File Title
1 Future Diabetes Treatment? Human Skin Cells Coaxed to Make Insulin
2 Malaysia Aircraft Search Turns Up 1800s Shipwreck
3 Is Powerball Drawing Truly Random?
4 Reference: What Is the Paleo Diet?
5 Reference: What Are Mutations?
6 First-Time Moms Are Getting Older in US
7 Stephen Hawking: Black Holes Have 'Hair'
8 Magnetic Device Lets Smartphones Test Your Blood
9 Mysterious Cancers of 'Unknown' Origin in Men Traced Back to HPV
10 Traces of the First Stars in the Universe Possibly Found
11 Doctors Reflect on 'Surreal' Day of 2013 Asiana Airlines Crash
12 Manatees Are Making a Comeback
13 122-Foot Titanosaur: Staggeringly Big Dino Barely Fits into Museum
14 Why Are Venomous Sea Snakes Washing Up on California Beaches?
15 Poor Sleep Tied to Hardened Brain Arteries in Older Adults
16 Solar Job Boom Continues as Prices Spur Demand
17 Worm in the Eye! Creepy Crawly Removed in Odd Case
18 Ligers and Tigons, Oh My! Cat Lineage Littered with Interbreeding
19 Oldest Animal Jonathan the Tortoise Is Going Strong at 183
20 Reference: Homo Floresiensis: Facts About the 'Hobbit'
21 Cruz's Birthplace Debated: Here's Where Most US Presidents Were Born
22 NASA to Capture Best-Ever Portrait of Coral Reef Health
23 Fossils of Largest Marine Croc Found...on Tatooine!
24 West Africa Is Not 'Ebola Free' After All, New Case Shows
25 Fig-Dwelling Worm Is a Mighty Mouth-Morpher
26 Butchered Mammoth Suggests Humans Lived in Siberia 45,000 Years Ago
27 A Look at Alex: NASA Satellite Spies Oddball January Hurricane
28 Crop Failure and Fading Food Supplies: Climate Change's Lasting Impact (Op-Ed)
29 Brief Psychotic Breaks Remain a Mystery
30 Self-Filling Water Bottle Converts Humid Air into Drinkable H2O
31 Rare Case of Scurvy Seen in Infant Fed Almond Milk
32 Why Does the Sound of Water Help You Sleep?
33 Booze Buzz: Insect Guts Serve as Love Nests for Brewer's Yeast
34 Before Hatshepsut: Early Egyptian Queen Revealed in Hieroglyphs
35 List of Murderers Revealed on Cathedral Wall
36 Beyond Gaming: 10 Other Fascinating Uses for Virtual-Reality Tech
37 Dissolving Implants Could Monitor the Brain One Day, Rat Study Shows
38 Stephen Hawking Warns of Planetary Doom (Again)
39 Low-Fiber Diet May Change Gut Microbes for Generations
40 Hungry, rampaging elephants force Myanmar villagers to live in trees
41 Explosive underwater volcanoes played key role in ending Snowball Earth, study says
42 Sorry Marvel fans: Spider-Man is physically impossible, and here's why
43 Researchers observe 'quantum knots' for the first time ever
44 X-ray imaging reveals Elizabethan 'conjuror' John Dee was originally surrounded by skulls in painting
45 36,000-year-old cave paintings may reveal earliest observations of volcanoes ever
46 Global disaster will likely happen before we establish space colonies, says Stephen Hawking
47 A mirror universe where time runs backwards could actually exist, scientists say
48 Trail camera captures super rare image of elusive bush dog
49 California lake rises nearly 20 feet in 10 days after winter weather
50 NASA's solar-powered Juno spacecraft crushes distance record
51 Astronomers have discovered the brightest supernova ever
52 Milky Way 'twin' is being pummeled by high-speed gassy winds
53 NASA releases image of potential ice volcano on Pluto
54 China to send lander to the dark side of the moon in 2018
55 Scientists claim they've discovered the first 'Intermediate Mass Black Hole'
56 Latest New Horizons image shows Pluto's layered atmosphere
57 The mystery of that 'alien megastructure' just got a little bit weirder
58 The five bright planets to align, be visible starting on Wednesday
