File Title
1 Bangor Uni in 1.7 million pounds coastal 'citizen scientists' project
2 Term-time holidays victory claimed by campaigners in Wales
3 Syrian refugees $250 million extra for schools
4 Call for more females in the curriculum
5 Birthday cakes banned by Blackpool primary school
6 Prince William joins Stevenage school pupils for lunch
7 Does the rise of English mean losing knowledge?
8 E-learning for Africa held back by power shortage
9 Are cities the new countries?
10 Inspiring school on the wrong side of the tracks
11 Cancer treatment for MS patients gives 'remarkable' results
12 Breast surgeon Ian Paterson charged with wounding patients
13 NHS England 'to impose 20% sugar tax' in hospital cafes
14 Dementia patients face 'Russian roulette' in hospital
15 France drug trial: Brain-dead man dies in hospital
16 David Bowie thanked by Cardiff end-of-life care doctor
17 British Legion calls for more research into Gulf War illnesses
18 Food 'should show activity needed to burn off calories'
19 NI health reform: More than 50 organisations demand Stormont action
20 Organ donations vetoed by hundreds of bereaved families
21 Safer Down's test backed for NHS use
22 UK's oldest person Gladys Hooper turns 113
23 HIV drugs give couples 'ray of hope'
24 Gaza medics back striking English junior doctors
25 Do we need more than two genders?
26 Junior doctors' dispute: What next?
27 Can changing your mealtimes make you healthier?
28 I'm slim so why am I at risk of diabetes?
29 Junior doctors--what chance of resolving the dispute?
30 Junior doctors' dispute: What next?
31 Cancer treatment for MS patients gives 'remarkable' results
32 How to Teleport Info Out of a Black Hole
33 Not Your Grandma's Thermometer: 3 New Ways to Take Your Temperature
34 Baby Sharks: Sand Tiger Nursery Spotted Off New York Coast
35 'Kidnapped' Sharks Use Their Noses to Navigate Back to Shore
36 Hydrogen Bomb vs. Atomic Bomb: What's the Difference?
37 Missing Zzzs: Sleep Problems Common for Single Parents, Women
38 How Computers Help Biologists Crack Life's Secrets
39 Do Elephant Families Survive Poaching?
40 Ebola Fight: Survivors' Blood Doesn't Help, but Malaria Drug Might
41 Why Crows Hold Funerals
42 Visible Light from a Black Hole Spotted by Telescope, a First
43 Tech for Tots: The Coolest Products for Kids at CES 2016
44 More Young People Report Same-Sex Attractions
45 Ancient Citadel Finds New Home in Apartment Building
46 Strange New State of Hydrogen Created
47 Advanced Alien Civilizations Could Live in Globular Star Clusters
48 Dinosaur Tracks Reveal Odd Mating Dance
49 Big-Eared Statues Reveal Ancient Egyptian Power Couple
50 Otzi the Iceman May Have Suffered Stomach Bug
51 Counting Steps: Are You Walking More, but Enjoying It Less?
52 2015 Was 2nd Hottest on Record
53 The Big Picture: What the New Diet Guidelines Mean for You
54 3 High-Tech Ways to Track What You Eat
55 Got Allergies? Blame Neanderthals
56 Reference: Cretaceous Period: Animals, Plants & Extinction Event
57 Ancient Rome Was Infested with Human Parasites, Poop Shows
58 Reference: Properties of Matter: Gases
59 Crushed by Ice: Ships from 1871 Whaling Disaster Possibly Found
60 Narcissist in Chief? How Trump's Ego Reflects US Culture
61 Asteroid-Mining Company 3D-Prints Object from Space Rock Metals
62 First Flower Seeds from Dinosaur Era Discovered
63 Fireball Down Under: Researchers Uncover Older-Than-Earth Meteorite
64 Sticky Amber Preserved Dinosaur-Age Insects for Millions of Years
65 Beyond Step Counts: 4 New Ways to Track Health
66 7 Ways Friendships Are Great for Your Health
67 Humans Leave a Telltale Residue on Earth
68 What's Behind Brazil's Alarming Surge in Babies Born with Small Heads
69 Reference: Anaconda Facts
70 Pocket-Sized Device Charges Your Phone with Water
71 Hawaii's 'Missing' Whales Just Delayed
72 Why Earth's Largest Ape Went Extinct
73 Prosthetic Leg with Hoofed Foot Discovered in Ancient Chinese Tomb
74 C-Section or Vaginal? Baby's Gut Bacteria Linked to Delivery Method
75 How to Avoid Low Back Pain: Exercise and Education
76 Mantis at the Movies: Tiny Specs Reveal Bugs' 3D Vision
77 What Makes a 'Smart Gun' Smart?
78 Gulp. Sugary Drinks Linked to 'Deep' Fat
79 Task Force Issues New Breast Cancer Screening Recommendations
80 Without Basic Knowledge, Innovation Fails (Op-Ed)
81 Tribute to a Starman: David Bowie Mourned by Astronauts, Scientists
82 Reference: GMOs: Facts About Genetically Modified Food
83 Reference: Facts About Milk Snakes
84 Buccaneer Bones: Possible Pirate Skeleton Found Under Scotland Schoolyard
85 Ta-Da: Magician's Trick Brings 3D Images to Your Phone
86 Forehead Teeth? 'Deformed' Mountain Lion Puzzles Experts
87 Ford Takes Autonomous Cars for Snowy Test Drive
88 Frozen Poop Is as Good as Fresh Poop for C. Difficile Treatment
89 Fowl Play: Diverse Parasites Infest Backyard Chickens
90 Prize-Winning Photos Capture Magical World of Underwater Creatures
91 Will You Win Powerball? A Vending Machine Death Is More Likely
92 Stone Age Horror! Pit Filled with Severed Limbs Uncovered
93 Tapping the Human Microbiome (Kavli Hangout)
94 Wearable Devices Move Toward Disease Treatment
95 Sex Toys & Coffee Art: Obscure (and Fascinating) Tech Takes Over CES 2016
96 Why David Bowie Was So Loved: The Science of Nonconformity
97 A Hurricane? In January? You Can Thank El Nino
98 'Britain's Pompeii' Found at Bronze Age Settlement
99 In an Oil Boom, Reason to Mourn 55 Mph Speed Limit (Op-Ed)
100 Monster Tsunami May Have Created Madagascar's Giant Sand Dunes
101 Scientists Make Gains on 'Universal' Ebola Medicine
102 Largest Giraffe Relative Found
103 Orphaned Baby Chimps Suffer Lasting Social Effects
104 'Las Vegas of Ants' Visible on Google Earth
105 Real Heavy Metal: Fans Want Motorhead Singer on Periodic Table
106 Climate Change Doubters Will Be 'Pretty Lonely,' Obama Says
107 Whooping Cough Outbreak: How Effective Is the Vaccine?
108 Frogs 'Talk' Using Complex Signals
109 Mysterious 'Hobbit' Relative May Have Lived on Isolated Island
110 Hidden Plague? New Theory on How Disease Spread So Perilously