File Title
1 Trio of autism-linked molecules orchestrate neuron connections
2 Attention neuron type identified
3 'Bursting' cells gain the brain's attention for life-or-death decisions
4 Lower live birth rate with minimal stimulation IVF
5 Is suicide a tragic variant of an evolutionarily adaptive set of behaviors?
6 Drug 'cocktail' could restore vision in optic nerve injury
7 Remembering to the future: Researchers shed new light on how our memories guide attention
8 Tickborne bacteria identified in ticks from Texas
9 Pathway to heroin described in NEJM commentary
10 Study finds how diabetes drug metformin inhibits progression of pancreatic cancer
11 Speed reading promises are too good to be true, scientists find
12 E-cigarettes, as used, aren't helping smokers quit, study shows
13 Odor biomarker for Alzheimer's disease
14 Cancer no. 1 killer of Asian-Americans, Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders: study
15 Screening rates down with increasing patient panel size
16 Poor sleep in seniors linked to hardened brain arteries
17 New research on preventing fall asthma exacerbations
18 Kindergartners with traumatic life experiences struggle more in school
19 Researchers discover key pathway involved in blood vessel occlusion
20 Scientists uncover how part of a protein helps primates fight HIV
21 Researchers find recurrent type of brain cancer tumor not a clone of the original
22 'Space Warps' and other citizen science projects reap major dividends for astrophysics
23 Fires did not destroy (as fast as we thought)
24 2-for-1 bacterial virulence factor revealed
25 Poverty linked to childhood depression, changes in brain connectivity
26 From tamoxifen to dendrogenin A: Discovery of a mammalian tumor suppressor metabolite
27 EARTH: Lake sediments suggest mild volcanic winter after massive Toba eruption
28 Link found between obesity and blood clots in pediatric patients
29 Who guided the national discussion on Ferguson?
30 Plasma marker of vascular disease confirmed in type 1 diabetes patients
31 University of Alberta researcher tracks tyrannosaur's trail
32 Predictability of DNA markers for population-level study based on species-level variation
33 FAU study shows 45 percent increase in death from law enforcement
34 Report: Wide variation in cancer rates in Asian American/Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islanders
35 Sociable chimps harbor richer gut microbiomes
36 NIST simulates fast, accurate DNA sequencing through graphene nanopore
37 CU researchers study hospital readmissions from post-acute care facilities
38 UT Southwestern researchers identify process that causes chronic neonatal lung disease
39 Brothers-in-arms: How P53 and telomeres work together to stave off cancer
40 Bone marrow lesions can help predict rapidly progressing joint disease
41 Simulator-based training in veterinary medicine
42 Mentally challenging activities key to a healthy aging mind
43 Public contributions to science increasingly common
44 FAU researchers investigate how light behaves in curved space
45 FAU researchers show how mother-of-pearl is formed from nanoparticles
46 Signs of second largest black hole in the Milky Way
47 CU Anschutz School of Pharmacy study shows medical marijuana decreases migraines
48 Study shows less physically mature ice hockey players have prolonged concussion symptoms
49 Gregarious chimps harbor richer gut microbiomes
50 Extreme turbulence roiling 'most luminous galaxy' in the universe
51 UGA researchers discover how trypanosome parasites communicate with each other
52 The turbulent birth of a quasar
53 Link between obesity and increased risk of colorectal cancer revealed
54 Genetic 'paint box' shuffled between butterfly species to create new wing patterns
55 Weather-worn lizards might adapt to new climates
56 Autism-linked protein lays groundwork for healthy brain
57 UCLA psychology study explains when and why bystanders intervene in cyberbullying
58 Continuing debate regarding the validity of the evidence used to create the 2015 Dietary Guidelines
59 New theory of secondary inflation expands options for avoiding an excess of dark matter
60 Strategically corrupt: Businesses break the law to stay competitive
61 Signals that make early stem cells identified
62 Nanodevice, build thyself
63 Fuel cell advance
64 Education and industrial variety power high-growth companies nationwide
65 Study suggests that what you eat can influence how you sleep
66 New research on preventing fall asthma exacerbations
67 New particle can track chemo
68 UTSW researchers find a small protein that plays a big role in heart muscle contraction
69 Texas laws would limit access to abortions and create grave risk to the public health
70 Study of altruism during the Ebola outbreak suggests good intentions are in the details
71 Oh, snap! What snapping shrimp sound patterns may tell us about reef ecosystems
72 Speed reading promises are too good to be true, scientists find
73 Rapid version of assessment tool provides easier way to monitor wetland quality
74 Formulation scientists to rescue patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension
75 Researchers solve long-standing ecological riddle
76 Making the invisible visible: Color-changing indicators highlight microscopic damage
77 Study finds high melt rates on Antarctica's most stable ice shelf
78 Teenagers' role in language change is overstated, linguistics research finds
79 Researchers discover key pathway involved in blood vessel occlusion
80 Flexible film may lead to phone-sized cancer detector
81 Preventing youth gun violence: What we know and still need to know
82 Study: Deadly amphibian fungus may decline
83 Closer look reveals nematode nervous systems differ
84 TSRI researchers develop versatile new way to build molecules
85 Brain waves may be spread by weak electrical field
86 UBC study: Rats pose health threat to poultry and humans
87 New NSF special report: Let It Snow! The Science of Winter
88 Medical school program addresses rural physician shortage
89 Metamaterials boost sensitivity of MRI machines
90 Engineers invent a bubble-pen to write with nanoparticles
91 Northwest Atlantic Ocean may get warmer, sooner
92 New study indicates students' cognitive functioning improves when using standing desks
93 UNC-Chapel Hill researchers kill drug-resistant lung cancer with 50 times less chemo
94 New tool may help predict patients' motor function recovery after stroke
95 Study finds how diabetes drug metformin inhibits progression of pancreatic cancer
96 High-deductible plans linked to lower use of medical imaging studies
97 Youths with gender dysphoria have higher rates of Asperger syndrome
98 BESC study seeks nature's best biocatalysts for biofuel production
99 Nanoprobe development will enable scientists to uncover more DNA secrets
100 Zika virus has potential to spread rapidly through Americas
101 Drug curbs marijuana use, but with tough side effects
102 Genes may contribute to making some nations happier than others
103 Soil frost affects greenhouse gas emissions in the Arctic
104 Mothers' comments linked to eating disorders in Asian young adults
105 Scientists show a new way to absorb electromagnetic radiation
106 Evolutionary advantage of genetic recombination in the genome measured for first time
107 Forensic research on modern child abuse can shed light on past cultures
108 Much like white light, spacetime is also composed of a certain rainbow
109 UK's political center ground could be further to the left than thought, research suggests
110 First all-antiferromagnetic memory device could get digital data storage in a spin