File Title
1 Foam Stops Sloshing Liquid
2 Tuning Materials and Devices to Adapt to Their Environment
3 Peach-Sized Strawberry Delivers Huge Dose of Intense Flavor
4 Linking Perception to Action
5 Westerly Winds Have Blown Across Central Asia for at Least 42 Million Years
6 Study Links Altered Brain Chemistry, Behavioral Impairments in Fish Exposed to Elevated CO2
7 New Fabric Uses Sun and Wind to Power Devices
8 UCI Study Links Selfies, Happiness
9 New Analysis Explores the Geographical Origins of the Flu
10 Green City in UAE Desert Has Much to Teach the World
11 National Science Foundation Supports Stony Creek Colors and Danforth Center Collaboration for Bio-Based Indigo Business Project
12 UF/IFAS-Led Team Finds Faster, Better Way to Detect Salmonella in Meat, Chicken
13 All Polar Bears Across the Arctic Face Shorter Sea Ice Season
14 HERA, the 'Cosmic Dawn' Telescope, Receives Major NSF Support
15 Protecting Streams that Feed Lake Erie Will Take Much Work, Study Finds
16 ARTMS Products Inc. Licenses Canadian Technology to Address the Global Medical Isotope Supply Challenge
17 Biodiversity Research Institute Announces Research Results: Comprehensive Study Finds Widespread Mercury Contamination Across Western North America
18 Organic Panic: Finding the Right Combination
19 Chemists Report New Insights About Properties of Matter at the Nanoscale
20 New Book Details South America's Surprising Prehistoric Mammals
21 Big Pixel Initiative Develops Remote Sensing Analysis to Help Map Global Urbanization
22 CSU Dominguez Hills Professor Ashish Sinha's Research is Longest Record of Asian Monsoon, Leads to Discovery of what Ends Ice Ages
23 New Optofluidic Platform Features Tunable Optics and Novel 'Lightvalves'
24 Testing for Damage to Airways Caused by Drinking and Smoking
25 Drug-Loaded Synthetic Nanoparticles Can Distinguish Lung Cancer Cells from Healthy Cells
26 Yes, Computing Genetic Ancestors Is Super Accurate
27 Advancing Lithium-air Batteries with Development of Novel Catalyst
28 New Tech to Boost Electric Vehicle Efficiency, Range
29 Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Research Reduces Violence Against Pregnant Women
