Cancer?
92 This Roller Coaster Helps People Pass Kidney Stones (Yes, Really)
93 Heavy Marijuana Use May Damage the Brain
94 1st Computer-Generated Music Record from Alan Turing's Lab Restored
95 On Jupiter's Moon Europa, More Tantalizing Signs of Giant Water Plumes
96 New 'Artificial Synapses' Pave Way for Brain-Like Computers
97 Rate of Opioid-Dependent Babies Doubles in US
98 Neanderthals Fashioned 'Jewelry' Out of Animal Teeth and Shells
99 The Complicated Sex Lives of Giant Pandas
100 Stop Complaining about 'Fake' Colors in NASA Images
101 Artificial Blood Vessels Grow After They're Implanted
102 Clown Sightings Not Always a Laughing Matter
103 New Shape-Shifting Materials Let Biomedical Implants Morph Over Time
104 Religion May Motivate Humanity's Future Expansion into Space
105 The Universe Is Directionless, Study Finds
106 Did 1 Sexually Active Tortoise Really Save His Species?
107 World's Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Passes 400 PPM Threshold. Permanently
108 Dinosaur Horns and Crests Tied to Rapid Growth Spurt
109 What Your Temperament Says About You (or a Presidential Candidate)
110 A Vaccine for the Common Cold May Be Possible