File Title
1 Legionnaires' Disease Outbreak: Memphis Motel Tied to 6,000 Cases
2 Farm Children Are Less Likely to Develop Allergies and Asthma Later in Life, Researchers Claim
3 Researchers Engineer Artificial Blood Vessels for Children with Heart Defects
4 Air Pollution Emergency? Polluted Air Affects Most of the World: WHO
5 World's First 'Three Parent Baby' Born Using Controversial Method
6 New Way to Treat Hypertension Discovered
7 Artificial Pancreas? First Automated Insulin Pump Approved by FDA
8 Acupuncture Reduces Menopausal Pains, Study Says
9 Chicago Doctor Uses Cat Saliva, Vodka for Homemade Vaccines
10 ALS Latest News and Updates: Scientists Discover Cells that Destroy Motor Neurons in ALS
11 Mediterranean Diet Linked to Reduced Risk of Heart Disease
12 Twitter Can Help People's Fight Against Heart Disease; Research Shows
13 Commonly Used Painkillers Linked to Risk of Heart Failure
14 High-Fat Diet Linked to Intestinal Tumors Formation
15 Dementia Alert: Help for Wandering Patients Continues to Come in Different Forms
16 Zika Virus Can Spread Through Sweat and Tears, Experts Investigate
17 Tinder Introduces New Feature, Helps You Get Booty Call Faster
18 Twitter Can Help People's Fight Against Heart Disease; Research Shows
19 Spotify to Acquire SoundCloud: New 'Spoticloud' Could Beat Up Apple Music
20 Mediterranean Diet Linked to Reduced Risk of Heart Disease
21 McLaren for Kids: Affordable Electric Car Mclaren P1, Not Just a Toy Car
22 Acupuncture Reduces Menopausal Pains, Study Says
23 Apple to Give Up Lightning Port Next?
24 Artificial Pancreas? First Automated Insulin Pump Approved by FDA
25 Majestic Helmeted Hornbill Becoming Extinct by Poaching for Its "Red Ivory" Beak
26 Commonly Used Painkillers Linked to Risk of Heart Failure
27 Apple to Shift London HQ to Battersea Power Station: A Vote of Confidence in the UK Economy
28 Chicago Doctor Uses Cat Saliva, Vodka for Homemade Vaccines
29 Meerkats Top the List of the Mammals that Would Likely Kill Their Own Kind
30 For First Time, Carbon Nanotube Transistors Outperform Silicon
31 Ceres: The Tiny World Where Volcanoes Erupt Ice
32 Personnel Selection and Training Could Mitigate the Effects of Cognitive Lock-Up Among Automation Operators
33 'Materials that Compute' Advances as Pitt Engineers Demonstrate Pattern Recognition
34 Masdar Institute and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Develop Low-Cost Solar Device that Converts Sunlight to Steam in Dusty Environment
35 New Genus of Bacteria Found Living Inside Hydraulic Fracturing Wells
36 Nutrient pollution is changing sounds in the sea
37 Hops Research Among UF/IFAS Winners at National Horticultural Science Awards
38 Seed Quality Topic of Symposium
39 Genetics of African Khoesan Populations Maps to Kalahari Desert Geography
40 X-Ray Vision: Bomb Techs Strengthen Their Hand with Sandia's XTK Software
41 Location Matters in the Self-Assembly of Nanoclusters
42 Water and Light 'Flow' Inspire Ultrasensitive Optical Microfiber Coupler Sensor
43 Fish 'Biowaste' Converted to Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters
44 Zika Virus Found in Tears
45 Detailed Age Map Shows How Milky Way Came Together
46 There's More to Beans than You Think
47 Brown Dwarfs Hiding in Plain Sight in Our Solar Neighborhood
48 $3 Million Grant to Support First Detailed Map of the Nation's Food, Energy, and Water Systems
49 The Origin of Life: RNA World Deep Beneath the Surface
50 Study Demonstrates Seasonality of Bird Migration in Response to Environmental Cues
51 Canadian Government Awards $77.8 million to Lead "Global Water Futures" Research Program at the University of Saskatchewan
52 Detecting and Correcting Factory Faults, Cyberattacks in Real Time
53 Cognitive function tests reliable for people with intellectual disabilities, UC Davis research shows
54 Tapping the Unused Potential of Photosynthesis
55 New Service Improves Cloud Storage Usage on Mobile Devices
