File Title
1 Americas declared free of measles; immunization, international cooperation praised
2 Scientists examine new potential epilepsy treatment
3 Too many dental fillings may increase mercury levels
4 Fatty diet can cause intestinal tumors, study says
5 More acne may mean slower aging, King's College study finds
6 Lab-grown artificial blood vessels successfully implanted in animal model
7 UCLA's epigenetic clock predicts life expectancy
8 Hormonal contraception may increase risk for depression: Study
9 Manuka honey curbs bacteria growth, Southampton study claims
10 1 in 5 bowel cancer patients miss early warning signs
11 FDA approves 1st 'artificial pancreas' for type 1 diabetes
12 U.S. teen births hit another record low: CDC
13 Time frame to remove clot after stroke longer than thought, study says
14 Prescribed NSAID painkillers might raise heart failure risk
15 Utah doctors say Zika may be passed on through tears, sweat
16 Researchers develop material for 3D-printing bone
17 Baby genes found to influence weight and later life disease
18 Children with immunities may be key to HIV treatment
19 Effects of alcohol similar to rapid antidepressants: Study
20 Children with Tourette syndrome may have an edge at language
21 HPV vaccine more effective than thought: Study
22 High blood pressure might affect some kids' thinking ability
23 U.S. teen concussions spiked from 2010 through 2015: Study
24 Concern about dialysis safety spurs CDC action
25 'Entitled' people may be pursuing an unhappy path, study shows
26 After Galaxy Note 7, Samsung Washing Machines Explode, Too?
27 Pangolins: The Most Trafficked Animals on Earth Now Critically Endangered
28 Why Dogs Are Man's Best Friend, Genetics Explain
29 New Planet Formation? Spiral Structure Discovered Around New Star
30 There Is No Turning Back from Global Warming
31 High-Fat Diet Linked to Intestinal Tumors Formation
32 Carolina School Shooting Suspect Said to Have Killed Father Before Attack
33 Audi Q5 SUV Second Gen. Unveiled: Complete Specs, Price and Release Date
34 OnePlus 4 Release Date, Specs, Rumors: Handset Tipped to Feature Better Specs than Apple iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S8?
35 Dementia Alert: Help for Wandering Patients Continues to Come in Different Forms
36 Zika Virus Can Spread Through Sweat and Tears, Experts Investigate
37 Tinder Introduces New Feature, Helps You Get Booty Call Faster
38 Twitter Can Help People's Fight Against Heart Disease; Research Shows
39 Mediterranean Diet Linked to Reduced Risk of Heart Disease
40 Acupuncture Reduces Menopausal Pains, Study Says
41 Apple to Give Up Lightning Port Next?
42 Artificial Pancreas? First Automated Insulin Pump Approved by FDA
43 Majestic Helmeted Hornbill Becoming Extinct by Poaching for Its "Red Ivory" Beak
44 Apple to Shift London HQ to Battersea Power Station: A Vote of Confidence in the UK Economy
45 Meerkats Top the List of the Mammals that Would Likely Kill Their Own Kind
46 Commonly Used Painkillers Linked to Risk of Heart Failure
47 Water-Powered Cubesat Satellite: The First OF Its Kind to Be Launched to the Moon
48 Attention Astrology Enthusiasts: Zodiac Signs Have Not Changed, NASA Says
49 NASA Astronaut Wears Spacesuit Painted by Kids with Pediatric Cancer
50 N/A
51 Star Swallowed by a Black Hole: New Ways to Observe It Discovered, Could Fully Understand the Star's Destruction
52 The 'Titanic' of Space Movies? Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt Star in Space-Romance Movie, 'Passengers' [Video]
