File Title
1 Survival secret of 'Earth's hardiest animal' revealed
2 Fire service rescuing more obese people across UK
3 Bright light 'increases sexual satisfaction in men'
4 NHS watchdog issues sexting advice
5 Long daytime naps are 'warning sign' for type-2 diabetes
6 Cervical screening 'could save hundreds more lives'
7 Prostate cancer treatment 'not always needed'
8 FGM: Lack of convictions 'a national scandal'
9 GlaxoSmithKline names Emma Walmsley as chief executive
10 Lancashire man performs DIY operation on himself to remove suture
11 Is India in the throes of a fever outbreak?
12 Could turmeric really boost your health?
13 'I know cannabis is illegal, but it is medicinal'
14 Sleep engineering: Cardiff scientists working on designer rest
15 Cybathlon: World's first 'bionic Olympics' gears up
16 How SpaceX will crowdsource the investigation of its rocket explosion
17 Rosetta probe to end mission by smacking into its comet
18 Bats enhance their hearing by waggling their heads, say scientists
19 Hundreds of chimps to move from research labs to sanctuaries
20 Do dolphins use language?
21 Bill Nye gives sendoff to NASA asteroid-sampling mission
22 Was the birth of our moon more violent than we thought?
23 It looks like NASA's Mars rover took a detour through the US Southwest
24 Mars looks surprisingly like the US West in spectacular new photos
25 It's official: NASA tags August 2016 as hottest month on record
26 Humans have literally decimated Earth's wilderness, study finds
27 What 63 newfound quasars might tell us about the early universe
28 Why do we see ghostly, vanishing dots in this image?
29 Lost for 168 years, doomed Northwest Passage ship dis[c]overed
30 La Nina: less likely than expected? (+video)
31 Global human language? Scientists find links between sound and meaning.
32 European satellite releases info on more than 1 billion stars
33 So long Shamu? California bans keeping, breeding orcas.
34 What can NASA learn from a bird's eye view of the Great Barrier Reef?
35 Is the moon contributing to earthquakes?
36 These claws were made for foraging: Why a Hawaiian crow is a tool master
37 Will the next president take us to Mars?
38 Sakurajima's big burst: Are we getting better at forecasting eruptions?
39 Are humans causing a sixth mass extinction in the oceans?
40 Did humans hunt this tiny mammoth to extinction?
41 'Parrot lizard' used camouflage to avoid becoming lunch
42 China launches first 'cold' atomic clock aboard second space station
43 Where did Pluto's moon get that red hat?
44 Were South Americans wearing blue jeans 6,200 years ago?
45 China launches its second space station
46 Arctic sea ice hits second-lowest level on record
47 Why science reporters were thrown for a loop this week
48 Scientists identify world's longest lightning bolts
49 Great lakes on Mars help rewrite the Red Planet's history
50 Hubble telescope spies comet as it disintegrates
51 Can Congress at least agree on Mars colonization?
52 World's oldest fish hooks: What they tell us about Paleolithic Japan
53 Black holes belch fire after devouring cosmic spaghetti, studies show
54 What happens when the systems we rely on go haywire?
55 Ancient skeleton may reveal secrets of Antikythera shipwreck
56 Mars may have been able to harbor life for longer than we thought
57 California's sea otter population makes a comeback
58 Apocalypse Cow: Will California bill cut gassy livestock emissions?
59 Malfunction delays Russia's next launch to space station
60 Could quantum teleportation help build a more secure internet?
61 Can scientists create an AI that that sees, hears, and...understands?
62 Scientists reveal secret of ultra-durable 'water bear'
63 Chinese space station falling back to Earth, officials say
64 Vesicles that trap amyloid appear to also contribute to Alzheimer's
65 Antibody reduces harmful brain amyloid plaques in Alzheimer's patients
66 Subatomic microscopy key to building new classes of materials
67 Researchers use a single molecule to command stem cells to build new bone
68 Researchers peel back another layer of chemistry with 'tender' X-rays
69 Scientists find new system in tomato's defense against bacterial speck disease
70 Can melting of frozen methane explain rapid climate change 56 million years ago?
71 Bird bugs shed new light on malaria infection
72 Genome-wide Toxoplasma screen reveals mechanisms of parasitic infections
73 Strain differences in Zika infection gene patterns
74 Zika reference strain sequenced--Will aid in diagnosis, screening
75 Dawn spacecraft at Ceres: Craters, cracks, and cryovolcanos
76 Iowa State engineers treat printed graphene with lasers to enable paper electronics
77 Endangered right whale population threatened by entanglements & declining birth rate
78 Tight DNA packaging protects against 'jumping genes,' potential cellular destruction
79 Patients with moderate to severe TBI twice as likely to die from an unintentional injury
80 Patients with cancer at heightened risk of injuries during diagnosis
81 The Lancet Psychiatry: Increasing number of US adults using marijuana as fewer people perceive the drug as harmful
82 The Lancet Infectious Diseases: Climate and air travel maps identify countries in Africa and Asia at greatest risk of Zika virus
83 Countries across Africa, Asia-Pacific vulnerable to Zika virus, new study finds
84 Parents' math skills 'rub off' on their children
85 Study links autism severity to genetics, ultrasound
86 Images from Sun's edge reveal origins of solar wind
87 Stanford engineers develop a plastic clothing material that cools the skin
88 Ceres: The tiny world where volcanoes erupt ice
89 People with alcohol dependency lack important enzyme
90 Rutgers engineers use microwaves to produce high-quality graphene
91 'Tug of war' keeps scientists working on storm tracks
92 A strange thing happened in the stratosphere
93 'Ghost snake' discovered in Madagascar
94 Crop domestication is a balancing act
95 3-D graphene has promise for bio applications
96 The supernova that wasn't: A tale of 3 cosmic eruptions
97 'Materials that compute' advances as Pitt engineers demonstrate pattern recognition
98 Four out of 6 great apes one step away from extinction--IUCN Red List
99 For first time, carbon nanotube transistors outperform silicon
100 Personnel selection, training could mitigate effects of cognitive lock-up in automation operators
101 During drought, dry air can stress plants more than dry soil
102 Study: Earth's carbon points to planetary smashup
103 Device rapidly measures growth of single cells simultaneously
104 New genus of bacteria found living inside hydraulic fracturing wells
105 Biochemists' discovery could lead to vaccine against 'flesh-eating' bacteria
106 New HIF-2 kidney cancer therapy more effective than current treatment, study shows
107 Study suggests physical activity reduces anxiety and depression in patients with COPD
108 Reduced fetal size linked to increased asthma risk and reduced lung function in children
109 Lizard study finds global warming data not enough to predict animal extinction
110 High quality evidence suggests vitamin D can reduce asthma attacks