File Title
1 Water Crisis in Bangladesh
2 Pioneer in Molecular Imaging to Lead MSU's New Bio Engineering Research Initiatives
3 Southeastern Experiments with Floating Marshland to Clean Stormwater Runoff
4 NUS-Led Study: Consumption of a Bioactive Compound from Neem Plant Could Significantly Suppress Development of Prostate Cancer
5 Older Adults No Slower than Young Adults at Taking Control of Semi-Autonomous Vehicles
6 FAU and Sancilio & Company, Inc. Join Forces to Train Drug Development Workforce
7 New Research Could Help Build Better Hearing Aids
8 Kansas State University Contributes to Potential Zika Virus Vaccine Development
9 Identifying Children and Saving Lives One Thumbprint at a Time
10 Sandy's Surge Topped by 'Rogue' 1950 Storm in Some Areas
11 Food Additive Key to Environmentally Friendly, Efficient, Plastic Solar Cells
12 New Evidence Shifts the Timeline Back for Human Arrival in the Americas
13 Contrary to Popular Belief--Coca Not the Driving Force of Deforestation, Report Reveals
14 UW-Madison Geoscientist Offers Free Geologic Exploration App
15 MSU Contributes to Autonomous-Vehicle Research
16 New Technique for Finding Weakness in Earth's Crust
17 Spiral Arms Embrace Young Star
18 Study of North Atlantic Ocean Reveals Decline of Leaded Petrol Emissions
19 Ocean Conditions Contributed to Unprecedented 2015 Toxic Algal Bloom
20 New Echolocation App on Google Play
21 UTSW Scientists Find Lethal Vulnerability in Treatment-Resistant Lung Cancer
22 UW-Milwaukee Researcher Helps Discover New Genetic Variations
23 Physicists Quench Their Thirst for Modeling Superfluids
24 Gulf Observing Organization Releases New Strategic Plan
25 New Research Reveals an Ancient Reptile Had Bizarre Forelimb Evolution
26 First Evidence of Deep-Sea Animals Ingesting Microplastics
27 Small Businesses Show Off Tech Solutions at Small Business Innovative Workshop
28 FBI Hazardous Devices School Becomes REDOPS Testbed
29 CO2 Record at Mauna Loa, the Music Video: The Sounds of Climate Change
30 Giant Thai Insect Reveals Clues to Human Heart Disease
31 Penn Scientists Receive $24 Million from National Science Foundation to Establish MechanoBiology Center
32 Research Provides Understanding About Expansion and Contraction of the Tropical Rain Belt
33 From Pokemon Go to Birdwatching: UT Scientist Studies How We Express Our Inner Hunter
34 Soil: More than Meets the Eye
35 N/A
36 Iowa State University Scientists Propose a New Strategy to Accelerate Plant Breeding by Turbocharging Gene Banks
37 UF/IFAS Study: Sweet Sensation 'Florida127' Strawberry Lives Up to Its Name
38 Professor Shows Brain Waves Can Be Used to Detect Potentially Harmful Personal Information
39 Hearing the Same Sound Twice in Each Ear Helps Insects Locate Their Mates
40 Researchers Discover More Efficient Way to Split Water, Produce Hydrogen
41 Dog Poop Microbiome Predicts Canine Inflammatory Bowel Disease
42 Cold and Bubbly: The Sensory Qualities that Best Quench Thirst
43 New RNA Stem Cell Editing Reduces Unintended Genetic Complications
44 UCAR Congressional Briefing Highlights Flood, Drought Prediction
45 Turning to the Brain to Reboot Computing
46 New Protein Bridges Chemical Divide for 'Seamless' Bioelectronics Devices
47 UAB Grad Student Uncovers Alabama Fossils Likely from Oldest Ancestor of Modern Sea Turtles
48 Celebrating Women in Science on Ada Lovelace Day 2016
49 UK police tackle Cyprus bird poachers
50 Strange matter wins physics Nobel
51 Paris climate deal: EU backs landmark agreement
52 'Indiana Jones' shark gains protection at CITES meeting
53 Efforts to boost elephant protection fails at CITES
54 Medicine Nobel for cell recycling work
55 'Flying ivory' hornbill bird gains extra protection
56 Europe must find another Rosetta
57 Hawaiian bees are first on US endangered species list
58 Call to close ivory markets agreed at CITES conference
59 Cheetah trade: Nations to suppress social media enticement
60 Rosetta mission ends in comet collision
61 'Colossal' wasp nest found in Corby attic
62 Chasing the Sun: The woman forgotten by science
63 Why India's commercial space programme is thriving
64 Zambia's front line between elephants and humans
65 Flights probe jet stream role in floods
66 CITES species meeting: 'The only game in town'
67 Europe must find another Rosetta
68 Yahoo 'secretly scanned emails for US authorities'
69 Google Pixel phones and Home speaker take on Siri and Echo
70 Which report: UK 'lags behind' London on 4G coverage
71 Panasonic reveals bendable battery at Ceatec
72 Johnson & Johnson says insulin pump 'could be hacked'
73 Amazon ban on incentivised reviews
74 Meerkat live-streaming app 'dead'
75 Have hackers turned my printer into an offensive weapon?
76 Toyota launches 'baby' robot for companionship
77 Facebook Messenger 'slims down' for old phones
78 Russian blogger Anton Nosik convicted of extremism
79 Samsung: Have 'exploding' Galaxy Note 7s burned the brand?
80 Are killer bots about to do away with smartphone apps?
81 Listening to the music of Turing's computer
82 Could you be sending your firm's cash to fraudsters?
83 Candy Crush Saga: Life beyond level 2,000
84 Is the world wide web a waste of water?
85 Is this the moment e-sports comes of age?
86 Has the US just given away the internet?
87 Classrooms need more male teachers, charity says
88 Be Cleopatra not a Kardashian, girls advised
89 Greening announces social mobility 'opportunity areas'
90 Pressure to look perfect hits girls' confidence, say Guides
91 New immigration curbs needed 'to change tide of opinion'
92 Freshers' week 'isolating and expensive,' say head teachers
93 Barnsley and Middlesbrough see pupil exclusion rises of 300%
94 Headmasters' warning against public-private sector 'forced marriage'
95 SSTA members vote for industrial action
96 Grammar schools will not be in every town, says Theresa May
97 Academy boss says grammar plans may leave children behind
98 Bradford Kings Science academy staff jailed for fraud
99 Narcissism 'short-lived way to popularity'
100 South African teen wins Google prize for orange peel innovation
101 What's it like to be the child of a survivor?
102 Urine test for CJD 'a possibility'
103 Medicine Nobel for cell recycling work
104 Thailand confirms two cases of Zika-linked microcephaly
105 Cosmetic surgery check-list for patients
106 Black Monday: Polish women strike against abortion ban
107 Animal TB threatens human health say vets and doctors
108 One in 10 children has 'Aids defense'
109 Student doctor numbers to rise by 25%
110 One in six young people eat fast food 'twice a day'