File Title
1 Nuclear protein causes neuroblastoma to become more aggressive
2 New insight into course and transmission of Zika infection
3 Simple blood test could vastly improve detection rates of severe liver disease
4 Study finds new approach to block binge eating
5 New cost-effective silicon carbide high voltage switch created
6 Researchers discover how selenium is incorporated into proteins
7 Multisensory education enhances patient understanding of orthopaedic conditions
8 UTA proves organic semiconducting polymers can harvest sunlight to split CO2 into alcohol fuels
9 Delinquent youths with PTSD need individualized treatment, studies suggest
10 Harnessing algae for the creation of clean energy
11 Talimogene laherparepvec in melanoma: Added benefit not proven
12 Selexipag in pulmonary arterial hypertension: Added benefit not proven
13 Nivolumab plus ipilimumab in melanoma: Added benefit in certain patients
14 Crizotinib in bronchial carcinoma: New data not informative
15 Antibiotics could be cut by up to one-third, say dairy farmers
16 Enhancing the superconducting properties of an iron-based material
17 Small droplets feel the vibe
18 Efficient low-cost method for hydrogenation of graphene with visible light
19 A niche for metastases
20 Fast energy transport between unlike partners
21 Why tumors evade immunotherapy
22 The mathematics of music history
23 Ribosomal quality control
24 How solvent molecules cooperate in reactions
25 Mayflies of Turkey: Two new records for the country species and an annotated catalogue
26 How breast cancer screening could be better and less painful
27 Online sales of threatened cacti point to the Internet as an open door for illegal trade
28 Efficient organic solar cells with very low driving force
29 Protein-like structures from the primordial soup
30 Measuring forces with oscillations
31 Working night shifts unlikely to increase breast cancer risk
32 Solving a cryptic puzzle with a little help from a hologram
33 Vigilin, the lock keeper
34 More than 10 percent of Americans have high concentrations of persistent pollutants
35 Computer experts identify 14 themes of creativity
36 Climate change to have 'little effect' on common landslides
37 Big data processing enables worldwide bacterial analysis
38 Why you smell better with your nose than with your mouth
39 Improving participation in cancer screening should be a priority
40 Rapid blood test by GPs can rule out serious infections in children
41 Touchscreens may boost motor skills in toddlers
42 Enjoying your workout is the best motivation
43 Mental illness genetically linked to drug use and misuse
44 Record for perovskite/CIGS tandem solar module
45 Groundbreaking immune approach targets humans instead of bacteria
46 Causative gene for sensorineural hearing loss identified
47 Type 2 diabetes and obesity--what do we really know?
48 First quantum photonic circuit with an electrically driven light source
49 How plants grow new lateral roots
50 Origin of minor planets' rings revealed
51 Genes that control cellular senescence identified
52 The role of natural killer T cells in acute kidney injury: Angel or evil?
53 Disney researchers build first tetherless hopping robot
54 Human neurons continue to migrate after birth, research finds
55 Study demonstrates role of gut bacteria in neurodegenerative diseases
56 Increase in global life expectancy offset by war, obesity, and substance abuse
57 Research gives hope to those with head and facial deformities
58 Scientists rev up speed of bionic enzyme reactions
59 Alzheimer's treatment innovation pipeline is building
60 Unique genetic basis found in autism genes that may lead to earlier diagnosis
61 What Twitter behavior accompanies mental health crises?
62 Climate change intensifies night-time storms over Lake Victoria
63 Decoding of tarsier genome reveals ties to humans
64 Researchers probe HPV's manipulation of immune system
65 Researchers use novel materials to build smallest transistor
66 Smallest. Transistor. Ever.
67 Novel method creates important industrial chemicals simply, cheaply
68 Exhaling Earth: Scientists closer to forecasting volcanic eruptions
69 Tamoxifen, AI therapies linked to reduced risk for contralateral breast cancer in community health
70 Should patients be allowed to opt out of routine genetic testing of colorectal tumors?
71 Night shift work and breast cancer risk
72 Peer victimization in schools: 2 studies explore types and repercussions
73 Analyzing picture books for nutrition education
74 Apes demonstrate human-like understanding of what others believe
75 Researchers activate repair program for nerve fibers
76 The life cycle of proteins
77 Study questions long-held belief related to hemodialysis care
78 Brain cell 'executioner' identified
79 Cancer cells have Alzheimer's disease, too
80 Apes understand that some things are all in your head
81 Observing the birth of quasiparticles in real time
82 Non-smoking planet: Clues for tipping from vicious to virtuous behavior identified
83 Modest training may improve unlicensed health care, globally
84 The Lancet: Global Burden of Disease study 2015 assesses the state of the world's health
85 Newly discovered gut organism protects mice from bacterial infections
86 Beer yeasts show surprising diversity, genome study finds
87 This flower smells like a bee under attack
88 Hydrogen-powered passenger ferry in San Francisco Bay is possible, says Sandia study
89 Virginia Tech team unravels mystery of bacteria's antibiotic resistance
90 More Washington state agricultural workers injured in hot weather
91 Low-cost sensor for cystic fibrosis diagnosis based on citrate
92 American workers prefer set work schedules, but would take wage cuts to work from home
93 UT Southwestern finds protein function that could lead to ways to prevent stroke damage
94 To help bees, skip herbicides and pesticides, keep lawns naturally diverse
95 Children mean stress for mums, joy for dads
96 Assessing the effects of human-caused activities on marine mammals
97 New NIST test bed makes the 'digital thread' accessible
98 What's really going on in PTSD brains? Experts suggest new theory
99 Culprit found in breast cancer resistance to tamoxifen
100 Researchers explore the relationship between religion and cancer screening
101 Imaging stroke risk in 4-D
102 New tool for cancer patients measures the stress of expenses
103 Ultimate sacrifice: Spider's post-sex cannibalism aids offspring
104 Preparing for (another) biological attack
105 High number of pesticides within colonies linked to honey bee deaths
106 CU Boulder engineers transform brewery wastewater into energy storage
107 UMN researchers find the link between heart and blood cells in early development
108 Scientific principles for the identification of endocrine-disrupting chemicals: Consensus statement
109 Snake venom composition could be related to hormones and diet
110 New sensor material could enable more sensitive readings of biological signals