File Title
1 How Much Ice Is Melting in Greenland? Rate Makes the Ice Sheet More Unstable
2 'Sex Life of Rats' Honored at Ig Nobels
3 Autumnal Equinox: What You Should Know About It
4 Man-Made Earthquake Now Confirmed, Experts Investigate
5 The Singing Fish Has Been Studied by Experts, Find Out the Trigger
6 Oxygen Level on Earth Decreases, Research Confirms; Could this Bring Harm to Humans?
7 Lobster Supply Will Decrease as the Temperature Increase
8 Stop Making Babies to Help Fight Climate Change
9 Frog Puke Helps Scientists Discover New Ant Species
10 Coffee Grounds May Help Get Heavy Metals Out of the Water
11 Earth Is at the Warmest It's Been in 120,000 Years, New Study Says
12 Corpse-Like Flower Blooms, New Tourist Attraction
13 Cats Spread Around the World Through Farming and Vikings' Expeditions, DNA Study Shows
14 Natural Disasters Can Now Be Detected Before It Hits, Will this Device Be a Breakthrough?
15 Thousands of Fish Spotted Dead in Florida Coast Due to Red Tide
16 Red Tide: What Killed the Fishes in Florida Beaches?
17 Ivory Sales for the Future Has Been Rejected by CITE, Good News for Elephant Lovers
18 Air Pollution Causes Over 6 Million Deaths Annually, Says WHO
19 Majestic Helmeted Hornbill Becoming Extinct by Poaching for Its "Red Ivory" Beak
20 World's Carbon Dioxide Level Surpassed 400 Parts Per MillionThis September
21 Meerkats Top the List of the Mammals that Would Likely Kill Their Own Kind
22 National Coffee Day: Disposable Coffee Cups Should Be Replaced by Reusables
23 Are Humans Really Naturally Murderous Killers? Recent Study Suggests
24 Pangolins: The Most Trafficked Animals on Earth Now Critically Endangered
25 Why Dogs Are Man's Best Friend, Genetics Explain
26 World Rabies Day: 124 Pet Dogs Vaccinated, Rabies Awareness Campaign Launched
27 There Is No Turning Back from Global Warming
28 All Prostate Cancer Treatments Equally Effective, Study Suggests
29 Exercise Alert: 31 Million Older Americans Are at Risk for Diseases Due to Sedentary Lifestyle
30 Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease: Latest Facts to Help You Keep Safe
31 Early Menopause May Be at Greater Risk for Heart Disease, Premature Death
32 Opioid Use in the US Is Incredibly Decreasing, Is It Because of Medical Marijuana?
33 Experts Discuss the Good and Bad Effects of Marijuana Use in the Brain
34 Teens with Bipolar Disorder at Higher Risk of Drugs, Alcohol Abuse Later in Life
35 Brain Cancer, Now the Leading Cancer Killer in Children
36 New Disease Outbreak: Deadly Tick-Borne Disease Infesting Western Europe
37 Suffering from Diabetes? Maybe It Is Time to Get Married, Studies Suggest
38 Parkinson's Disease Protein May Be Impacting Brain Functions in Healthy Humans--Says Study
39 Children as Early as 5 May Be at Risk of Suicide, Study Warns
40 Baby Led Weaning Doesn't Increase the Risk of Choking, Study Says
41 Is Rebound Headache Troubling You? Here Are Ways to Avoid Getting Them
42 Children as Early as Age 2 Can Undergo Puberty, Here's Everything You Need to Know About Precocious Puberty
43 West Nile Virus Latest Victim: Man from North Dakota, Second to Die from WNV in State
44 Stress Can Eradicate Good Fats' Health Benefits in Women, Study Warns
45 Omega-3, Omega-6 Fatty Acids Enhance Reading Skills in Children, Study Says
46 Getting Too Much or Too Little Sleep Can Put You at Risk for Heart Disease
47 Do Activity Trackers Really Help You Lose Weight?
48 Researchers Found Link Between Sleep Habits and Adolescent Drug, Alcohol Use
49 Depression During Pregnancy Increases the Risk of Maternal Diabetes, Finds Recent Study
50 Feeding Babies with Eggs and Peanuts Early in Life May Lower Risk for Allergies
51 Opioids Can Affect Your Perception of Babies' Cuteness, Study Warns
52 Cuddling Your Cat Can Be Dangerous for Your Health: A Bad News for Cat Lovers
53 You Can't Blame Your Genes for Your Extra Pounds, Experts Say
54 Light Therapy Increases Men's Sex Drive, Light Box Can Help Men with Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder: Study
