File Title
1 Pluto: New Enhanced Color Images of Dwarf Planet Released
2 Annual Christmas Bird Count in North America Starts Monday
3 Jose Canseco Compares His 'Great' Mind with Elon Musk, Says We Should Nuke Mars
4 ISS: Microsoft HoloLens Aboard International Space Station Tested by Astronauts (VIDEO)
5 Anti-Aging Drug to Be Tested on Dogs, Could Improve Lifespan Up to Four Years
6 Full Moon Christmas 2015: Happens for First Time Since 1977
7 Days Are Getting Longer, Study Says
8 Music Therapy: Research Suggests Music Helps Dementia Patients
9 Exoplanet Water Absence Mystery Solved by Scientists
10 World's Most Sensitive Dark Matter Detector Improved by Scientists
11 Face Mites: Scientists Discover that All Human Faces Have Mites
12 NASA Taking Astronaut Applications
13 Antidepressants: Autism Study Claims Use During Pregnancy Increases Risk of Autism by 87%
14 Amygdala: Scientists Discover Its Link to Kindness and Charitable Behavior
15 Jesus Christ: Forensic Reconstruction Shows What Religious Figure Most Likely Looked Like
16 Cell Memory Loss: Researchers Discover Method of Creating Stem Cells by Erasing Cell Memory
17 Teenage 'Witch' Burned Alive and Buried in Italy?
18 Global Warming: Migration Gateways Change for Marine Mammals Due to Climate Change
19 Million XPRIZE: Deep Ocean Exploration Contest Launched
20 Algae, Sea Lions: Relationship Is Destructive as Study Finds Algae Toxin to Erase Sea Lion Memory
21 Curiosity: Sand Dunes on Mars Explored, Images Sent to Earth (PHOTOS)
22 Sleep: Humans Evolved to Sleep Less, More Efficiently, Study Says
23 More Trading Partners Decreases Chances of War, Study Says
24 Aging: Our Perception of Time Warps as We Get Older
25 XXL: The Hunt for Dark Matter-Fueled Galaxy Clusters Begins
26 Stem Cells: Scientists Create Serotonin Neurons from Stem Cells
27 Beetle Fossil: Rare Beetle that Lived 100 Million Years Ago Discovered in Amber
28 Tortoise Revival: Galapagos Tortoise to Be Revived by Scientists
29 Bees Bang Heads 350 Times Per Second, Recorded in Australia
30 N/A
31 Vladimir Putin: KGB Walk Shown by Russian Officials
32 HIV: Scientists Discover New Stage in Its Life Cycle
33 Plants Use Molecular Clock to Bolster Immune System
34 Pandas Breed More When They Can Choose Their Own Mates, Study Says
35 Scary Movies: Scientists Discover that Scary Movies Cause 'Bloodcurdling'
36 Christmas Spirit: Scientists Map Christmas Spirit in Human Brain
37 Deep-Learning Algorithm Can Determine Memorability of Images with Human Accuracy
38 Martin Shkreli, Reviled Drug CEO, Arrested on Fraud Charges (BREAKING)
39 Archaeologists Find 131 Hanging Coffins in China
40 Universe Is Dying, but We Won't Be Around to See It
41 Arctic: Warming Temperatures Hit Highest Record According to Arctic Report Card 2015 (VIDEO)
42 King Tut: Restored Mask of Egypt's Boy King Is Back on Display at Egyptian Museum
43 Plesiosaur: Penguin-Like Swimming Style Discovered
44 Dogs Share Treats with Their Friends, Reveal Prosocial Behavior in New Study
45 Scientists Discover Gene for New Species
46 The Force Awakens: Cosmic Lightsaber Rips Through Space
47 Baby Fish: Future Acidification Will Prevent Baby Fish from Finding Homes
48 Autism: Malfunctioning Blood Vessels Could Be Cause, Study Says
49 Alien Planet Could Possess Life, Researchers Say
50 Cancer: Environmental Factors Might Contribute to 90 Percent of Cancers
51 Cassini: NASA's Spacecraft Prepares for Final Enceladus Flyby
52 Bionic Eye: New Implant Gives Hope to the Blind
53 Finches: Darwin's Finches Face Extinction, Study Says
54 Secret Hashtags Teens Use on Social Media Promote Dangerous Behaviors and Harmful Activities, Study Says
55 Lykoi, 'Werewolf' Cat: Dr. John Gobble Sheds Light on the Mysterious New Feline Breed [FEATURE INTERVIEW]
56 Martin Shkreli: Turing Pharmaceuticals Close to Replacing CEO
57 Forgetting Is Necessary for Learning, Study Says
58 Mars: High Silicon Content Found in Gale Crater
59 Earth: Oxygen Levels Took 100 Million Years to Rise Before Explosion of Life