30 Robo-Fish, Mimicking Nature Land Professor with U.S. Department of the Navy Research Grant
31 Water-Energy Dependence Around Pacific Rim Mapped in New Sandia Study
32 AMP Study Explores Potency of Antibodies to Combat HIV Infection
33 'Open Science' Paves New Pathway to Develop Malaria Drugs
34 Meeting Demand for 'Natural' Vanilla Calls for Creativity
35 Food Waste Could Store Solar and Wind Energy
36 WattGlass Receives U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Award
37 Shedding Light on the Limits of the Expanded Genetic Code
38 Making a Multi-Use, Stiff Carbon Foam Using Bread
39 Students Attempt First-Ever Moon Orbit with Satellite Smaller than a Cereal Box
40 Black Hole Hidden Within Its Own Exhaust
41 Where Does the Water Go?
42 Advanced Nano-Cutter Boosts Emerging Materials Research at UW--Madison
43 Modern-Day Alchemy: Researchers Reveal that Magnetic 'Rust' Performs as Gold at the Nanoscale
44 Researchers Find Earth Composed of Different Materials than Meteorites
45 Hubble Takes Close-Up Look at Disintegrating Comet
46 Southern Research Studies Ways to Spur Innovation, New Jobs in Alabama Coal Country
47 Crowd-Sourcing in Research: Wildlife Diseases Challenge Grant
48 Ramping Up Nutritional Levels of Oat Varieties
49 Uniform "Hairy" Nanorods Have Potential Energy, Biomedical Applications
50 Wilting U.S. Cut Flower Industry Could Perk Up with More University Research
51 Floating DNA Reveals Urban Shorelines Support More Animal Life
52 Despite Recent Incidents, Driver-Assist Technology Will Save Lives
53 UCI Study Uncovers New Molecular Signaling Mechanism for Correcting Childhood Visual Disorders
54 How Rattlesnakes Got, and Lost, Their Venom
55 TSRI Study Suggests Disordered Protein 'Shape Shifts' to Avoid Crowding
56 Brain Benefits of Aerobic Exercise Lost to Mercury Exposure
57 Samsung's Battery Woes Began with a Thinner 'Club Sandwich'
58 Solar System Could Have Evolved from Poorly Mixed Elemental Soup
59 Genes Essential to Life Found in Mouse Mutants Are Related to Many Human Disease Genes
60 Large Protein Nanocages Could Improve Drug Design and Delivery
61 Increase in Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Hinders Treatment of Kidney Infections
62 Study Links Altered Brain Chemistry, Behavioral Impairments in Fish Exposed to Elevated CO2
63 Renewable Energy: Research Reveals More than Industry Truths
64 A Reptilian Anachronism: American Alligator Older than We Thought
65 UT Southwestern Scientists Enhance Ability of Antibiotics to Defeat Resistant Types of Bacteria Using Molecules Called PPMOs
66 What Makes a Video Game Great? There's Now a Scientific Way to Stop GUESSing
67 Expert in Robotics Dives Deep with Underwater Autonomy
68 Gardening as a Child May Lead College Students to Eat More Veggies
69 Cleaning Concrete Contaminated with Chemicals
70 Iowa State University Scientist Helps to Reach Back Through Centuries of Cultivation to Track How Corn Adapted to Different Elevations and Environments
71 Revealing Earth's Early Secrets: Scientists Uncover Insights into the Formation of Earth's Oldest Continental Crust
72 Microbes Help Plants Survive in Severe Drought
73 New SERVIR Hub to Help Manage Natural Resources in West Africa
74 Genes Influence Response to Glycemic Control as a Preventive Therapy for Cardiovascular Complications in Type 2 Diabetes
75 E-Cigarette Research: Flavorings and Higher Voltage Increase Toxicity of E-Cigs
76 Mosquito Preference for Human Versus Animal Biting Has Genetic Basis
77 One Year After Volkswagen Scandal WVU Researchers Look to the Future of Emissions Technology
78 Award for Genetic Tracking to Rein in Pangolin Poaching
79 Breakthrough in Salt-Tolerance in Plants Research
80 Climate Change Means Land Use Will Need to Change to Keep Up with Global Food Demand, Say Scientists
81 Affordable Detectors for Gamma Radiation
82 An Expanded Genetic Code Is Shown Phototoxic to Cells
83 Researchers Receive DARPA Award to Help Build Single-Photon Detector
84 A Low-Cost Sensor for Cystic Fibrosis Diagnosis
85 Ludwig Researchers Solve a Mystery of Early Embryonic Development
86 FAU Harbor Branch Scientists to Use Underwater Holographic Microscope to Research Indian River Lagoon
87 Reconfigurable Chaos-Based Microchips Offer Possible Solution to Moore's Law
88 The Shape-Shifting Protein Behind Alzheimer's Disease
89 VW Emissions Cheat May Lead to 50 Premature Deaths, $423 Million in Economic Costs: Study
90 Acoustic Metamaterial Panel Absorbs Low-Frequency Sound
91 Using Nonlinearity in Understanding Market Forces
92 Scientists Outline How Brain Separates Relevant & Irrelevant Information
93 New Study Examines Where and How Climate Change Is Altering Species
94 Inherited Parental Methylation Shifts Over Time, May Have Functional Effects in the Brain and Other Tissues
95 New Therapeutic Target for Crohn's Disease
96 Scientists Discover Interplay of Yin-Yang Antagonists Vital for Cell Division
97 Boise State Research Explores Thermoelectric Screen Printing
98 New Comprehensive Approach to Inland Fisheries Management
99 Making Catalysts Smarter
100 Ancient Skeleton Discovered on Antikythera Shipwreck
101 Engineering Professor Provides Insight into US and European Open Access Publishing
102 3-D Animated Video Simulates Landscape Changes Over 150 Years
103 Sac State Prof.'s Study Seeks to Make Tsunamis Safer
104 In Rotating Galaxies, Distribution of Normal Matter Precisely Determines Gravitational Acceleration
105 Decisions in a Pinch
106 Galactic Fireworks Illuminate Monster Hydrogen Blob
107 UF/IFAS Study: Bringing Bugs to the Classroom Makes Everyone Smarter
108 New Insights into "Plant Memories"
109 Smallest-Reported Artificial Virus Could Help Advance Gene Therapy
110 Coffee-infused foam removes lead from contaminated water