File Title
1 Galaxy quakes could improve hunt for dark matter
2 How will climate policy affect energy access goals?
3 Internet set to cut cord with US government this year
4 Tesla bulks up on IT talent for 'car of the future' fight
5 New app 'hides' user location from third parties
6 Automakers' green push lifts use of hemp, citrus peel
7 Model that predicts time from gate departure to takeoff could cut airport congestion, fuel waste
8 Dutch police hack into 'uncrackable' Blackberry
9 3D mapping of entire buildings with mobile devices
10 New battery made of molten metals may offer low-cost, long-lasting storage for the grid
11 Microbots individually controlled using 'mini force fields'
12 Can car crashes become thing of past?
13 In California tests, self-driving cars still need human help
14 Auto industry's green push challenged by low gas prices
15 Brain monitoring takes a leap out of the lab
16 Shark research leads biologists to create 'Beastcam'
17 Uncovering oxygen's role in enhancing red LEDs
18 Will computers ever truly understand what we're saying?
19 Nearly cheat-proof smartphone knows if you're faking activity
20 New battery shuts down at high temperatures and restarts when it cools
21 Technique matters: A different way to make cathodes may mean better batteries
22 Global learning is needed to save carbon capture and storage from being abandoned
23 Second-generation biofuels can reduce emissions, study says
24 National crash rate for conventional vehicles higher than crash rate of self-driving cars, report shows
25 Do you say splinter, spool, spile or spell? English Dialects app tries to guess your regional accent
26 Robotic falcon can capture, retrieve renegade drones
27 Fuel cell breakthrough: Team reports success with low-cost nickel-based catalyst
28 Chemists devise powerful new method for modifying drug molecules
29 Researchers develop versatile new way to build molecules
30 Making the invisible visible: Color-changing indicators highlight microscopic damage
31 Creating an electrical conduit using two insulators
32 'Radiolabeling' lets scientists track the breakdown of drugs
33 3-D images of megaenzymes may lead to improved antibiotics
34 Improving catalysis through nanoconcentrator systems
35 Stable "superoxide" opens the door to a new class of batteries
36 Using spider silk to detect molecules
37 Chemists discover how a single enzyme maintains a cell's pool of DNA building blocks
38 New way to make a CuPd catalyst for the electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide to methane
39 Atomic structure behaves like gears and torsion-springs to contribute to extreme compressibility
40 A new way to print 3-D metals and alloys
41 Self-adaptive material heals itself, stays tough
42 Team develops technique for detection of illicit enhancement of racing tire performance
43 Two-in-one packaging may increase drug efficacy and reduce side effects
44 Researchers film beautiful flower formations inside artificial cell membranes
45 New polymer can shape-shift into multiple forms (w/ video)
46 Study shows how calcium carbonate forms composites to make strong materials such as in shells and pearls
47 Stir no more: Scientists show that draining speeds up bioassays
48 X-rays reveal details of plastic solar cell production
49 Researchers' metallic glue may stick it to soldering and welding
50 Adding cesium to perovskite in solar cells boosts performance of silicon
51 Scientists discover how blue and green clays kill bacteria
52 Signals that make early stem cells identified
53 Oh, snap! What snapping shrimp sound patterns may tell us about reef ecosystems
54 Study reveals how birds learn through imitation
55 Closer look reveals nematode nervous systems differ
56 Study seeks nature's best biocatalysts for biofuel production
57 Study shows first evidence for independent working memory systems in animals
58 Chimp friendships are based on trust
59 New blood test may expand scope of liquid biopsies
60 Medical imaging helps define Moa diet
61 Researchers develop first high-gravity, one-pot process for producing cellulosic ethanol
62 Scientists solve long-standing ecological riddle
63 Brazilian torrent frogs communicate using sophisticated audio, visual signals
64 Plague-riddled prairie dogs a model for infectious disease spread
65 Mammals shape their microbiome to prevent disease
66 Patent office agrees to move forward with interference hearings on CRISPR/Cas9 inventor case
67 Female birds may have lost desire to sing due to predation
68 How bacterial communication 'goes with the flow' in causing infection, blockage
69 Why do some infections persist? Blame bacterial socialism, says new study
70 Safety in numbers: fish stick together by communicating
71 Study gets an earful of how mammals developed hearing
72 Dogs really can tell how their owners are feeling, new study shows
73 Ants respond to social information at rest, not on the fly
74 Poison warmed over: Climate change may hurt animals' ability to live on toxic plants
75 Real-time fishery management significantly reduces bycatch
76 How plants interact with beneficial microbes in the soil
77 Bones of hunted mammoth show early human presence in Arctic (Update)
78 Teenagers' role in language change is overstated, linguistics research finds
79 Late Cretaceous Chasmosaurus fills in missing pieces of dinosaur evolution
80 A case of mistaken identity for Australia's extinct big bird
81 New discoveries concerning Otzi's genetic history
82 More people in Europe are dying than are being born
83 First demonstration of sexual selection in dinosaurs identified
84 Stone-age tools found, but who wielded them?
85 Researchers explore the use of decision pathways to inform climate engineering policies
86 Culture-shifting new initiative to make 'open science' a reality
87 Mathematician calculates the real chances of winning Powerball's largest jackpot
88 Ancient giraffe relative had thick legs, curly horns
89 Basic ratio capacity may serve as building block for math knowledge
90 Britain's 'Pompeii' reveals new clues about life during the Bronze Age
91 Study suggests hiding personal information judged the worst by others
92 Do the math--why some people are jerks yet others are even nice to strangers
93 Overwhelming evidence? It's probably a bad thing
94 Ancient burial rituals prove you can take it with you...and what you take says a lot
95 Researchers try mathematical recipe for slicing pizza
96 Archaeologist discovers Maya royal burial
97 Roman toilets gave no clear health benefit, and Romanization actually spread parasites
98 Scientists discover helicobacter pylori in the contents of Otzi's stomach
99 Were Panamanian islanders dolphin hunters?
100 Study shows thinking from God's perspective can reduce bias against others
101 Neanderthal genes gave modern humans an immunity boost, allergies
102 Researchers find a small protein that plays a big role in heart muscle contraction
103 How the cell's power station survives attacks
104 Study suggests that what you eat can influence how you sleep
105 Brain waves could help predict how we respond to general anesthetics
106 Happiness: Is it in your DNA?
107 Brain waves may be spread by weak electrical field
108 Low blood levels of bicarbonate linked to earlier death in healthy older adults
109 Continuing debate regarding the validity of the evidence used to create the 2015 Dietary Guidelines
110 Kidney stones are on the rise among youth, especially in females and African-Americans