60 Mars Spacecraft: NASA's InSight Arrives at California Airbase
61 'Virtual Fossil': Scientists Recreate Skull of Human and Neanderthal Common Ancestor
62 IVG: New 'Multiplex Parenting' Technique Allows Numerous Parents of One Baby, Raises Ethical Questions
63 Black Holes Have a Size Limit: 50 Billion Times the Mass of Our Sun
64 Ancient Tablet Suggests Jews Inhabited Site of Jesus Miracle 15,000 Years Ago
65 Emergency Spacewalk: ISS Astronauts to Perform Unscheduled Spacewalk to Fix Stuck Robot Arm
66 China: Dark Matter Particle Explorer Satellite Launches to Space
67 Mustaches Beat Women to Jobs in Academic Medical Institutions, Study Finds
68 Fossilized Femur: Archaic Human's Existence Overlaps with Modern Human
69 Pluto: New Horizons Data Reveals Information on Dwarf Planet's Geology, Atmosphere
70 MERS Vaccine Protects Camels, Brings Scientists Closer to Reducing Spread of Lethal Disease on Humans
71 VERITAS: New Data Sheds Light on Gamma Rays from Distant Galaxy
72 'Hitler Has Only Got One Ball' Song Lyric Accurate, Medical Records Reveal
73 SpaceX Returns to Flight with Falcon Rocket Launch, Will Attempt Historic First Ground Landing (TWEET)
74 Sea Snake: Scientists Discover 2 Species Previously Thought Extinct
75 Magnetic Fields: Protostar's Twisted Magnetic Fields Give Insights into Star Formation
76 Chronic Pain: New Brain Region Discovered that Is Remodeled by Chronic Pain
77 Chronic Inflammation Can Cause Abnormal Cell Differentiation, Study Finds
78 Alzheimer's: New Discovery May Help Boost Brain's 'Garbage Disposal' and Help with Treatment
79 Sugar Pine: California's Mammoth Endangered Tree Species Had Its Genome Sequenced
80 Sea Spray: New Study Suggests Salty Sea Sprays from Oceans Are Integral for Cloud Survival
81 Northern Lights: Mystery of Auroral Breakup Solved
82 Birds Create Colors that Don't Fade Using Nanostructures and Light, Say Researchers
83 Genetic Theory on Intelligence Might Be Altered by New Research
84 Presidential Campaign 2016, Dog Eat Dog: What Does Your Canine Say About Your Political Views? [PETS HAPPY ZONE FEATURETTE]
85 Eye Disease Cure: Stem Cells Used to Treat Eye Disease in Monkey Models
86 'Mental Time Travel': Scientists Examine the Capability of Animals to Perform Memory Task
87 Wild Baby Otter Born in Monterey Bay Aquarium Tidal Pool
88 El Nino: Fur Seal Population Threatened by Warming Waters
89 Andromeda IV: New Findings Suggest It Is Solitary, Gas-Rich Dwarf Galaxy
90 Sudden Cardiac Arrest Shows Symptoms One Month Before It Happens, Study Finds
91 Dogs: Domestication Could Harm Genetics, Study Says
92 Comet: Deadly Centaur Comet Could Spell Disaster for Earth
93 Snakes: Puff Adders Camouflage Their Scent, Study Finds
94 NASA Mars Mission Called Off, Irreparable Leak on Prime Instrument
95 Lions: African Lions Added to Endangered Species Act
96 Weight Loss: Dance Can Burn Calories Better than Running, Cycling or Swimming, Says Study (VIDEO)
97 Russian Rocket Causes Fireballs Over Nevada, California and Arizona
98 Ninja Shark: Marine Biologists Discover New 'Ninja'-Like Shark (VIDEO)
99 Cancer: New Cause of Cancer, 'Genome Misfolding,' Discovered
100 HIV: Scientists Discover Antibody Infusion that Safely Suppresses Virus
101 Chinese Rover: New Findings Unearth New Type of Moon Rock
102 Ebola Virus and Bats Have Been at War for Millions of Years, Study Says
103 Human Brain: Scientists Use Computational Neuropsychiatry to Understand Brain Organization
104 Physicists Closer to Understanding Why Universe Did Not Collapse After Big Bang
105 Wi-Fi: Scientists Create Device that Uses Wi-Fi to See Through Walls (VIDEO)
106 Midnight Snacks Might Be Causing Brain Damage, Says Research
107 Fish: Large, Permanent Reserves Necessary for Conservation of Fish, Study Says
108 Money Can Actually Buy Happiness, Says New Study
109 Facebook Users Identify 'Relic' that Stumped Israeli Antiquities Authority for Months
110 Dogs Mimic Each Other like Humans and May Have Empathy, Study Finds