File Title
1 Environmental changes can elicit fast changes in pathogens
2 Nivolumab in melanoma: Data subsequently submitted improve assessment result
3 Regorafenib in metastatic colorectal cancer: Still hint of minor added benefit
4 Dabrafenib/trametinib in advanced BRAF V600 mutated melanoma: Indication of added benefit
5 The evidence for saturated fat and sugar related to coronary heart disease
6 Common gene mutation bad for liver values, good for blood lipids in children
7 How bacterial communication 'goes with the flow' in causing infection, blockage
8 Emotion dysregulation in borderline personality disorder: A problem of too much drive and too little control?
9 Modifying the structure of wood alters plant microbiome
10 World's largest canyon could be hidden under Antarctic ice sheet
11 NHS Health Check study estimates 2,500 heart attacks and strokes prevented over 5 years
12 3-D mapping of entire buildings with mobile devices
13 Physical activity may help keep fat children fit
14 Physicists propose the first scheme to teleport the memory of an organism
15 HKU discovers a new plant growth technology that may alleviate climate change and food shortage
16 Plague-riddled prairie dogs a model for infectious disease spread
17 Novel blood thinner found to be safe and effective in women
18 'Radiolabeling' lets scientists track the breakdown of drugs
19 American University's business school finds DC is highly attractive to millennials
20 Experts recommend immediate treatment for severe primary adrenal insufficiency symptoms
21 3-D images of megaenzymes may lead to improved antibiotics
22 Research finds reason advertising boosts stock prices for some companies and not others
23 Antisocial behavior: Understanding the influence of genes and the environment
24 ISU professor: Teaching social justice to privileged students necessary for change
25 The Lancet HIV: Preventing HIV infection with prophylactic drugs important to reversing HIV epidemic among men who have sex with men in the UK
26 Climate change could cut First Nations fisheries' catch in half
27 Model 'no buy' list criteria could dramatically reduce youth exposure to TV alcohol ads
28 Sunshine vitamin linked to improved fertility in wild animals
29 First light for future black hole probe
30 Screening technique to reinforce fight against ash dieback
31 Migrant values adapt over just 1 generation
32 Could campaigns like Dry January do more harm than good?
33 Human-made climate change suppresses the next ice age
34 Mosquito net safe to use in inguinal hernia repair
35 The post Big Bang revelead [sic]
36 Food allergy linked to hyperactive immune system at birth
37 Why do some infections persist? Blame bacterial socialism, says new study
38 New drug target for X-linked lymphoproliferative disease identified
39 Low resistance to stress at age 18 years can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes in adulthood by up to 50 percent
40 First demonstration of sexual selection in dinosaurs identified
41 New insights into animal-borne disease outbreaks
42 Blueberries, citrus fruits and red wine associated with reduced erectile dysfunction
43 New role for motor neurons discovered
44 Fires burning in Africa and Asia cause high ozone in tropical Pacific
45 Repetitive blast exposure causes cerebellar dysfunction in combat veterans
46 High levels of urate in blood associated with lower risk of Parkinson's disease
47 Low-fiber diet may cause irreversible depletion of gut bacteria over generations
48 Experimental immunotherapy zaps 2 most lethal Ebola virus strains
49 Plague may have persisted in Europe during 300-year period, including 'Black Death'
50 Brazilian torrent frogs communicate using sophisticated audio, visual signals
51 'No-buy' lists could cut kids' exposure to alcohol ads
52 Mammals shape their microbiome to prevent disease
53 New fish species discovered in the Kimberley to be named after author Tim Winton and Indigenous places
54 There is a lot to love about the humble fly, a clean insect that is largely misunderstood
55 Anthropocene: Scientists argue for official recognition of 'age of humans'
56 Scientists investigate link between Antarctic phytoplankton and underwater volcanoes
57 Firefighters know how to look after themselves to prevent heat exhaustion
58 Milky Way growth chart reveals how galaxy evolved
59 Baby fish may get lost in silent oceans as carbon dioxide rises
60 Australian cassowary and emu no replacement for New Zealand's missing moa
61 Stone tools found on Sulawesi in Indonesia 'made by ancient humans at least 118,000 years ago'
62 Hyperactive immune system at birth linked to food allergies in children
63 Mars puts on 'spider starbursts' spring show
64 Global warming could stave off next ice age for 100,000 years
65 Newly discovered supernova most powerful stellar explosion ever seen
66 Woolly mammoth remains indicate humans conquered the Arctic at least 45,000 years ago
67 Jason ocean height mission blasts off
68 Coastal zones: UK's protected 'blue belt' expanded
69 Tim Peake spacewalk ends early
70 Europe excited by Dream Chaser mini-shuttle
71 Mammoth kill linked to earliest Arctic settlers
72 Colossal star explosion detected
73 PCB chemical threat to Europe's killer whales and dolphins
74 African lions likely to gain enhanced protection status
75 Carbon emissions 'postpone ice age'
76 Kathy Niakan: Scientist makes case to edit embryos
77 'Gigantic chasm under Antarctic ice'
78 The gloomy Arctic seed bank that's key to future crops
79 Scientists weigh in on 'giraffe relative' fossil
80 How to make friends with wild gorillas
81 Tim Peake: How a British space hero was made
82 Found: an ancient crocodile as long as a bus
83 Striking views of our Solar System
84 How to deal with a medical emergency on the Space Station
85 Is Sweden's 'green miracle' a model for the rest of the world?
86 Friends Reunited website to close down
87 Bitcoin: Is the crypto-currency doomed?
88 New Doom level released by game creator John Romero
89 Blackberry says its handsets are 'as secure as ever'
90 George W Bush tops Wikipedia 15th birthday list
91 Netflix cracks down on proxy streaming
92 Meet the robotic cat for the elderly
93 Hyatt names hotels hit by payment information malware
94 The internet--not an equaliser
95 US plans $4 billion for self-driving rules
96 BT takeover of EE gets final Competition and Markets Authority clearance
97 Snoop was so mad at Xbox he threatened a PlayStation defection
98 You can now watch Periscope live streams on Twitter instead of through app
99 Would you rent out your home as an office workspace?
100 What's it like to have your emails investigated?
101 David Bowie: The internet pioneer
102 Can technology help tackle the world's waste crisis?
103 The 19th Century plug that's still being used
104 Penguin scraps degree requirement
105 Employers 'fight it out' for top graduates
106 Blackpool Council considers fluoridated school milk plan
107 Fragmented school places system 'harms children'
108 Alps avalanche deaths: Teacher faces manslaughter charge
109 Part-time student numbers at new low
110 Graduate child social worker scheme rolls out across England