File Title
1 ALMA reveals planetary construction sites
2 Monster planet is 'dancing with the stars'
3 Nearby star hosts closest alien planet in the 'habitable zone'
4 When trees die, water slows
5 After the Paris climate deal: What's next for climate change research?
6 Penguin cam captures hunt for prey
7 Fewer landslides than expected after 2015 Nepal earthquake
8 Building blocks for GaN power switches
9 Dartmouth study sheds light on lake evaporation under changing climate
10 Will grassland soil weather a change?
11 Number of severe algal blooms in Lake Erie to double, forecast says
12 Study: Climate change rapidly warming world's lakes
13 Plants use a molecular clock to predict when they'll be infected
14 Composting food waste remains your best option, says UW study
15 New species of 'sail-backed' dinosaur found in Spain
16 Study finds people transformed how species associated after 300 million years
17 Toward roads that de-ice themselves
18 Solar cells that can face almost any direction and keep themselves clean
19 Researchers discover six new African frog species, uncover far more diversity
20 Greenland Ice Sheet during the 20th Century--a missing link in IPCC's climate report
21 Fuel economy improvements in US climate commitment on par with 1970s gains
22 Lakes warming at alarming rates, York U-led global study warns
23 Families choosing treatment options for uncomplicated appendicitis in children
24 Antibiotics alone can be a safe, effective treatment for children with appendicitis
25 The awakened force of a star
26 Enemy odors help flies protect their offspring
27 Their enemy's sex pheromone helps flies protect their offspring
28 New research finds cosmic clumpy donut around black hole
29 Hubble sees the force awakening in a newborn star
30 Nonoperative treatment of appendicitis may have unknown long-term risks and costs
31 Physician-assisted death should be listed on medical certificates of death in Canada
32 Greenhouse gas emissions from freshwater higher than thought
33 Growing crops on organic soils increases greenhouse gas emissions
34 UZH scientists predict activity of human genes
35 Burgess Shale fossil site gives up oldest evidence of brood care
36 Researchers discover gene in fruit flies that explains how 1 species evolved into 2
37 Scientists create atomically thin boron
38 Caught in the act
39 Tiny phytoplankton have big influence on climate change
40 Ancient Egyptians described Algol's eclipses
41 'Red Deer Cave people' bone points to mysterious species of pre-modern human
42 Phytoplankton like it hot: Warming boosts biodiversity and photosynthesis in phytoplankton
43 First praying mantis survey of Rwanda uncovers rich diversity
44 The case of the sticky protein
45 Black holes could grow as large as 50 billion suns before their food crumbles into stars according to research
46 Naughty or nice? Is the way we 'perform' Santa Claus under threat?
47 Architecture of mTOR protein complex solved
48 Rare full moon on Christmas Day
49 Superbug colony behaviors revealed in time lapse video
50 Lakes around the world rapidly warming
51 Coastal marshes more resilient to sea-level rise than previously believed
52 Despite poaching, elephants' social networks hold steady
53 Researcher studies fish populations at world's second largest freshwater lake
54 NASA study: Examination of Earth's recent history key to predicting global temperatures
55 10,000-year record shows dramatic uplift at Andean volcano
56 Carnivore hunting policy does not always align with science, say researchers
57 Bacteria battle: How one changes appearance, moves away to resist the other
58 More patients with lung cancer could benefit from immunotherapy, study shows
59 Afatinib a better choice for EGFR-mutated lung cancer in first-line treatment
60 Scientists discover rare sea snakes, previously thought extinct, off Western Australia
61 Auroral mystery solved: Sudden bursts caused by swirling charged particles
62 New device uses carbon nanotubes to snag molecules
63 New flow battery offers lower-cost energy storage
64 Neutrons offer guide to getting more out of solid-state lithium-ion batteries
65 New hybrid electrolyte for solid-state lithium batteries
66 Twisted magnetic fields give new insights on star formation
67 Extinction of large animals could make climate change worse
68 Wild bee decline threatens US crop production
69 Methane emissions in Arctic cold season higher than expected
70 Science's 2015 Breakthrough of the Year: CRISPR
71 NASA's MMS delivers promising initial results
72 Wasp larvae jump to the dark side
73 Nature's masonry: The first steps in how thin protein sheets form polyhedral shells
74 Jefferson Lab Accelerator delivers its first 12 GeV electrons
75 Chinese rover analyzes moon rocks: First new 'ground truth' in 40 years
76 Old drugs, new tricks: Medications approved for other uses also have antibiotic action
77 Move aside carbon: Boron nitride-reinforced materials are even stronger
78 ORNL achieves milestone with plutonium-238 sample
79 NREL research advances hydrogen production efforts
80 Forensic seismology tested on 2006 munitions depot 'cook-off' in Baghdad
81 Baghdad seismometer detects car bombs, mortar fire and more during Iraq war
82 Crows caught on camera fashioning special hook tools
83 The scientific benefits of Rudolph's red nose
84 UCLA researchers create exceptionally strong and lightweight new metal
85 A mathematical model for animal stripes
86 Dating historic activity at Oso site shows recurring major landslides
87 Cancer Treatment: New Method Helps White Blood Cells Fight Tumors
88 Ceres' Bright Spots: Alien Life?
89 Geminid Meteor Showers: Keep an Eye Out on December 13 and 14 [LIVE STREAM]
90 Skin Detection Technology: New Technology Can Better Characterize Human Skin
91 Fossil Moby Dick: Sperm Whale Fossil Found in Smithsonian Museum Storage Room
92 World's First Test Tube Puppies Born in New York
93 Japan PM Hacked by Whaling Protesters
94 Popularity: Science Explains What Makes Some People Popular
95 First Dengue Vaccine: Mexico Approves Dengvaxia
96 Fleas Mutating: Resistant to Popular Chemical Flea Control, Say Vets
97 Giant Salamander: Rare Amphibian Found in Chinese Cave, Excites Researchers
98 A.I.: Machines Can Learn like Humans, Study Finds
99 Crickets Use Startle Call to Locate Females, Study Finds
100 Dark Matter and Dinosaurs: New Theory Suggests Origin of Extinction
101 Cheating May Be Genetic, Study Finds
102 'Planet X': Astronomers Claim to Have Discovered Elusive Planet
103 E. Coli: New Strain Is Resistant to All Antibiotics
104 DNA Can Be Used to Build Electromechanical Switches, Study Finds
105 Wendelstein 7-X 'Stellarator' Successfully Creates Helium Plasma, Paves Way for Limitless Energy
106 Renault-Nissan French Deal: Carmakers Reach Agreement with French Government, Investors Underwhelmed
107 Artificial Intelligence: Elon Musk, Tech Giants Create Billion Dollar Artificial Intelligence Research Company
108 Climate Change: Landmark Agreement in Sight as Delegates Embrace Final Draft
109 Congress Votes to Ban Microbeads in Personal Care Products
110 'Suicide Gene Therapy': New Cancer Treatment Kills Prostate Tumor Cells