File Title
1 How black men can succeed in IT careers
2 SCAI releases expert consensus for cardio-oncology patients treated in cardiac catheterization labs
3 Sedentary behavior linked to poor health in adults with severe obesity
4 Innate immune defenses triggered by unsuspected mechanism
5 Use small plates to lose weight
6 Inflammation markers could guide depression treatments
7 Preventing food waste better strategy than turning it into biogas
8 Greenland ice sheet melts more when it's cloudy
9 Gut reaction: Smart pill smells out the body's fiber factor
10 Newly identified enzyme may be the culprit in Pierce's disease grapevine damage
11 New type of antidepressant found to act quickly in mice
12 Heart valves made from tissue rather than metal may be better for middle-aged patients
13 Taking statins before heart surgery can help reduce post-surgical complications
14 What should be the role of computer games in education?
15 Simplified artesunate regimen is non-inferior to WHO-recommended malaria treatment
16 Source of stem cells used for bone marrow failure treatment varies worldwide
17 Kidney failure risk equations show accuracy in geographically diverse patient population
18 Frozen vs. fresh fecal transplantation for C. diff. infection shows similar effectiveness
19 N/A
20 Mental health conditions common among bariatric surgery patients
21 Treatment for severe emphysema improves exercise capacity
22 Brain receptor regulates fat burning in cells
23 New tool estimates looming risk of kidney failure in people with kidney disease
24 Scientists identify molecule that appears to fuel deadly genetic illness
25 Experts call for more tailored liver cancer care in developing countries
26 Key to the development of fundamental treatment methods for Parkinson's disease
27 Atherosclerosis is Alzheimer's disease of blood vessels, study suggests
28 Untapped region in brain cell offers goldmine of drug targets for new autism treatments
29 Conflict among honey bee genes supports theory of altruism
30 New University of Alberta study challenges 'mid-life crisis' theory
31 Polymer puts new medical solutions within reach
32 A new way to print 3-D metals and alloys
33 Dog domestication may have increased harmful genetic changes, UCLA biologists report
34 Drip irrigation rates tested for eggplant growth and yield
35 Digital imagery useful for pyrethrum analysis
36 Decision making in action
37 Robotic vehicles offer a new tool in study of shark behavior
38 Self-adaptive material heals itself, stays tough
39 Quick screening method identifies promising anti-Ebola drugs
40 The Institut Pasteur in French Guiana publishes the first complete genome sequence of the Zika virus
41 Once thought unstoppable, bacterial superweapon falters with too many targets
42 Study examines the downside of larger families
43 Backyard chickens harbor many parasites
44 People seeking treatment for depression may not be getting all the information they want
45 IUPUI develops technique for detection of illicit enhancement of racing tire performance
46 West Coast study emphasizes challenges faced by marine organisms exposed to global change
47 Most top-selling, over-the-counter sexual treatments unproven, some could be harmful
48 Legal barriers to adolescent participation in HIV and STI research need to be removed
49 Ancient burial rituals prove you can take it with you...and what you take says a lot
50 Two-in-one packaging may increase drug efficacy and reduce side effects
51 Stage increase in lung cancer more frequent after open vs. closed thoracic surgery
52 Do video games affect college students' capability for suicide?
53 Single molecule detection of contaminants, explosives or diseases now possible
54 PhD Project Plan published to invite community feedback early on
55 Thousands of landslides in Nepal earthquake raise parallels for Pacific Northwest
56 Blood test that monitors dead cancer cell DNA better at tracking spread of melanoma
57 Consumer perception of organic foods affected by food type and where they're sold
58 A simple way to make lithium-ion battery electrodes that protect themselves
59 Rapid, low cost laser-based technique for biomass analysis described in Industrial Biotechnology
60 Creating 'medical homes' involves significant costs, study finds
61 Magic mold: Food preservative kills cancer cells, superbugs
62 International study reveals genetic associations that influence adult onset glaucoma
63 You can't fool this activity tracker
64 Researchers find shared molecular response to tobacco smoke and indoor air pollution
65 Study reveals potential therapy targets for triple-negative breast cancer
66 Painkiller tapped to become future cancer-killer
67 Researchers closer to better treatment for leading cause of hospital-acquired diarrhea
68 Potential heart disorder cause, treatment identified
69 Brain's immune cells key to maintaining blood-brain barrier
70 How sensitive and accurate are routine NMR and MS instruments?
71 Transcendental Meditation may reduce PTSD symptoms, medication use in active-duty personnel
72 High folic acid intake in aged mice causes a lowered immune response
73 Squeezing cells into stem cells
74 One hookah tobacco smoking session delivers 25 times the tar of a single cigarette
75 New anti-inflammatory agents can control inflammatory responses to fungal infection
76 The way you sound affects your mood
77 Researchers film beautiful flower formations inside artificial cell membranes
78 Girls should expect poorer physics grades
79 Biomarker can predict risk of preterm birth from first half of pregnancy
80 Mothers' appetites can keep size of wild animal groups in check
81 A G-Protein-Coupled Receptor may be a drug target for nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
82 The 'eyes' have it: Astronaut vision and ophthalmologic problems explained
83 Researchers suggest playing American Football may be a risk factor for hypertension
84 Puff adders, the ultimate ambush predator
85 InSilico Medicine presents advances in deep learning for drug discovery and aging research
86 New analyses confirms biennial mammography starting at age 50 is optimal for average women
87 Government instability prompts support for lighter-skinned candidates
88 Will computers ever truly understand what we're saying?
89 Researchers discover three glaucoma-related genes
90 Growth rings on rocks give up North American climate secrets
91 CHORI study finds higher fat variation of DASH diet lowers blood pressure, triglycerides
92 A nanophotonic comeback for incandescent bulbs?
93 New therapy aids bid to beat organ failure caused by pancreatitis
94 Linking gene expression and DNA methylation in single cells
95 PNAS: Childhood leukemias forged by different evolutionary forces than in older adults
96 Preschoolers who eat their veggies just as likely to eat junk food
97 Ecosystem services research and stakeholder involvement: Between theories and practice
98 Scientists pinpoint unbroken section of Nepal fault line and show why Himalayas grow
99 Could a cholesterol-lowering drug be a potential treatment for Parkinson's?
100 Giant icebergs play key role in removing CO2 from the atmosphere
101 Global learning is needed to save carbon capture and storage from being abandoned
102 DNA 'building blocks' pave the way for improved drug delivery
103 New Stanford battery shuts down at high temperatures and restarts when it cools
104 Study: Second-generation biofuels can reduce emissions
105 Unique 2-level cathode structure improves battery performance
106 Technique matters: A different way to make cathodes may mean better batteries
107 Life-extending hormone bolsters the body's immune function
108 Exercise associated with prevention of low back pain
109 Study looks at association of infant gut microbiome, delivery mode and feeding
110 Proton pump inhibitors associated with risk of chronic kidney disease