56 New UF/IFAS Method Detects Low-Dose Impacts of Man-Made Chemicals in Water
57 NYU Biologist Ghedin to Study Zika Virus During Infection Under $1 Million Grant
58 Taking Advantage of Plants' Little Fungal Helpers
59 Ithaca College Professor Part of NASA Mission to Explore Potentially Earth-Bound Asteroid
60 Funding Boosts Exascale Computing Research
61 Smartphone Hacks 3-D Printer by Measuring 'Leaked' Energy and Acoustic Waves
62 Future Fisheries Can Expect $10 Billion Revenue Loss Due to Climate Change
63 Visualizing the Universe
64 'Goldilocks' Fuel Cell Membrane Outperforms Market
65 Combination Therapy Shows Promise for Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
66 Lawrence Livermore-Led Team Develops Forensic Method to Identify People Using Human Hair Proteins
67 Calculating the Role of Lakes in Global Warming
68 Study Shows that Saskatchewan Uranium Mining Emits Few Greenhouse Gases
69 The Pleasures--and Perils--of Protein: Study in Fruit Flies Reveals New Clues to Appetite and Aging
70 Department of Energy Funds Research on Optoelectronic Devices
71 Probing a Mosquito Protein for Clues in the Fight Against Zika
72 Bringing Graphene Speakers to the Mobile Market [Video]
73 Ginger and Chili Peppers Could Work Together to Lower Cancer Risk
74 Harvesting Water from Air with Less Energy
75 How to Fight Drug-Resistant Bacteria
76 Diabetes Drug Focus of New Clinical Trial for Parkinson's Disease
77 Virginia Tech Undergrad Leads Study Naming Reptile from 212 Million Years Ago
78 UT Dallas Study Explores Youths' Motivations for Painting Graffiti
79 Life After Fitbit: Appealing to Those Who Feel Guilty vs. Free
80 Male Chemistry Primes Females for Reproduction--but at a Cost
81 Study: A Tenth of the World's Wilderness Lost Since the 1990s
82 Risk Factors for Congenital Heart Defects May Lie Both Inside and Outside the Heart
83 Kill Them with Cuteness: The Adorable Thing Bats Do to Catch Prey
84 How Do Shark Teeth Bite? Reciprocating Saw, Glue Provide Answers
85 Voracious Asian Jumping Worms Strip Forest Floor and Flood Soil with Nutrients
86 There Must Be Some Misunderstanding: Researchers Outline Barriers to Treating Fear and Anxiety
87 CHORI Study Reveals Potential Improvements for Effectiveness of Meningococcal Vaccines
88 UGA Entomology to Lead Effort to Digitize North America's Butterfly and Moth Collections
89 Dammed if You Do: Scientists Recommend Strategies to Reduce Environmental Damage from Dams
90 Scientists Expect to Calculate Amount of Fuel Inside Earth by 2025
91 New Computer Chip Manufacturing Method Squeezes More onto Limited Wafer Space
92 Study Demonstrates Seasonality of Bird Migration in Response to Environmental Cues
93 Hippo Teeth Reveal Environmental Change
94 Chemistry Says Moon Is Proto-Earth's Mantle, Relocated
95 Snails' Speedy Insulin
96 Revving the Microbial Engine: Horsepower Versus Fuel Efficiency in Bacterial Genomes
97 Between a Rock and a Hard Place: USU Biologists Unearth Sandstone-Excavating Bees
98 UF/IFAS Study: Global Food Security Aided by Combining Different Methods
99 Scientists Use Genetic Analysis to Forecast Spatial Expansion of Rabies in Peru
100 Chemists Offer Enhanced 3D Look Inside Batteries
101 Genomics Expert Available to Speak on Zika's Evolution and Spread
102 'Tracking Bugs' Reveal Secret of Cancer Cell Metabolism
103 Light Tames Lethal Heart Disorders in Mice and Virtual Humans
104 Manipulation of Liquid Crystals Could Help Control Drug-Delivery Process
105 Strong Alcohol Policies Can Help Prevent Suicide
106 Initiative to Restore One Million Corals Launches in the Caribbean and Florida Keys
107 NSF Funds UC Santa Cruz Project to Develop Assisted Public Transit Services
108 UF/IFAS Researchers Share Safest Ways to Spray for Zika Mosquitoes, Protect Bees
109 Finding Shows Muscular Dystrophy-Causing Receptor Has Broader Role in Brain Development
110 New Technique Generates Human Neural Stem Cells for Tissue Engineering, 3D Brain Models