File Title
1 Re-evaluating guidelines for testing and treating toenail fungus
2 Images and codes could provide secure alternative to multiple device password systems
3 Mapping cancer's 'social networks' opens new approaches to treatment
4 Targeting fat-tissue hormone may lead to type 2 diabetes treatment
5 Unsynching the heartbeat a bit each day halts worsening heart failure
6 Kidney injury common following vascular surgery
7 Study examines intent of glaucoma patients to use marijuana for treatment in city where legal
8 Mental disorders associated with subsequent chronic physical conditions
9 Comparing chemical and surgical castration for prostate cancer
10 Articles examine relationship between skin and endocrine disorders
11 What is cost effectiveness of confirmatory testing before treating nail fungus?
12 Exeter scientists call for reduction in plastic lab waste
13 Description of mechanism that halts solar eruptions
14 Weight-loss programs tailored to a person's genome may be coming soon
15 Study: Positive results for new oral drug for pulmonary hypertension
16 Engineers demo first processor that uses light for ultrafast communications
17 Personalizing cancer therapies may combat resistance to targeted therapy drugs
18 Hepatitis C tied to increased risk of Parkinson's
19 This computer program can find new chemical combos to kill pathogenic yeast
20 A mathematical model for animal stripes
21 Competition and climate change combine to threaten Bicknell's thrush
22 Flexible soaring style keeps vultures aloft longer
23 Levels of antibodies in saliva are associated with risk of mortality
24 NUS researchers uncover potent parasite-killing mechanism of anti-malarial drug
25 Philippine coastal zone research reveals tropical cyclone disruption of nutrient cycling
26 UNH research shows helmetless-tackling drills significantly reduce head impact
27 UGA research links inorganic mercury exposure to damaged cell processes
28 President Obama honors nation's leading scientists and innovators
29 Newly discovered windows of brain plasticity may help stress-related disorders
30 Study links epigenetic processes to the development of the cerebellar circuitry
31 Vitamin D levels linked to weight-loss surgery outcomes
32 Scientists discover that salty sea spray affects clouds
33 Mutation of BAP1 gene passed down over centuries
34 Ringing in a new way to measure and modulate trapped light
35 Algorithm helps turn smartphones into 3-D scanners
36 Opioid dependency peaks among younger age group
37 Beneficial bacteria in Hawaiian squid attracted to fatty acids
38 FIU scientists discover how arsenic builds up in plant seeds
39 Mixing modern materials? NIST math app helps you manage your mashup
40 Are you Facebook dependent?
41 Cool roofs in China offer enhanced benefits during heat waves
42 Unusual drug generates exciting results in mouse models of metastatic breast cancer
43 Mothers should be cautious when discussing weight with daughters
44 Tooth fillings of the future may incorporate bioactive glass
45 Even before ACA, cancer survivors in non-expansion states had less health-care access
46 Infectious disease spread is fueled by international trade
47 A metabolic pathway in cyanobacteria could yield better biofuels and bioproducts from photosynthesis
48 NREL research advances hydrogen production efforts
49 ORNL achieves milestone with plutonium-238 sample
50 Mystery of heat loss from the Earth's crust has been solved
51 Jefferson Lab Accelerator delivers its first 12 GeV electrons
52 Seasonal affective disorder: More than just the winter blues (video)
53 Are you a 'harbinger of failure'?
54 Corals may fare better in turbid waters, Florida Tech research finds
55 Low zinc levels may suggest potential breast-feeding problems
56 Fighting rice fungus
57 In pursuit of the causes of cardiac hypertrophy
58 ATS applauds President Obama for release of drug resistant TB action plan
59 International study offers new insight for understanding leading cause of blindness
60 Old drugs, new tricks: Medications approved for other uses also have antibiotic action
61 Newly developed liquid crystal elastomer material could enable advanced sensors
62 Pediatric medication poisonings more likely in poor, rural areas
63 Simple shell of plant virus sparks immune response against cancer
64 Not enough YAP means too much deadly inflammation inside the brain
65 Towards the rational use of medicines
66 Toxic secretions from intracranial tumor damage the inner ear
67 Researchers identify molecule with anti-inflammatory properties in maple syrup
68 Blocking fat transport linked to longevity
69 Harmful bacteria can survive in sandwich crackers, cookies for months, UGA study finds
70 Mental time travel: An exclusively human capacity
71 Rare diseases: De novo mutation leading to Fanconi anemia identified
72 An Open Science plan: Wikidata for Research
73 Behavioral studies from mobile crowd-sensing
74 Crows caught on camera fashioning special hook tools
75 The components of imitation
76 China successfully developed 'Darwin,' a neuromorphic chip based on Spiking Neural Networks
77 Researchers at the University of Gothenburg create focused spin wave beams
78 The mechanism of an AIDS vaccine candidate filmed in vivo
79 Evolocumab: No hint of added benefit
80 Stroking helps calves develop a better relationship with humans and increases weight gain
81 Mazes and brains: When preconception trumps logic
82 Increased toxicity due to migration?
83 Study uncovers inherited genetic susceptibility across 12 cancer types
84 Nature's masonry: The first steps in how thin protein sheets form polyhedral shells
85 Harmful algal blooms and water quality
86 Healthy theme park meals?
87 Move aside carbon: Boron nitride-reinforced materials are even stronger
88 Improving electric motor efficiency via shape optimization
89 Brain tumor revealed by treatment-resistant depression
90 World's first clinical guidelines for chronic fungal lung infections
91 Model predicts 'shelf life' for library and archival collections
92 Cruise passengers spend less despite offers on land
93 New study indicates that metformin has the potential to prevent and treat preeclampsia
94 Forensic seismology tested on 2006 munitions depot 'cook-off' in Baghdad
95 Midnight munchies mangle memory
96 Weight-loss surgery cuts risk of developing serious heart problems
97 Extremely rare muscle rupture in a professional goalkeeper
98 Teenager infected with rat-bite fever from her pet rodent
99 Doctors issue warning over cough medicines that contain codeine
100 Largest study of Ebola survivors finds vision, hearing, joint pain problems
101 Study: Women can take blood thinners and hormones without higher blood clot, bleeding risk
102 Meta-analysis finds evidence for nalmefene in the treatment of alcohol dependence is weak
103 Bariatric surgery is associated with long-term weight loss and health risk reductions
104 Researchers examine cases in California of neurological illness affecting limbs
105 Effectiveness of pain medications for patients receiving treatment for lung condition
106 Low rate of job retention following colorectal cancer diagnosis
107 Long-term outcomes of preventing premature menopause during chemotherapy
108 Findings suggest increased number of IVF cycles can be beneficial
109 Screening male kidney transplant candidates for prostate cancer may do more harm than good
110 Chronic kidney disease prevalence varies greatly across Europe