53 Midwest US Faces Greatest Risk of Space Storms: Power Grid Could Crash
54 Pluto: What Lies in the 'Heart' of the Dwarf Planet?
55 ISS Crew Launch Delayed: Soyuz MS-02 Spacecraft Faces Technical Problems
56 Glowing 'Giant Green Blob' Mystery, Unlocked
57 'Mars-quakes' Could Generate Hydrogen to Support Life
58 Out of Control: China's Tiangong-1 Space Station Will Crash to Earth in 2017
59 How Far Are We in the Search for Alien Life?
60 Milky Way: Does It Have a Habitable Zone?
61 'Space Cloth' by NASA to Revolutionize Clothing and Textiles
62 China's Space Station Tiangong-1 'Out of Control,' Debris Could Hit US
63 NASA Unveils Origin of Solar Winds with the Help of Twin Spacecraft
64 Mars Colonization: Elon Musk's Plans and SpaceX Developments So Far
65 Where Do the Rings Around Two Minor Planets Come From?
66 Space Has 'Nine Dimensions' Containing Alternate Universes? Are Black Holes Portals to Them?
67 Alien Planet Revolves Around Two Suns Instead of One
68 What Happens When You Put Color Dye and an Antacid Tablet to Water in Space [Video]
69 'Operation Avalanche' Takes You to a Truly Thrilling Counterfeit Apollo 11 Moon Landing
70 Aliens, Outer-Space Will Soon Be Investigated as China Launches the Largest Radio Telescope
71 Stephen Hawking Gives Out Another Warning Against Contacting Aliens
72 Congress Mandates Manned Mars Mission: NASA Gets $19.5 Billion Boost
73 NASA Discovers Mysterious Space X-Rays Emitted from Unknown Source in the Universe
74 Women of NASA featured in Rocker Grace Potter's Latest Music Video; Lady Scientists Deserve Some Honor
75 SpaceX Rocket Explosion Update: Cause Revealed
76 Rosetta Mission: Spacecraft to Crash Head-First into Comet
77 Cyber Attack in Space: Could It Lead to a Global Catastrophe?
78 The Vibrant, Colorful Ending of a Dying Star Leaves Behind a Hot Glowing White Dwarf
79 NASA Does Not Care About Changes in the Zodiac
80 UFO Sighted in Mars? Does NASA Photo Show 'Alien' Flying Saucer?
81 Black Moon Rising: This Rare Lunar Event Will Occur this Coming Friday
82 Jupiter's Moon Europa Is Spewing Water: Easier to Search for Aliens Now, NASA Says
83 SpaceX Test Fires 'Raptor' Engine that Could Transport Humans to Mars
84 Mercury Is Tectonically Alive and Kicking: Quakes Still Occur on the 'Shrinking' Planet
85 India's Commercial Space Program: What Makes It a Thriving Market
86 Space Golf: The New Sport?
87 Mercuryquakes: Shakes, Too, Happen in the Planet Closest to the Sun
88 Elon Musk on His Plan to Establish A 'City on Mars' and Unveil a Megashuttle, Too
89 Mars Exploration: Want a Guided Tour of the Red Planet?
90 Study Provides Understanding About 'Killer Electrons' in Space, Could Develop Methods to Protect Satellites
91 Is a Massive Asteroid Headed Towards Earth to Destroy It?
92 Stephen Hawking Says Human Race Is Doomed Unless We Conquer Space Travel
93 Pluto: Is the Icy Dwarf's Heart Heavy with Deep Water?
94 UN Plans to Launch Its First Space Mission in 2021
95 Mawrth Vallis Valley in Mars: Home to Ancient Martians?
96 NASA's Spitzer Telescope Spotted a Dazzling Image of Pandora's Cluster
97 New Planet Formation? Spiral Structure Discovered Around New Star
98 Hundreds of Horseshoe Crabs Washed Up Dead on Japan Beach, Is Global Warming the Reason?
99 Arctic Sea Ice: Ice Cover Hits Second Lowest Mark on Record this Month
100 Polar Bear 'Siege' Update: Russian Scientists Now Free from 'Human-Hunting' Polar Bears
101 Prehistoric Dinosaur Can Make Itself Appear Flat to Avoid Predators
102 Titan Arum Morphy: Sweet Smell of Death at Dartmouth
103 Are Humans Really that Cruel? Officials Say Human Interaction Caused Death of Washed Up Whale
104 Secret Behind the Resiliency of the Earth's Hardest Animal, Tardigrade, Revealed
105 Cow Farts Cause Climate Change, Laws Have Been Implemented to Regulate It
106 The World's Oldest Rock Gives Insights on How the Earth's Continents Were Formed
107 Arctic Ocean Update: Will an Increased Atlantic Water Heat Be Felt Following the Melting of Sea Ice?
108 Animal Rescue Alert: Abandoned Sea Otter Pup Now in Vancouver Aquarium
109 Pigeons Can Read What Humans Read, Research Says
110 France Totally Bans Use of Plastic Plates, Utensils and Cups, First Country to Do So