59 Black holes could act as a 'cold sun' and support alien life, scientist says
60 Researchers have developed holograms you can actually touch
61 Music-playing tampon allows your unborn child to get down in the womb
62 New technique allows for 3D printed ceramics
63 North Korea claims to have successfully tested H-bomb
64 Fitbit faces class action lawsuit over heart rate monitoring inaccuracies
65 New 'sperm switch' invention allows men to turn fertility on and off
66 Here's what North Korea's H-bomb test sounded like
67 Crazy latte machine turns your selfies into delicious foamy art
68 5 ways to make your home the ultimate tech den
69 Blewit is exercise equipment for the penis you've been waiting for
70 How to achieve your New Year's resolutions, with author Steve Kamb
71 Smoking hookah is substantially worse for you than smoking cigarettes, study says
72 Scientists test poop pills to treat obesity
73 'Back door' into the brain may be linked to cocaine addiction
74 US sees record number of organ donations, transplants in 2015
75 Genes play huge role in determining country's happiness, study says
76 Women 'guard' their men when they sense other women are ovulating, study shows
77 Groundbreaking study reveals brain waves may be spread via electrical field
78 How to triple the rate of your success with one simple question
79 New IVF technique may spell the end of 'test tube babies'
80 NASA Looks Back at the 'Year of Pluto'
81 Astronomers Use G1 and G2 to Probe the Accretion Flow Feeding Sgr A*
82 Chandra Reveals Supermassive Black Hole Undergoing Powerful Outbursts
83 Astronomers Discover "Twins" of Eta Carinae in Other Galaxies
84 Spitzer and WISE Reveal Dozens of Runaway Stars
85 Yale Study Reveals Toxins in Fracking Fluids and Wastewater
86 New Device Harnesses the Energy of Small Bending Motions
87 Scientists Believe Globular Clusters Could Nurture Interstellar Civilizations
88 New Study Shows Neanderthals Boosted Our Immune System
89 New Horizons Image Reveals Curious Corner on Pluto's Icy Plains
90 New Cassini View of Saturn and Tethys
91 Supercomputers Simulate the Formation of Carbon-Rich Molecules in Space
92 Yale Examines How Bacteria Might Trigger and Treat Autoimmune Disease
93 Two-Stage Process Makes Incandescent Bulbs More Efficient
94 NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Views Seasonal Terrain on Mars
95 Dawn Images Reveal New Details on Dwarf Planet Ceres
96 GRAVITY Instrument Reveals a New Double Star
97 New Research Shows Hyperactive Neurons May Trigger Alzheimer's
98 New Material Can Store Solar Energy During the Day and Release it Later as Heat
99 Cassini Spacecraft Provides Close-up of Enceladus Terrain
100 Life-Extending Hormone FGF21 also Protects Against the Loss of Immune Function
101 XMM-Newton Reveals High-Speed Winds Around a Supermassive Black Hole
102 WISE Reveals Most Luminous Galaxy W2246-0526 Is Ripping Itself Apart
103 New Horizons Spacecraft Reveals Possible Ice Volcano on Pluto
104 Astronomers Detect Signs of an Invisible Black Hole at the Center of the Milky Way
105 Harvard Astrophysicists Examine the Properties of Pre-Stellar Cores
106 Neuroscientists Identify a Protein that Allows Brain Cells to Dampen Their Sensitivity
107 NASA Probes Reveal the Changing Shape of the Van Allen Belts
108 Hubble at 25 Series: How Hubble Has Helped Pave the Way for Interplanetary Missions
109 Independent Analyses Reveal 2015 Surface Temperatures Are the Warmest on Record
110 Cassini Spacecraft Image Shows the Difference between Janus and Tethys
111 New Yale Study Links Childbearing to Accelerated Aging
112 Voltage-Controlled Switchable Material Could Enable New Memory Chips