File Title
1 Early weight loss in Parkinson's disease patients may signify more serious form of disease
2 Recycling light
3 Too much sugar? There's an enzyme for that
4 What's in store for survivors of childhood cancers that affect vision?
5 Sugar-sweetened drinks linked to increased visceral fat
6 Even small reductions in kidney function may damage heart, blood vessels
7 Exercise reduces heart disease risk in depressed patients
8 Five percent of Ontario residents account for majority of health care costs
9 Survey finds 73 percent unaware of stroke symptoms
10 Backyard chickens harbor greater diversity of ticks, mites, and lice than farm-raised chickens
11 More research needed on evaluation of dense breasts
12 Making a safe procedure even safer
13 McMaster researchers reveal predictive staircase to leukemia
14 USPSTF final recommendations on breast cancer screening
15 Future of lung treatment: Malaysian scientists join Harvard team creating safe, effective nano drugs
16 January/February 2016 Annals of Family Medicine tip sheet
17 Research raises concerns over long-term use of chromium diet pills
18 Two-stage power management system boosts energy-harvesting efficiency
19 Even after anti-androgen therapy, docetaxel remains useful in prostate cancer
20 New coronary congenital disease classification aids identification of secondary defects
21 ASU scientists discover how blue and green clays kill bacteria
22 Quiet quasar has apparently eaten its fill
23 Researchers' metallic glue may stick it to soldering and welding
24 Physicists offer theories to explain mysterious collision at Large Hadron Collider
25 Monitoring scoliosis patients on brace use prevents curve progression, surgery
26 How seashells get their strength
27 Stir no more: University of Washington scientists show that draining speeds up bioassays
28 Mechanical properties of nanomaterials are altered due to electric field, researchers find
29 New work on knee cartilage structure to aid better replacements and injury treatments
30 Interaction during reading is key to language development
31 Anglers' gear, cooperation affect coral reef fisheries, Dartmouth research finds
32 Airline passengers face longer delays under DOT rule, Dartmouth-MIT study finds
33 Breakthrough in the early diagnosis of preeclampsia
34 The status quo on Europe's mussels
35 New report finds no significant increase in health risks for 1960s Project SHAD veterans
36 Even children with higher IQs behave better when their sleep apnea is fixed
37 Turning on the thyroid
38 Postnatal depression linked to challenges in parenting--could Oxytocin be helpful?
39 Researchers reveal mechanisms of how body remembers, fights infections
40 Racial disparity lies at intersection of HIV, Hodgkin lymphoma
41 Small males have more sex appeal, new research shows
42 Researchers face potential danger from protein particles in the lab
43 BRCA1 deficiency increases the sensitivity of ovarian cancer cells to auranofin
44 X-rays reveal details of plastic solar cell production
45 Risk taking across life span: The effects of hardship
46 Electronically connected graphene nanoribbons foresee high-speed electronics
47 Optimum band gap for hybrid silicon/perovskite tandem solar cell
48 Visualizing atoms of perovskite crystals
49 Novel metasurface revolutionizes ubiquitous scientific tool
50 Stance that tourism harms wildlife refuted
51 Ebola medical team develops guidelines for treating infected children
52 In defense of pathogenic proteins
53 Stem cells regulate their own proliferation and their microenvironment
54 Using skin to save the heart
55 Optimized Arctic observations for improving weather forecast in the northern sea route
56 Scientists find key driver for treatment of deadly brain cancer
57 Genome-wide study in Labradors reveals a modifier gene for copper toxicosis
58 Banning trophy hunting could do more harm than good
59 Gene editing technique improves vision in rats with inherited blindness
60 Student-built experiment integrated onto NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission
61 Odds are good that risky gambling choices are influenced by a single brain connection
62 Flexible gene expression may regulate social status in male fish
63 Study tracks migration of chronically homeless mentally ill adults to Vancouver's DTES
64 A nanoscale look at why a new alloy is amazingly tough
65 Scientist identifies energy sensor as potential target for cancer drugs
66 Low-income communities more likely to face childhood obesity
67 Exercise DVDs could be psychologically harmful for users, new OSU research shows
68 Having more children slows down aging process--study
69 NASA's Fermi Space Telescope sharpens its high-energy vision
70 Negotiation tip: Gain sympathy and gain the advantage
71 EARTH: Treated water that's too pure lets arsenic sneak in
72 Galaxy quakes could improve hunt for dark matter
73 In rainforests, battle for sunlight shapes forest structure
74 Authors of Science journal article strive to save world's mightiest rivers
75 Lead exposure linked to ADHD in kids with genetic mutation
76 Increased legal liabilities limit prescribed fire use for brush control
77 Detecting when and why deadly blood clots form
78 'Window of recovery' can reopen after stroke
79 Blocking melanoma's escape: Avatars break theraping resistance in relapsed cancers
80 New touchless device makes earlier detection of heart problems possible
81 Study shows superiority of chromoendoscopy in dysplasia detection in patients with IBD
82 Small changes in DNA can affect nicotine consumption
83 Team identifies ancient mutation that contributed to evolution of multicellular animals
84 Single-chip laser delivers powerful result
85 A 'printing press' for nanoparticles
86 Portable NIST kit can recover traces of chemical evidence
87 What lessons have we learned from the 2014 ebola epidemic in West Africa?
88 Random mutation, protein changes, tied to start of multicellular life
89 Improving musical synchronization with mathematical modeling
90 New report shows fewer Texans have problems paying medical bills
91 Three new chigger mite species discovered on rodents in Thailand
92 From Sherborn to ZooBank: Moving to the interconnected digital nomenclature of the future
93 Uni experts aim to cut the costs of pressure ulcers
94 Bug eyes: Tiny 3-D glasses confirm insect 3-D vision
95 Epigenetic regulation of metastatic breast cancer progression may guide prognosis and future therapy
96 Most distant massive galaxy cluster identified
97 New technology to provide insights into the health of students
98 Gun, fire, motor vehicle safety practices linked to parents' depressive symptoms
99 Overcoming hurdles to climate change adaptation in the Arctic
100 Teens with autism and caregivers should plan early for adulthood
101 A carbon sink that can't be filled
102 Researchers gauge quantum properties of nanotubes, essential for next-gen electronics
103 Smokers diagnosed with pneumonia found to have higher risk of lung cancer
104 1 in 4 kids sexually harassed by friends online
105 Religious beliefs don't always lead to violence
106 VIB researchers discover possible strategy against stroke
107 Feinstein Institute clinical study reveals new approach to diagnosing low back pain
108 Your symptoms? Evolution's way of telling you to stay home
109 Tiny 'flasks' speed up chemical reactions
110 Filmmakers just know how to help you read on-screen emotions