55 Mothers with Autistic Children Are at Risk of Developing Heart Disease
56 Unraveling the Potential Medicine of Venom
57 NASA Partners with EDNR to Detect Cancer Early, Will this Be a Successful Breakthough?
58 Cancer-Related Death Risk Doubles for Men Suffering from Anxiety
59 Gluten-Free Diet Health Benefits Just Myths? Study Suggests Real Reason for Its Positive Effects
60 How Walking Is Linked with Aggression? Study Reveals
61 Food Waste Supermarket? UK Has Opened Its First, Aims to Feed Everyone
62 Loneliness Is Hereditary, It Can Be Found in Your Genes: Study
63 Can Alopecia Be Cured by Rheumatism Medicine? Researchers Suggest
64 End of Metastasis in Breast Cancer: New Breakthrough Research by Israeli Scientists
65 Gene-Editing: Swedish Scientist Try to Modify DNA of Healthy Human Embryos
66 Facebook Couple Pledge $3 Billion to Find Cure for All Diseases
67 Real TFIOS Couple: Katie Prager Loses Fight with Cancer, Dies at 26
68 Aging Brain May Get Protection from Chemical in Tobacco Products--Says New Study
69 Codeine Can Kill Your Child, Experts Request Stop Giving It to Kids
70 The World's Fittest Children Are from Tanzania, Study Reveals
71 E-cigarettes Flavorings Make It More Toxic for Users, Second Hand Smokers
72 Muscle Memory Myth: Can It Really Remember Endurance Training?
73 Memory of Heart Attack Can Be Stored in Human Genes Through Epigenetic Changes
74 Drug Addiction Risk May Be Determined by the Number of Times You Have Sex
75 Gonorrhea Increases Resistance Against Antibiotics, Studies Show
76 ALS Latest News and Discovery: Scientists Reversed Clumping of Protein Involved in Death of Neurons that Causes ALS
77 Microsoft Will Treat Cancer like Computer Virus, Vows to 'Solve' Cance[r] Within 10 Years?
78 Beer Drinkers Can Read Your Emotions; Study Finds
79 N/A
80 Sixth Sense Cannot Be Escaped; Study Shows
81 'Youthful' DNA May Prevent Cancer in Elderly, Study Finds
82 Researchers Found Link Between Child's Risk for Eczema and Their Mother's Levels of Vitamin B During Pregnancy
83 Does Prescription Pain Medication Abuse Cause Heroin Addiction?
84 Tinnitus May Be Eased with the Help of the 'Love Hormone'
85 'Natural' Household Cleaners Pose Risk of Developing Allergies, Do They Make Allergies Worse?
86 Food Myth Debunked: Do Carrots Really Give You a Better Eyesight?
87 Fish Oil Boosts Brain Functions, Improves Mood?
88 Physical Activity Could Lower the Risk of Bacterial Infections, Study Says
89 Got Kidney Stones? Ride a Roller Coaster
90 Hangover-Free Alcohol to Replace Normal Liquor?
91 Infection Outbreak in Colorado Linked to Raw Milk Intake
92 Medical Tattoo Can Solve the Trauma After Obtaining a Scar
93 Connecticut Beef Recalled After Residents Were Hospitalized Due to E. Coli
94 Should Men Be Screened for Breast Cancer Too?
95 First Death by Marijuana Reported, Experts Investigate
96 Can Star-Shaped Polymers End Superbugs?
97 Favorite American Foods Emit Radiation: Pizzas, Hot Dogs and More
98 Having More Sex Makes Men More Spiritual, Closer to God
99 Having Morning Sickness Is Actually a Good Sign, Here's Why...
100 Women with Hearing Loss May Likely Give Birth to Preterm or Low-Birth-Weight Babies
101 Marijuana Infused Brownies Brought Two Sixth Grade Students in the Hospital
102 Marital Break-Up, Divorce May Cause Eczema and Muscle Pains
103 Researchers Found Direct Link Between 'Teashirt' Genes and Children with Autiism, Kidney Problems
104 Researchers Found Links Between Having a Happy Spouse and Better Overall Health
105 UN to Combat the Proliferation of Drug-Resistant Superbug, a 'Fundamental Threat' to Humans
106 Increasing Fats in the Human Brain Can Prevent Seizures
107 Sleep Paralysis: What Causes It, How Is It Treated?
108 On the Works: New FDA Definition of 'Healthy'
109 Stroke Treatment Window Can Be Up to 7.3 Hours, Earlier Treatment Can Lead to Lesser Disability After Stroke
110 Manuka Honey Can Prevent, Fight Hospital-Borne Infections