File Title
1 Global warming disaster could suffocate life on planet Earth, research shows
2 Fossil dinosaur tracks give insight into lives of prehistoric giants
3 Xbox gaming technology may improve X-ray precision
4 New technology selects high-affinity proteins
5 Early progress reported in designing drugs that target 'disordered' proteins
6 Researchers confirm original blood vessels in 80 million-year-old fossil
7 ORNL process could be white lightning to electronics industry
8 Eat a Paleo peach: First fossil peaches discovered in southwest China
9 System boosts resolution of commercial depth sensors 1,000-fold
10 Unfriending on Facebook more likely from politically active users
11 UW roboticists learn to teach robots from babies
12 Exiled exoplanet likely kicked out of star's neighborhood
13 Nano-walkers take speedy leap forward with first rolling DNA-based motor
14 Even thermally tolerant corals are in hot water when it comes to bleaching
15 PPPL physicists propose new plasma-based method to treat radioactive waste
16 Camouflaged cuttlefish employ electrical stealth
17 Female hormone supplements with estrogen and progestin linked to breast cancer risk
18 Lower survival rates in women with breast cancer diagnosed with depression
19 Cognitive-behavioral stress management in breast cancer
20 False-positive mammograms may indicate increased risk of breast cancer later
21 Study suggests breast density alone not a risk factor for cancer
22 Researchers find link between early-stage brain and heart disease
23 Medicaid expansion improves breast cancer screening for low-income women
24 Survival has improved for women with stage IV breast cancer
25 On the road to Paris: Forest Service scientists improve US forest carbon accounting
26 Researchers describe new North Pacific fossil whale
27 New research helps to explain how temperature shifts the circadian clock
28 Research team finds detailed record of mysterious fast radio burst
29 'Fast radio burst' sheds new light on origin of these extreme events
30 Astronomers closer to explaining mysterious radio pulses from outer space
31 Fast radio burst hints at its source
32 Impression of King Hezekiah's royal seal discovered in excavations in Jerusalem
33 What is the universe made of?
34 Climate resilient development: New open source index and indicators
35 Twitter data can make roads safer during inclement weather
36 Climate-change foes winning public opinion war
37 Breast density alone found not to be a factor for breast cancer risk
38 Studying stonefish venom may help combat transplant rejection
39 Researchers develop antibody to save cancerous bones
40 How to wake a sleeping cancer cell--and why you might want to
41 A cheap, disposable device for diagnosing disease
42 The Sun could release flares 1000x greater than previously recorded
43 Tuning chocolate flavor through yeast research
44 Researchers develop method for higher purity in wheat flour
45 Why Europe will soon be cold?
46 Earth-sized telescope finds clue to black hole growth
47 Event Horizon Telescope reveals magnetic fields at Milky Way's central black hole
48 Storing electricity in paper
49 Global effort 'needed to save migratory birds'
50 New stretchable, wearable sensor made with chewing gum (video)
51 Minutest absolute magnetic field measurement
52 NASA space telescopes see magnified image of the faintest galaxy from the early universe
53 What kinds of stars form rocky planets?
54 Dicamba drift affects non-target plants and pollinators
55 Study: 17K marine species unprotected
56 Protecting ocean species
57 Why is the San Bernardino shooting rare among mass shootings?
58 An online game reveals something fishy about mathematical models
59 Where did Australian cats come from?
60 Sperm carries information about dad's weight
61 Genetic link between heart and neurodevelopmental disease
62 Effective policing depends on public trust, science shows
63 First worldwide survey of religion and science: No, not all scientists are atheists
64 Rudeness at work is contagious
65 One in 10 globally suffer from foodborne diseases, WHO study finds
66 WHO's estimates of the burden of disease caused by foodborne chemical toxins
67 Taking antidepressants with cancer drug does not increase breast-cancer recurrence
68 Depressed head and neck cancer patients three-and-one-half times less likely to survive, have higher recurrence risk
69 A more efficient way of converting ethanol to a better alternative fuel
70 Marine debris travels far
71 Ocean toxicity hampered the rapid evolution of complex life
72 Engraved schist slab may depict paleolithic campsites
73 ALMA spots monstrous baby galaxies cradled in dark matter
74 Stanford scientists develop 'Shazam for earthquakes'
75 Praying for Plan B: How a higher power can inspire climate change action
76 New way to make yeast hybrids may inspire new brews, biofuels
77 Autoimmune epilepsy outcomes depend heavily on antibody type
78 Novel devices, technologies provide insights into seizure control, surgical targets
79 Studies reveal the surprising complexity of cognitive issues in children with epilepsy
80 Four studies explore memory decline in people with epilepsy
81 Emerging technologies help advance the understanding, detection and control of epilepsy
82 Personalized medicine studies reveal gene targets for epilepsy
83 New juvenile myoclinic epilepsy research from American Epilepsy Society's Annual Meeting
84 Columbia engineers build biologically powered chip
85 New personal monitoring devices for epilepsy may offer alternatives to inpatient video EEG
86 New clues for battling botulism
87 Global CO2 emissions projected to stall in 2015
88 Global fossil-fuel emissions could decline in 2015, Stanford-led study finds
89 Mystery of arsenic release into groundwater solved
90 Study undercuts idea that 'Medieval Warm Period' was global
91 Modified mosquitoes could help fight against malaria
92 NYU-led research differentiates facial growth in Neanderthals and modern humans
93 Sleep disturbance in epilepsy: Causes and consequences
94 Sleep disturbance in epilepsy: Causes and consequences
95 Rapid growth in carbon dioxide emissions breaks in 2015
96 New findings reveal the interplay between epilepsy and aging
97 Radio shadow reveals tenuous cosmic gas cloud
98 Including plant acclimation to temperature change improves climate models
99 Stretchy hydrogel 'Band-Aid' senses, lights up, delivers medicine
100 Study of environmental attitudes nine distinct segments of American population
101 Could hippos be meat eaters?
102 Protected area design secrets revealed in new study
103 Cities support a greater number of threatened species than non-urban areas
104 Greenland glaciers retreating at record pace
105 RHIC particle smashups find that shape matters
106 High-energy X-rays give industry affordable way to optimize cast iron
107 Satellite observations show global plant growth is not keeping up with CO2 emissions
108 Endangered foxes on Catalina Island get promising treatment to reduce ear tumors
109 Dinosaur relatives and first dinosaurs more closely connected than previously thought
110 Study identifies characteristics that may increase a breast cancer survivor's risk of developing leukemia following treatment