File Title
1 How Airlines Are Cutting Their Carbon Footprint
2 Intercropping: Intersection of Soil Health, Production
3 Resonance in Rainbow Bridge
4 Speedy Bacteria Detector Could Help Prevent Foodborne Illnesses
5 New Report Aims to Make Eye Health a Public Health Priority
6 Researchers Describe Key Protein Structure and a Drug Prototype that Could Assist Therapeutic Development
7 A Breakthrough in Our Understanding of How Things Deform
8 BW Biology Faculty, Students Study Impact of Invasive Earthworms on Native Plants
9 Scientists Triple Known Types of Viruses in World's Oceans
10 Scientists Triple Known Types of Viruses in World's Oceans
11 Largest Genomic Analysis of Understudied Populations Illuminates Modern-Day Genetic Diversity, Ancient Population Shifts
12 Nova Southeastern University Opens New Center for Collaborative Research
13 Popular Geosciences Free Mobile App Adds 53 New Field Trip Guides with 400 Stops
14 Greenland Ice Is Melting 7 Percent Faster than Previously Thought
15 What's Happening Beneath Greenland?
16 Neutrophils Are Key to Harnessing Anti-Tumor Immune Response from Radiation Therapy, Study Finds
17 GBSI's Workshop Gathers 100+ Biomedical Research Experts at Asilomar to Develop the First Practical, Implementable Antibody Validation Guidelines
