File Title
1 Little Penguins Work Together to Hunt but Don't Share Catch, Say Researchers
2 Weather in Earth's Mantle and Core Different than Thought
3 Female Spiders Attack Mates After Sex--But Why?
4 Bird and Mammal Size Not Important in Adjusting to Temperature
5 Rare American Chestnut Found in Maine Forest
6 Bezos' Blue Origin Sends Rocket 100.5 km from Earth, Lands It
7 Music-App Download for Unique Walk in NYC's High Line
8 Earliest Evidence of Brood Care Revealed in 508 Million-Year-Old Fossils
9 World's Lakes at Risk of Continued Algal Blooms Triggered by Warm Waters
10 Very Rare Butterflies May Pull Through Winter Because of Snow
11 Rare Sea Snakes Thought to Be Extinct Spotted Off Coast of Western Australia
12 Christmas Trees at Risk: New Study Shows Evergreens Could Disappear from US Southwest by 2100
13 Mountains Moving and Building Increase Fish Diversity in NZ
14 Early Mammals Rapidly Diversified After Dinosaur Extinction
15 Rare Gray Wolves: December Snow Best for Biologists' Tracking
16 Scarce Snow Affects Snowshoe Hares, Black Bears
17 Cloudy Waters Shade Corals from Excess Sunlight, Helping Them Survive Climate Change
18 Sex-Changing Snails in Close Quarters Switch Sooner, Researchers Say
19 Oxygen: Fuse Behind Animal Life Explosion on Earth?
20 Tree Snakes: New Study Reveals How Snakes Grip Trees [VIDEO]
21 Humans and Farming: Environment Was Altered Long Before Industrial Revolution
22 California's Ongoing Drought Puts 58 Million Trees in Danger
23 Cloning Florida's 2,000-Year-Old 'Lady Liberty' to Save Iconic Bald Cypress Trees
24 Irish Genome Sequenced, Revealing Early Celtic Origins
25 Dogs Mimic Each Other's Emotions to Bond, like Humans
26 Horses Harvest Seaweed in Atlantic Canada
27 Researchers Avoid Dreary Winter Landscapes by Creating Those with Year-Round Visual Appeal
28 Turtle Fossils Shed Light on Rise of Andes Mountains
29 Dinosaur Discoveries of 2015
30 Great Salt Lake North Arm Reaches Record Low
31 Prehistoric Giant Armadillo Shell Found in Argentina
32 New approach provides images of single cell with micrometer resolution via contrast based on cell's thermal properties
33 New acoustic technique reveals structural information in nanoscale materials
34 Nanoworld 'snow blowers' carve straight channels in semiconductor surfaces
35 Carbon doped with nitrogen dramatically improves storage capacity of supercapacitors
36 Mixing modern materials? NIST math app helps you manage your mashup
37 Simple shell of plant virus sparks immune response against cancer
38 Move aside carbon: Boron nitride-reinforced materials are even stronger
39 2D islands in graphene hold promise for future device fabrication
40 The perfect Christmas gift? A nanoscale snowman
41 Nature's masonry: The first steps in how thin protein sheets form polyhedral shells
42 Giant enhancement of magnetic effect will benefit spintronics
43 3D "nanobridges" formed using electron beam writing with tiny jets of liquid precursor
44 Nanotube "forest" in a microfluidic channel may help detect rare proteins and viruses
45 Magnetic nanoparticle chains offer new technique for controlling soft robots
46 Borophene: Scientists create atomically thin boron
47 Scientists blueprint tiny cellular 'nanomachine'
48 New microscopy technique maps mechanical properties of living cells
49 Graphene proves a perfect fit for wearable devices
50 Some like it hot: Simulating single particle excitations
51 Researchers tailor power source for wearable electronics
52 Solar cells that can face almost any direction and keep themselves clean
53 A molecular light switch?...Just add water
54 The tiniest color picture ever printed
55 This article can be printed on a hair with revolutionary laser printing technology
56 Novel imaging technique captures beauty of metal-labeled neurons in 3-D
57 Japanese research institute earns right to name element 113
58 Mysterious radio signals from space discovered to be a much better test of Einstein's General Relativity theory
59 New half-meter record for quantum superposition at macroscopic level
60 'Millennium physicist' ready to take helm at nuclear center
61 Understanding the mechanism for generating electric current without energy consumption at room temperature
62 Infrared encoding of images with metasurfaces
63 Choreographing the dance of electrons
64 Engineers demo first processor that uses light for ultrafast communications
65 Researchers found an unconventional phase transition in photonic structures
66 Physicists continue to investigate why the universe did not collapse
67 Ringing in a new way to measure and modulate trapped light
68 Newly developed liquid crystal elastomer material could enable advanced sensors
69 ORNL achieves milestone with plutonium-238 sample
70 Precise molecular fingerprinting on the fly
71 Plasma research shows promise for future compact accelerators
72 Improving bulk metallic glass by maximizing surface
73 A window on a world where cosmic rays are just background noise
74 Short electron pulses make it possible to observe a structural change in a complex molecule as if watching a film
75 Team succeeds in observing a two-phonon quantum interference, a world first
76 Creativity leads to measuring ultrafast, thin photodetector
77 Some quantum cryptography systems vulnerable to hacking, study shows
78 Major step toward confirming the existence of the majorana particle
79 Researchers develop 'metasurface' laser for terahertz range
80 A step towards quantum electronics
81 The puzzle of the origin of elements in the universe
82 Image: Hubble views two galaxies merging
83 Image: Boulders on a Martian landslide
84 James Webb Space Telescope mirror halfway complete
85 Magnetic fields in powerful radio jets
86 Radar images of a Christmas Eve asteroid--an early gift for astronomers
87 Image: For the first time ever, a Curiosity Mastcam self-portrait from Mars
88 Project scientist discusses the James Webb Space Telescope
89 Pluto through a stained glass window: A movie from the edge of our solar system
90 Oops: UK astronaut Tim Peake calls wrong number from space
91 Merry Moon: Rare full moon on Christmas Day
92 Description of mechanism that halts solar eruptions
93 Could fast radio bursts be produced by collisions between neutron stars and asteroids?
94 Curiosity rover finds biologically useful nitrogen on Mars
95 Einstein's Cross under the gravitational microlens
96 NASA suspends March launch of InSight mission to Mars (Update)
97 Lowdown on Ceres: Images from Dawn's closest orbit
98 Chinese rover analyzes moon rocks: First new 'ground truth' in 40 years
99 Andromeda IV turns out to be a solitary gas-rich dwarf galaxy
100 Giant comets may threaten Earth: astronomers (Update)
101 Giant comets could pose danger to life on Earth
102 Death Stars are a waste of time--here's the best way to take over the galaxy
103 Chandra finds remarkable galactic ribbon unfurled
104 SpaceX launches rocket six months after accident, then lands
105 NASA team moves closer to building a 3-D printed rocket engine
106 Twisted magnetic fields give new insights on star formation
107 Human-machine superintelligence can solve the world's most dire problems
108 Facebook investor class-action suit to move forward
109 US boosting broadband speed, but growth uneven
110 Apple wins holiday race as screen sizes grow, survey says