File Title
1 With the right algorithms: Optimizing cell cycle analysis
2 Snappy Sleep Stager system identifies gene related to shorter sleep
3 Trees employ similar strategies to outcompete their neighbors
4 How to pack tropical trees
5 Penguins, food and robots
6 Zoning out or deep thinking?
7 Enhanced recovery program for colorectal surgery patients can save money for hospitals
8 Discovery shows dinosaurs may have been the original lovebirds
9 Current malaria treatment fails in Cambodia due to drug-resistant parasites
10 Veterans and civilian patients at risk of ICU-related PTSD up to a year post discharge
11 Long-term ozone exposure increases ARDS risks in critically ill
12 Eat less and be happy--really!
13 Saliva test to detect GHB and alcohol poisonings
14 Study shows beneficial effects of blocking brain inflammation in experimental model of Alzheimer's
15 South London hospital cuts waiting times for mental health patients
16 Researchers ride new sound wave to health discovery
17 Slow stem cell division may cause small brains
18 Dam projects on world's largest rivers threaten fish species, rural livelihoods
19 Higher cancer death rate associated with solid-organ transplant recipients
20 The Anthropocene: Hard evidence for a human-driven Earth
21 New role of protein kinases in embryo development and cancer
22 Genetic traffic signal orchestrates early embryonic development
23 Valuing your time more than money is linked to happiness
24 ISHLT issues updated candidacy criteria for heart transplantation
25 Tweak in gene expression may have helped humans walk upright, Stanford researchers say
26 Paying for hydro energy with tropical biodiversity and fisheries
27 Stable perovskite cell boosts solar power efficiency
28 Numerous markers provide evidence for a 'human' epoch
29 The Iceman's gut microbes shed light on ancient human geography
30 Cellular 'switch' helps brain distinguish safety from danger, new study finds
31 Study reveals deep ties between diverse tropical rainforests
32 Cancer death rate continues steady drop
33 New iron transporter essential for Leishmania parasite virulence is potential drug target
34 In Arctic winter, marine creatures migrate by the light of the moon
35 Neanderthal genes gave modern humans an immunity boost, allergies
36 Pathogens found in Otzi's stomach
37 New particle can track chemo
38 Flexible film may lead to phone-sized cancer detector
39 Nanoprobe development will enable scientists to uncover more DNA secrets
40 Engineers invent a bubble-pen to write with nanoparticles
41 Scientists pinpoint one way nanoparticles damage immune cells
42 Nano-shells deliver molecules that tell bone to repair itself
43 Research could lead to nanosensors that recognize fibrinogen, insulin, or other biomarkers
44 Annihilating nanoscale defects
45 Shiny fish skin inspires nanoscale light reflectors
46 Nano-hybrid materials create magnetic effect
47 'Spermbots' could help women trying to conceive (w/ Video)
48 Microgears rotate when pushed by tiny motors
49 Single molecule detection of contaminants, explosives or diseases now possible
50 How photonics can reshape the spectrum of light, and rehabilitate Edison's light bulb along the way
51 DNA 'building blocks' pave the way for improved drug delivery
52 Two-stage power management system boosts energy-harvesting efficiency
53 Unique two-level cathode structure improves battery performance
54 Mechanical properties of nanomaterials are altered due to electric field, researchers find
55 New technique could facilitate use of gold nanoparticles in electronic, medical applications
56 Researchers gauge quantum properties of nanotubes, essential for next-gen electronics
57 Stretchable, transparent heater made from metallic glass
58 Tiny 'flasks' speed up chemical reactions
59 Aluminum nanoparticles could improve electronic displays
60 Nanowalls for smartphones
61 Lipoprotein nanoplatelets shed new light on biological molecules and cells
62 New theory of secondary inflation expands options for avoiding an excess of dark matter
63 First all-antiferromagnetic memory device could get digital data storage in a spin
64 Gravitational wave rumors ripple through science world
65 Researchers attempt to uncover the origins of water's unusual properties
66 Unique phononic filter could revolutionize signal processing systems
67 Maxwell's demon as a self-contained, information-powered refrigerator
68 New twists in the diffraction of intense laser light
69 One-way light beam can be steered in different directions
70 Shooting the moon--the search for ultra high energy neutrinos
71 Physicists offer theories to explain mysterious collision at Large Hadron Collider
72 Musical melodies obey same laws as foraging animals
73 Novel metasurface revolutionizes ubiquitous scientific tool
74 Intercity quantum key distribution method outperforms quantum repeaters
75 Single-chip laser delivers powerful result
76 Isolating and controlling qubits for quantum information processing
77 Using a microscopic ring to produce pulsed light
78 A nanoscale look at why a new alloy is amazingly tough
79 Researchers ride new sound wave to health discovery
80 Evidence for new state of hydrogen: Discovery gives glimpse of conditions found on other planets
81 Researchers discover new fundamental quantum mechanical property
82 Sugar-based carbon hollow spheres that mimic moth eyes
83 New material for detecting photons captures more quantum information
84 Criteria to predict experimentally stable allotropes
85 Thor's hammer to crush materials at 1 million atmospheres
86 The race to find even more new elements to add to the periodic table
87 Most-luminous supernova ever discovered
88 A Milky Way twin swept by an ultra-fast X-ray wind
89 Juno spacecraft breaks solar power distance record
90 Water ice found on the surface of comet 67P
91 Green pea galaxy provides insights to early universe evolution
92 First light for future black hole probe
93 Astronomers detect ultra-weak magnetic fields in two metallic-line stars
94 Nitrogen may be a sign of habitability
95 New details on Ceres seen in Dawn images
96 Long haul, night repairs for British, US spacewalkers
97 Time running out for comet probe Philae
98 The most energetic light ever observed from a few kilometers large star
99 Scientists investigate change in activity of comet 17P/Holmes
100 The formation of carbon-rich molecules in space
101 'X' marks a curious corner on Pluto's icy plains
102 Hubble sees a supermassive and super-hungry galaxy
103 Largest age map of the Milky Way reveals how our galaxy grew up
104 Proof that some galaxies are LIERs
105 Last-chance bid to contact space robot Philae
106 Quiet quasar has apparently eaten its fill
107 Kepler marks 1,000th exoplanet discovery, uncovers more small worlds in habitable zones
108 Ancient gas cloud may be a relic from the death of first stars
109 Most distant massive galaxy cluster identified
110 Fermi Space Telescope sharpens its high-energy vision