18 Popeye was Right: There's Energy in that Spinach
19 When We're Unsure How to Respond, How Does Our Brain Decide whether a Situation is Pleasant or Not?
20 Ludwig Study Exposes Key Requirement for Regulatory T Cell Function
21 Virginia Tech Researcher Finds Gene that Reduces Female Mosquitoes
22 Meet Rutgers' RADICAL Supercomputing Guru
23 Researchers Stretch Understanding of Skin's Limits
24 Food Scientists Using X-Rays to Figure Out Fats
25 Culex Mosquitoes Do Not Transmit Zika Virus, Kansas State University Study Finds
26 Researchers Find Fungus-Fighting Compound in Drug Discovery Center Library
27 Low Oil Prices Reduce Pain at the Pump
28 New Study of CRISPR-Cas9 Technology Shows Potential to Improve Crop Efficiency
29 Hubble Finds Planet Orbiting Pair of Stars
30 How a Native Plant Ended Up on Reality TV, and Why It's at Risk
31 Trophy Hunting of Lions Can Conserve the Species
32 NYU Meyers Receives $2.9 million Grant from the National Science Foundation to Develop a Holodeck Instrument
33 Bizarre New Species of Extinct Reptile Shows Dinosaurs Copied Body, Skull Shapes of Distant Relatives
34 Melanoma Tumors Use Interferon-Gamma Mutations to Fight Immunotherapy
35 With Great Power Comes Great Laser Science
36 A Marriage Made in Sunlight: Invention Merges Solar with Liquid Battery
37 NASA to Explore Molecules in the Cosmos with Tool Created at Cornell
38 Soil Will Absorb Less Atmospheric Carbon than Expected this Century, UCI-Led Study Finds
39 ALMA Explores the Hubble Ultra Deep Field
40 Different Tree Species Use the Same Genes to Adapt to Climate Change, Researchers Find
41 ALMA Uncovers Secrets of Giant Space Blob
42 Older adults with long-term alcohol dependence lose neurocognitive abilities
43 Specific Trauma Experiences Contribute to Women's Alcohol Use, Differs by Race
44 Study Finds Apple and Lettuce Can Remedy Garlic Breath
45 Caspian Terns Discovered Nesting 1,000 Miles Farther to the North than Ever Recorded in Alaska
46 Fall Color Peak Difficult to Predict, Says Virginia Tech Tree Expert
47 Science Can Shape Healthy City Planning
48 Antarctic Mystery Solved?
49 Penn State Receives Funds for Student-Centered Initiative on Energy Efficiency
50 UF/IFAS Uses Wasps to Monitor Exotic Joro Spider
51 Ancient Skeleton Discovered on Antikythera Shipwreck
52 Rowan Engineering CREATEs Solutions to Roadway Problems
53 How Natural Selection Acted on One Penguin Species Over the Past Quarter Century
54 National Ignition Facility Tops 400 Shots in FY16
55 Ancestor of Arthropods Had the Mouth of a Penis Worm
56 New Study Describes What Happens When the Brain Is Artificially Stimulated
57 Lowering the Heat Makes New Materials Possible While Saving Energy
58 Energy Award Supports Research on New Method of Making Ammonia
59 How the Anthrax Toxin Forms a Deadly "Conveyer Belt"
60 Watching Molecular Machines at Work
61 Computer Engineers Boost App Speeds by More than 9 Percent
62 Yeast Knockouts Peel Back Secrets of Cell Protein Function
63 Discovery: A New Form of Light
64 Scientists' Finding Supports Moon Creation Hypothesis
65 U of G Discovery May Benefit Farmers Worldwide
66 Rising Ocean Temperatures Threaten Baby Lobsters
67 Photons Do the Twist, and Scientists Can Now Measure It
68 Iowa State, Chevron Team Up to Develop Pilot Plant, Advance Biofuel Technology
69 New Winter Wheat Variety Offers High Yields, Disease Resistance
70 NASA's Hubble Spots Possible Water Plumes Erupting on Jupiter's Moon Europa
71 The 'Worm' Holds the Key to Treating Epilepsy; New Possibilities for Rapid Drug Discovery
72 Life in Ancient Oceans Enabled by Erosion from Land
73 Parkinson's Disease Protection May Begin in the Gut
74 UT Dallas Scientists Put a New Twist on Artificial Muscles
75 Climate change will see some males get sexier
76 Consistency Builds Cohesion in the Animal Kingdom
77 'Missing Link' Found in the Development of Bioelectronic Medicines
78 Nanotech Could Give Us Safer, Greener Diapers and Sanitary Products
79 Scientists Discover 3.8 Million Year-Old Proteins
80 Second Sight
81 NIH Funds Research to See if Gut Microbiomes of Hispanics/Latinos Influence Their Diabetes Risk
82 Creating Antimatter via Lasers?
83 Quantum Computing Advances with University of Tokyo Researchers' Control of Entanglement
84 Cosmic Dust Demystified
85 High-Tech Future Early Warning System for Hurricanes, Tornados and Volcanic Eruptions
86 Outrageous Heads Led to Outrageously Large Dinosaurs
87 Secure Passwords Can Be Sent Through Your Body, Instead of Air
88 Georgia State CHARA Array Awarded $3.9 Million to Provide Telescope Access to Scientists Across the Nation
89 Missing Fish Catch Data? Not Necessarily a Problem, New Study Says
90 Optimization Technique Identifies Cost-Effective Biodiversity Corridors
91 Mastectomy Plus Reconstruction Has Highest Rate of Complication, Complication-Related Costs of Guideline-Concordant Therapies for Early Breast Cancer
92 Researchers Modify Yeast to Show How Plants Respond to a Key Hormone
93 Energy Drink Use, with or Without Alcohol, Contributes to Drunk Driving
94 Alcohol-Involved Homicide Victimization: Common, Linked to Male Gender, Minority Status, and History of Domestic Abuse
95 Forbidden Fruit a Fatal Temptation for Grizzly Bears in Southeastern British Columbia: Human Settlement and Abundant Fruit Create Ecological Trap for the Apex Omnivore
96 Scientists Visualise Quantum Behaviour of Hot Electrons for First Time
97 Former Pesticide Ingredient Found in Dolphins, Birds and Fish
98 Olin College Professor Sara Hendren to Exhibit at South by South Lawn: A White House Festival of Ideas, Art, and Action
99 Toward 'Greener,' Inexpensive Solar Cells
100 Snake Venom Composition Could Be Related to Hormones and Diet
101 Preparing for (Another) Biological Attack
102 Frankfurter Fraud: Finding Out What's in Your Hot Dog
103 GUIDE-Seq: Genetic Duct Tape and DNA Damage
104 Climate Change Jigsaw Puzzle: Antarctic Pieces Missing
105 Researchers Identify Treatment Target for Blinding Diseases
106 Three Key Approaches to Increasing Research Antibody Validation Defined at GBSI Workshop
107 Solution Blooming for Fracking Spills?
108 Wireless, Freely Behaving Rodent Cage Helps Scientists Collect More Reliable Data
109 Cosmology Safe as Universe Has No Sense of Direction
110 Penetrable Armor